AirTag gradually growing in shipment – Apple might look into its 2nd-Gen

Over the past couple of months, it has been reported that Apple has exponentially grown its sale of AirTags. It hasn’t received the amount of attention it deserved, however; the analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed in a tweet that the number of AirTags shipped in 2021 were 20 million and it might get raised to around 35 million this year. 

He also added in his tweet that if the same trend continues and the AirTag shipments are grown further, the company might decide to bring in a second-generation version of the said device.

There is no clear idea about the second generation AirTag and its specific features, however; rumors suggest that they might use a rechargeable battery instead of having a disposable CR2032 battery. 

It might also give you a feature motion sensing for AR and VR. There is also a strong possibility of proximity-based experienced for commercial means.