Best Camera for Filmmaking on a Budget – Top 7 Picks With Buying Guide

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of riot about, “which camera is the best for filmmaking?” The sad truth is, no one is ready to do their parts and find out which camera is actually the best budget video camera. Luckily, we have done some research and gathered some products for you ourselves. 

Best Camera for Filmmaking on a Budget

Moreover, there are plenty of good video cameras for beginners and pros. As you know, it is easy to get high definition cameras to express stories these days, and DSLRs are the most important trend there is. 

Without a doubt, there is an intense competition in the industry of hardware, and a lot of high-end advancements are now replacing older models with brand new ones. These days, it is possible to buy a DSLR or a mirror-less camera for a low price. 

However, there is not much difference between modern cameras and traditional cameras. If you take some time on your hands to do a little research, you will realize that both of them also offer the same quality, performance, and same features. Also, there a lot of good cheap cameras for filming, and you can get a good deal on them as well. 

Nonetheless, if you are a filmmaker and you demand the best camera for filmmaking on a budget, then you came to the right place. The following are our top 7 picks. 


Top 7 Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget


1. Fujifilm X-T30

best budget film cameraThe FujiFilm X-T30 is a very popular mirrorless camera that lets you shoot 4K. It offers exceptional video quality for a reasonable cost, and that includes a 45mm zoom lens kit. Also, you can get faster prime lenses for this camera as well. 

Furthermore, the X-T30 can film a full high definition of up to 60fps. Even if you limit the definition to 30fps, you will still receive high-quality 4K. 

However, it does not come with a headphone socket, but you are able to connect the headphones from the USB-C port. In addition to this, it comes with autofocus lenses that can really get inside the scene with awesome pixels. 

Unfortunately, this camera does not come with weather sealing tech, the screen doesn’t swivel, but it angles, and there is no in-body image stabilization. In conclusion, we can title this camera as the best budget camera for video making. 

Quick Features

  • Impressive Image Sensor

Thanks to the CMOS 4 impressive image sensor technology, the camera offers accurate face detection for on-the-move objects and great 4K resolution.

  • Face Detection and Auto-Focus

The brand new 4 Quad-Core processor, you can get accurate and fast face detection, even for moving people. In addition to this, the AF-C mode allows accurate auto-focus for moving objects. 

  • Wireless Connections

There are built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for digital communication, all because of the FUJIFILM remote camera application that lets you control the camera wirelessly. 

  • Ease of use

The 3.0-inch screen with LCD effects and an enhanced touch screen that captures images accurately even in challenging moments. Also, it is easy to activate the camera with a lever. 


  • Sensor similar to the X-T3 but at a lower price
  • Amazing autofocus
  • Great shooting tendencies
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Commendable 4K video


  • Small for those with big hands
  • Does not come with a weather sealing
  • Terrible battery timing

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2. Canon 80D

5 Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a BudgetAll thanks to amazing video autofocus, and a headphone socket for audio while you shoot, this is a very popular camera for all the vloggers out there. The Canon 80D is equipped with high-quality video making as compared to the last SLRs lineup from Canon. 

In addition to this, this camera is known for its ease of use and attractive color combinations. This camera is known to be the best video camera for movie making because it fulfills all the demands. 

It is suitable for vloggers for a variety of different reasons, most importantly, because it offers the fast dual pixel autofocus with numerous choices of colors. In addition to this, the out-folding touchscreen is also a great feature to mention. On the other hand, when we compare this model with the 70D, then this one has reliable autofocus. 

Quick Features

  • Viewfinder

The excellent viewfinder technology in this camera helps to bring the joy of SLR photography to life with every capture.

  • Number of Features

Thanks to the amazing viewfinder display, both AF mode and AF point’s displays are created, the camera has a nice and strong display, and it offers multiple points of information. 

  • Performance

In order to provide extra special AF operation level capturing, the 80D camera offers a wide space, all over the type AF feature with ideal performance.

  • Quick Results

This camera has the ability to capture up to 70 fps with every shoot to make sure that quick results are guaranteed. 


  • The sensor eliminates noises in the dark
  • High resolution compared to the previous model
  • Great hue accuracy
  • Nice ISO performance
  • HDR mode
  • Fast and quiet autofocus
  • Low shutter lag 


  • The less sharp kit lens
  • No good HDMI output
  • No tap-focus feature

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3. Panasonic G7

Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget in 2020When it comes to look for the best camera for low budget filmmaking, then the Panasonic G7 is the first one that comes to mind. It offers great video making features and awesome low-light performance in a compact and dense body. 

However, we cannot add this camera to the category of “video cameras” because it is not. It is known to be an interchangeable mirrorless filmmaking camera, which is basically used for still-shots. On the other hand, the interchangeable lenses and the massive sensor offer great possibilities than the camcorders that cost even higher than it. In addition to this, Panasonic has squeezed a lot of amazing features to this heavenly camera. 

The camera is capable of shooting 1080p high-definition videos at 60fps. In addition to this, it can also offer 4K. What’s more? The touchscreen is tilted, and this camera is a much more convenient option than the traditional SLRs. 

Quick Features

  • Lightweight

This camera provides amazing DSLM capture quality without having to weight much.

  • 4K Mode

The 4K Ultra HD videos save and pause feature will never let you miss out on anything happening at the moment.

  • Fast Autofocus

Thanks to the fast and precise autofocus, you can capture almost every object with precise pixels.

  • Connectivity

You can share your creativity instantly with the built-in Wi-Fi connection. 


  • Worth it for the money
  • Excellent video and photography results
  • A broad spectrum of features
  • Stunning performance


  • It is only suitable for traveling purposes 
  • A bit expensive 

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4. Panasonic G85

top Cameras for Filmmaking on a BudgetYou can easily find cheap movie cameras anywhere, but finding a camera with high-definition features is the hardest task. This is pretty much the best and most reasonable filmmaking camera in the entire market. It is equipped with a weather-sealed alloy body. 

In addition to this, the major benefit you will receive from this camera is that it is featured with the best in-body image stabilization technology ever. This means that it is easier to use it without a tripod. On the other hand, it does not come with a headphone socket. Still, you can connect headphones through an additional adapter. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with a microphone and headphone sockets and built-in microphones. Other than that, the camera has the ability to offer pro-waveform and vectorscope monitors. Unfortunately, it is not featured with dual SD card slots. 

Nevertheless, it is a great option for those on a budget, and it can be bought easily from Amazon with even better prices.

Quick Features

  • Detailed Performance

Thanks to the 16 megapixel MFT sensor, you can get extra detail on every capture. 

  • Interchangeable Lens Camera

You can shoot faster and lighter with the 12-60mm lens and get modern photography performance from a camera with the same features as of a DSLR.

  • 4K Video Making

This camera offers not just 4K video making, but also photo and focuses on capturing pictures up to 30fps and create your focus points once the picture has been taken. 

  • Ease of Use

It is very easy to assemble and use. 


  • Stunning EVF
  • Commendable touchscreen
  • Great 4K results
  • Great for raw and camera conversion


  • Not so much resolution
  • Noise reduction is terrible
  • Bad interface

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5. Panasonic GH5

cheap Cameras for Filmmaking on a BudgetThe Panasonic GH5 is an amazing mirrorless camera equipped with the Micro Four Thirds sense, which is smaller than the APS-C. However, the battery life of this camera is not as amazing as the camera’s results are, but it is still a reliable option for video making. Also, we can title this camera as the cheapest 4K camera for filmmaking. 

When compared with Canon SLRs, the Panasonic GH5 offers sharper video quality. In addition to this, it has a stunning eye-level viewfinder, and the touchscreen can tilt and swivel. This is a great camera for filmmaking, and it is affordable as well. 

Furthermore, it is compact and lightweight and is able to shoot slow-mo. If you ask us, then this is basically the best camera for those who are on a budget. 

When it comes to buying this great piece of equipment, you can get it from Amazon with best discount offers. 

Quick Features

  • Professional Capture

You can capture sharp pictures with the 20.3-megapixel micro four-thirds sensor.

  • Freeze/Slash proof structure

Thanks to the magnesium alloy structure, the camera can withstand any kind of heavy usage anywhere in the field. 

  • 4K Capture

This camera offers you 4K video making and capturing with fast autofocus. 


  • Nice design and control scheme
  • Quiet and fast performance
  • Great focus
  • Awesome 4K 
  • 5-axis image stabilization


  • Slow AF mode
  • Smaller sensor

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6. Canon C100

Best Camera for Filmmaking on a Budget reviewsThe reason why we added this camera to this list of best cameras for filmmaking on a budget is that it definitely is the best camera for those who love to film and are on a budget at the same time as well. 

It is equipped with a massive sensor, uses interchangeable lenses and offers much better results than the conventional DSLRs for filmmaking purposes. If you get the C100, then you can get the same effects of recording as from DSLRs and camcorders. In addition to this, the Canon C100 is a remarkable choice for documentary shooting and corporate videos. 

Furthermore, it is best at handling voices. Also, it is very easy to assemble this camera, as you will need fewer accessories for it. 

Nevertheless, it offers superb performance and a high-quality image. You can buy the Canon C100 from Amazon at incredibly amazing prices with discount offers. 

Quick Features

  • Sensor

The superior 35mm CMOS Sensor is able to capture high-quality images anywhere and anytime.

  • Add-ons

The camera is featured with additional slots for memory cards and other connectors.

  • Ease of use

The camera is easy to use because of the manual controls. 


  • Stunning video specification 
  • Bright and massive EVF
  • Attractive interface
  • Fast performance
  • Durable 


  • Bad ISO Range

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7. Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D

Best Camera for Filmmaking on a Budget top picksIf you are on a really tight budget, but you still want something extra special for filmmaking purposes, then the Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D is going to do the trick. 

This camera is a great choice for beginners, and it offers a lot of space to grow and to experience. Also, if you want to increase your confidence and have more self-esteem, then this camera is the best one for you. 

It is equipped with a 24mp sensor, and it offers a better ISO range, flip-out LCD touchscreen, quick shooting skills, and lastly, it is featured with the amazing dual pixel CMOS AF tech for a downy effect in videos. Without a doubt, this camera is known to be the best cheap video camera ever. 

Quick Features

  • Connectivity options

The camera is equipped with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. 

  • Fast Autofocus

Thanks to the fast and precise autofocus, you can capture almost every object with precise pixels.

  • Ease of use

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D is easy to use and assemble.


  • Vari-angle touch screen
  • Great Dual Pixel view
  • Stunning lens


  • Fewer points for viewfinder shots
  • No size advantage 

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Buyers Guide For Best Camera for Filmmaking

Do you want a proper comprehensive guide to purchasing the best filming camera? Well, finding a camera is easy, but finding one with high-quality features and a reasonable price tag is the real deal. Lucky for you, this buyer’s guide will help you know everything about filmmaking cameras and will provide you proper knowledge on how to buy the best camera for your film. 

This guide is created to teach you to know about purchasing a camera, so you can feel confident and not insecure whenever you make that purchase. Let’s begin.

The Types of Cameras 

There are a lot of different types of cameras, from point-and-shoots to stunning quality DSLRs. Now, let’s dive into the different types of cameras that are available. 

  • DSLRs

When it comes to a huge, expensive and fancy camera, the first thing that comes to your mind is a DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. DSLRs are typically made with two important elements – the lens and the body. 

You can take the lens off and change them as well. But, when you want to take a picture, you will need both the lens and the body. In addition to the coolness, a DSLR is featured with a mirror that actually lets you look through the lens as you focus your image while capturing it. 

With this, you will get an accurate look at what your final image is going to look like whenever you capture a picture. Also, this camera type is known to be the best camera for beginner filmmakers. 

When you press the shutter, a digital picture is captured on the sensor. On the other hand, these sensors are quite large in DSLRs. But, large sensors offer improved low light voice performances and an enhanced background blur. 

Contrary to this, if you want a quality image, that is where the lens comes in. Fortunately, there are different kinds of lens options available that will provide you with quality results. 

  • Mirror-less

Just like DSLRs, mirror-less cameras are also available with interchangeable lenses. However, the selection and quality of lenses available for mirrorless cameras aren’t the same as for DSLRs, but the manufacturers are trying their best to improve. 

Furthermore, mirror-less cameras are lightweight and more portable than DSLRs. This camera is suitable for both amateur and professional use.

  • Compact Point and Shoots

Point and shoot cameras are known to be the smallest cameras whose primary purpose is to photograph only. The main advantage of owning a point and shoot camera is that it is easy to carry, and it is a much better option for taking pictures than with a DSLR or with a mirror-less camera. In addition to this, these cameras have pre-attached lenses, which cannot be interchanged. 

But, point and shoot cameras have their cons too. They have small sensors, which means you won’t be able to capture perfect zooms. On the other hand, a high-end point and shoot camera might be able to get you all the pixels you want in an image. 

  • Camera Phones

Without a doubt, camera phones are the most popularly used cameras in the world today. They are built with impressive tech, can be easily put in a pocket, and are convenient for every occasion. The most popular advantage of a camera phone is that you can instantly share your pictures with others through social media apps. 

However, there are still some cons to owning camera phones. You won’t be able to receive the best kind of image quality. When we compare DSLRs, mirror-less, and point and shoot cameras to camera phones, the former names are a much better option for good image quality. 

  • Action Cams

As the name implies, action cams are tiny, mountable cameras suitable for adventure and sports photography. When it comes to brands, Sony and GoPro are the best action cam manufacturers ever. However, action cams do not offer such features, and they have limited settings and restrictions of usage, and they are not even suitable for filmmaking. 

Action cams are best for capturing videos, but you can also take pictures with them. In addition to this, action cams are great substitutes for the places where you can’t take a DSLR with you.

Features to look out for 

First of all, you must ask yourself, are features really that important to consider? Of course, of course, they are. The following are some of the best features that are a must-include in the type of camera you buy for yourself. 

  • Megapixels: Megapixels represent the number of pixels included in a video – it is equivalent to a million pixels. On the other hand, when you buy a film camera, you shouldn’t be focusing all on megapixels, because they aren’t everything. This feature is only important for those who are fond of photography and are concerned about the quality of the image. However, the best megapixel demand for even an amateur is 12 MP, and this range is perfect for filmmaking as well. 
  • Image Processors: An image processor is a very important feature to consider. It is just as important as an engine is to a car. The purpose of this feature is to process the info your sensor is gathering from the outside world. If you have a high powered processor, then you will get good end results of the info your camera is given with. However, if you are the type of person who does indie filmmaking, then the best cameras for indie filmmaking demand a high number of image processors. If you can, then combine a good processor with an even better sensor, then you will receive a stunning internal build than ever. 
  • ISO Range: The ISO range is responsible for measuring the camera’s overall tendency to capture light. With the help of electrical signals, the camera transforms the light into image sensors. In clearer words, the bigger the range, the better the spectrum of sensitivity and light to unique conditions. 
  • Video Resolution: The standard definition of video resolution is “the number of horizontal lines from top to bottom on the screen.” Also, a 720p video is created with 720 lines on one another, and vice versa. The best kind of video resolution we can give you is to not go under 1080p. This rule is very important to follow, especially in this age, as the 4K resolution is now trending and taking over. So, if you can pair video resolution with all the other features mentioned in this section, then you can get a pretty sweet filmmaking camera. 
  • Image Sensors: This is a very reliable built-in feature of your camera that translates and detects that info that generates a video or an image. It uses signals to get through the sensors. So, if you have a high-quality sensor, then you will receive clear and accurate signals of videos. However, if you want to determine the quality of your sensor, you will have to perform a little research regarding the kind of sensor you need for your camera. Your image sensor typically depends on your usage, as you are using it for filmmaking, so you demand a high-quality sensor. There are a lot of brands that offer fancy sensors for accurate signals. On the other hand, if the camera is good, then there will be a high-quality sensor, and hence, your videos will appear clearer. 

How long are you planning to use your Camera?

The word “video camera” can be associated with a lot of things, such as hobbies, experiences, professional aims, and activities. This is why we question your intended use of video camera after you have determined what type of camera you will need. It is best to consider your intended use before you actually plan to buy one. 

Just ask yourself, do you like filming events? Well, for that purpose, an action cam or a camcorder would be best, especially when you want some versatility in your career. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who vlogs or makes YouTube videos, then a mirror-less or a DSLR would be best for you. 

However, if you are about to shoot your first music video, wedding video, live concerts, or shows, then camcorders, mirror-less, and DSLR cameras will work great. So, if you know your demands, then you can get an estimate of what is a good camera for filmmaking worth. 

As you can see, there are a lot of other models of cameras available for you as well, but all depending on your usage. However, if you are still not sure why and for what purpose you need a camera, then we hope our guide helps you. 

What is your budget?

Most of our readers already know what their price range is, while others are still waiting for a miracle to happen by checking what is out there and how much they can save with it. Well, here’s a terrifying fact, filmmaking cameras don’t come cheap, but it is possible for you to find one that fits your budget from our reviews. 

There are a lot of inexpensive cameras for filmmaking that will not break the bank for those who want a camera priced reasonably. However, if you want a camera with a butt-load of features, you’ll probably have to prepare your wallet for that purpose.

Additional Features for Filmmaking Cameras

There is more to good cameras for filming than just to capture what is in front of us. For some cameras, extra features are necessary. For those who surf from one model to another, additional features are a must, while others just accept what they get. 

If you ask us, then it is important to maintain a balance between the features you need and not the ones you don’t need because unnecessary features will increase the price, this is also a part of your intended use. 

These days, some of the most popular features in a video camera include: Multiple shooting modes, high-level low light for dark times, stabilization of image when you’re on a move, pre-installed WiFi for sharing, slow-mo, HDR, LCD touch screens, voice activation, twin camera usage, built-in microphones, etc. In addition to this, water resistivity is also something to consider, if you want to shoot something underwater. 

It is easy to understand that the more features you want, the higher you will have to pay. So, be careful when choosing the best cameras for filmmaking and make sure that your camera includes highly used features and not unnecessary ones. 


In conclusion, it is not easy to buy the best camera for filmmaking on a budget for yourself, but with a little help, you can get the job done. All of the products that we reviewed here are suitable for both beginners and professionals. So, it is necessary to know your needs before you make a decision. 

We hope that our products created a difference in the hunt of finding the best camera for filmmaking on a budget for you. In addition to this, our buyer’s guide can also help you in making a decision.