Best Apple Pencil alternative To Buy in 2022

Have you ever thought about using the Apple Pencil alternatives for your iPad? Well, they can be a perfect alternate solution. There is no doubt that the original Apple pencils are great, however; there are a lot of people who cannot afford the original Apple pencils. 

For this reason, we have decided to shed light on some of the best Apple pencil alternatives. It is important to mention that the users of Apple should not rely on the Apple Pencil and 2nd Gen Apple Pencil for their iPads. 

These alternatives that we are going to discuss are not only affordable but are also eligible for other needs. Some of these pens also work on iPhones too and provide you with an outstanding drawing experience too. The organic pressure sensitivity is also there when applicable and it won’t damage or scratch the screen of your tablet too. 

Therefore, in order to improve your overall stylus experience, we have brought up the list of the top 6 best Apple Pencil alternatives. Check out this amazing list before spending lots of money on the Apple pencil.

Top 6 best Apple pencil alternatives to buy in 2022

Logitech Crayon

Price: $62.99 USD

The first product that we have on our list is the Logitech Crayon Digital Pen. It is one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives around and it is compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch (1st – 3rd gen), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen – 5th gen), iPad (8th – 6th gen), iPad Air (4th, 3rd gen), iPad mini (5th gen). It has a battery life of close to 7 hours and it weighs around 0.7 ounces. 

One of the main reasons to buy this pencil is its reasonable price tag. You would not require any pairing and the pen tip is quite accurate too. The only downside of this pen is that it lacks pressure sensitivity.

ZAGG Pro Stylus

Price: $54.95 USD

The Zagg Pro Stylus is another valuable option as far as the best Apple Pencil alternatives are concerned. This is a super-sleek dual-tip stylus with tilt recognition to boot. If we talk about its compatibility then it is supported by iPad (8th – 6th gen), iPad Pro (3rd, 4th gen), iPad Air (4th gen) and iPad mini (5th gen). It weighs around 0.6 ounces and the length is close to 9 inches. The active writing time of its battery is around 8 hours and the overall quality is quite premium. You would also get tilt sensitivity and palm rejection with Uber-precise capacitive tip as well. This product is a bit expensive than others and it also requires USB-C connection to charge.

The active tip on the other side enables smooth, precise writing and it is also suitable for drawings and sketching. 

Ankace Stylus Pen

Price: $19.99 USD

The Ankace Stylus Pen is another magnificent Apple Pencil alternative for its price. A lot of people have given this product more than 4 stars on Amazon and its compatibility with a variety of iPads is truly mind-boggling. 

It is supported by iPad (8th – 6th gen), all iPad Pros, iPad Air (3rd, 4th gen) and iPad mini (5th gen). However, we still feel that it is a bit expensive compared to the other products on this list. 

The active writing time of its battery life is close to 7.5 hours and it weighs around 0.7 ounces. The length of this Apple Pencil alternative is 6.4-inches and the multi-color choice is another added facility. The battery life is impressive, however; it is important to mention that this device does not work on pre-2018 iPads. The build quality is also so-so.

Adonit Note – M

Price: $79.99 USD

Have you ever heard about a Pencil cum mouse? Well, the Adonit Note – M is another Apple pencil alternative that’s also a mouse. 

If we talk about its specifications and compatibility then it is supported by iPad (6th and later gen), iPad Pro (all 11-inch, 3rd Gen and newer 12.9-inch), iPad Air (3rd Gen and 4th Gen) and iPad mini (5th Gen). 

The active writing time of its battery life is close to 10 hours and it weighs around 0.5 ounces. The length of this pencil is 6.5 inches and its magnetic attachment is also one of its main talking points. You’d also get USB-C charging, however; there is no capacitive tip and is not meant for finer lines.

Adonit Mark

Price: $9.99 USD

The Adonit Mark is one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives for various reasons. It is extremely inexpensive and is available in black, silver and teal colors. As far as its compatibility is concerned, it is supported by iPad (8th – 6th gen), iPad Pro (3rd, 4th gen), iPad Air (3rd, 4th gen), iPad mini (5th gen). 

It weighs around 0.8 ounces and supports many iPads. We feel that this stylus is quite best for casual note-taking and not so reliable for sketching or drawing. The Adonit Mark should always be on your list if you are looking to buy an Apple Pencil alternative

Yoyomax Stylus Pen

Price: $25.99 USD

The Yoyomax Stylus Pen is our last product on today’s list. It is an active Pencil compatible with Apple iPad Pro 9.7/10.5/11/12.9 Inch Air 2nd/3rd/4th iPad 4/5/6/7/8/9th Gen Mini and 4/5/6th. It is an alternative drawing writing stylist for touch screens and comes around at almost $30 on Amazon. 

It has one Lithium Polymer battery and it does not require anymore. The charging time is close to 1 hour and it is very suitable for drawing, writing or doodling. 

You would be able to create and draw thin, precise lines to get the traditional pencil feeling. You can also type, draw and swipe on the screen with its soft mesh cap. It can work for almost 8-10 hours after 60 minutes of charging and it automatically sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity to protect the battery. Overall, it is one of the finest Apple Pencil alternatives in our humble opinion. 

Conclusion: Top 6 Best Apple pencil alternatives

Best Apple pencil alternatives are truly hard to find in 2022 because there is a lot of variety in the market and users just cannot decide what’s best for them. The prices are also fluctuating and there is a huge difference between the quality and the price tags of some companies. 

Therefore, we decided to bring you the top 6 best Apple Pencil alternatives because there was a lot of demand and people were confused about choosing anything other than Apple’s products for their iPads. 

This is the list of the top 6 best Apple Pencil alternatives that you can buy in 2022 and we are sure that most of you will enjoy the services of these pencils. So, that’s the end of our today’s piece. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose. 

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