Best Bone Conduction Headphones to Buy in 2022

Ever heard about bone conduction headphones? These newly arrived devices have been ruling the market for quite some time and they are gaining popularity among athletes, swimmers and people that are conscious about their fitness levels.

Some people are worried about the phrase ‘bone conduction’ but there is nothing to worry here. It simply means that instead of wearing an entire headphone, you just wear a small headset with mini transducers that will fit right in front of your ears.

It will directly send the sound waves to your inner ear. This idea is getting popularity because of its open-ear design and there are no headphones blocking the ambient noise.

Regular runners and athletes would listen to their favorite songs without having to worry about the ambient noise.

These bone conduction headphones are quite popular in urban and busy areas and there are some regions that are now looking to completely ban the old-fashioned in-ear headphones. There are many devices available in the market of the said category and we’d like to discuss a few of them here.

Top 5 Best Bone Conduction Headphones to buy in 2022 


Price: $129.95 USD

The first and most obvious device that we are going to discuss in this list of the top 5 best bone conduction headphones is the Shokz OpenRun. This pared-down model is specifically designed for people that are looking to buy a bone conduction headphone but are carrying a limited budget.

They are also known as the AfterShokz Aeropex and are capable of giving you a battery life of close to eight hours. They also give you a nice quick-charge feature that gives you an extra half an hour after a small ten-minute charge. It is also IP67 waterproof certified.

The sound quality cannot match the OpenRun Pro, however; that is not such a huge problem. The overall weight is not massive and they can be carried easily. It also comes with a really comfortable silicone-coated metal headband. You will have a magnetic charging connector with some cute tiny control buttons as well.


* 8-hour battery
* Waterproof
* Quick charging feature
* Decent sound quality


* Buttons are too tiny


Price: $179.95 USD

People are calling it the new king of bone conduction headsets. The Shokz OpenRun Pro is using the best sound quality with its ninth-generation bone-conduction technology.

The overall weight is a bit heavier than the OpenRun and the battery life is stretched to a magnificent 10-hour period. The control buttons are bigger than the one discussed above. On the rear of the product, you’d find a magnetic charging connector that recharges it quickly.


* 10-hour battery life
* Great sound quality
* Bigger control buttons


* Just IP55-rated water resistant
* A bit expensive


Price: $79.95 USD

Would it be fine for you to settle for an entry-level bone conduction headset? Compared to the ones discussed above, the Shokz OpenMove is slightly less comfortable because of its polycarbonate ear hooks and less clear sound quality and it comes with a shortened battery life as well.

There are drawbacks as well as some hidden gains as well. For example, it does not have the headaches of upgrades and all that. It simply features a USB-C charging cable and you are good to go with your charging.


* USB-C cable for charging
* IP67-weatherproof


* Short battery life
* Less comfortable on ears

Mojawa Mojo1

Price: $129.99 USD

Have you thought about having some reflective detailing on the headband? Well, if you’re in, then let’s introduce the Mojawa Mojo1. The company is strictly following safety first policy and they have made quite a sensational debut with this product.

The Mojo1 is IP67-weatherproof and comes with a really compact and strong build quality. It comes with the same soft-to-the-touch silicon coating with a stretchy headband.

Despite a weak link, the manufacturers still went with a magnetically-attaching proprietary charging cable. The audio quality is a bit different to Shokz products and we can certainly sense a bit more bass in the Mojo1. The transducers are quite large and it helps in producing some extra bass and subtle clarity as well.


* IP67-weatherproof
* Good audio quality
* More bass


* Large transducers


Price: $149.95 USD

At last, we need to discuss something that is specifically made for swimmers and fitness freaks. The OpenSwim from Shokz is one of the finest waterproof bone conduction headsets on the market out there. It acts as a beast against its counterparts.

It is basically an MP3 all-in-one player that suggests you to drag and drop MP3 files onto its 4G innards. You can also source podcasts as MP3 files if you think the idea of having MP3 files stored is outdated.

This is a perfect bone conduction headset for underwater purposes because it produces great bass down there. The volume levels will definitely go down inside the water. This is by far one of the best swimming headphones available in 2022.


* IP68-rated Waterproof
* Best for swimming


* Bluetooth is not available

Conclusion: Best Bone Conduction Headphones

This is was one of the topics that were not covered by our platform before. In fact, we have not been able to do anything of such sort. Bone conduction headsets are quickly gaining popularity and they are heading in their right way.

Above, we have discussed some of the top 5 best bone conduction headsets to buy in 2022. Take a close look at these devices and decide what suits you the best.
As far as our top 3 choices are concerned, we have kept the SHOKZ OPENRUN PRO because of its highly justified reputation and performance.

The overall weight of this device is a little heavier but it uses the ninth-generation bone-conduction technology which is highly recommended. We have given the second spot to the Mojawa Mojo1 because of its good audio quality with more bass. The Mojo1 is IP67-weatherproof as well. The third spot goes to the Shokz OpenRun as it comes with a nice 8-hour battery and it is also a waterproof design.

That’s it from our side. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.