Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

The art of Graphic designing has become an essential part of our creative industry. Some of the designers prefer to design online and whilst some of them use their creative freedom to sketch with their hands. So, here we have the list of top 5 Best Drawing laptops to Buy in 2022.

There is no doubt that technology has also made it quite easy for the designers to get their work done quickly with the help of tools and gadgets. We have seen people drawing their designs and sketches on tablets that are specially made for drawing.

You might as well see the latest graphics tablets that are available in the market purely to accommodate the designers. However, it is also quite evident that graphics tablet will only let you do the designing and you must connect your tablet to a computer or a laptop.

In this case, wouldn’t it be nice to just buy a laptop that is purely made for graphic designing and can be labeled as a drawing laptop. There are many 2-in-1 hybrids available in the market that does the job for you as a graphic designer and as a creative person as well.

Drawing laptops are not so common because people must have heard about gaming laptops and streaming laptops but drawing laptops is something new to the market. If we put it into simple words, drawing laptops are something that are equipped with the best and latest touchscreen systems and precise color displays.

These displays are so powerful that they will almost convert your drawing into a sketch that you’d see appearing on the big screen. You can also use your mouse for drawing if you’re not so comfortable with pen or stylus.

The most amazing thing about a drawing laptop is that you’d be able to use almost all of the giant graphic designing softwares like, Vision and CorelDraw. You’d also be able to download the Adobe editions and start working. Basically, a drawing laptop is a solution to many problems.

Laptop manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of the products they have launched, and today there are options with some of the most amazing features ever, and finding the one which stands out seems difficult.

To this end, after rigorous testing, we have compiled a list of five options which have gone to the top of the design and development industry. We also have a segment on the factors to learn prior to determining which laptop is the best for your needs.

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5 Best Laptops for Drawing In 2022

HP Spectre x360

Price: $1,349.95

Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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We will start our list of best drawing laptops with this amazing and beautiful HP Spectre x360. This device from HP comes with some amazing built-in features and the engineering work is close to brilliant.

You can check our detailed review on this device here: HP Spectre x360 13 Review

With a touchscreen of 13.3-inches, this device also comes with corning Gorilla Glass that equals the durability and quality of the machine. It also has a standard Full HD resolution at 1920×1080.

This laptop is available in 8GB and 16GB RAM and it is important to mention that most of the designers will have their work cut out in the 8GB RAM. Unless you’re busy working on more than three projects at a time, you don’t need more than 8GB of RAM.

If we talk about its core features then you have got 512 GB of SSD that will make your laptop go crazy in terms of speed. The SSD is combined with turbo-boost of up to 4GHz and 6 cores and you can’t even imagine how fast your machine will work under such features.

However, the most and strongest part is its latest generation Intel Core i7 processor that will work tirelessly to bring you the best results in almost every situation.

As far as the GPU is concerned, it includes the popular Intel Ultra HD Graphics 620 that will certainly fulfill all your creativity. It comes with a keyboard “island style,” which you like or don’t like, with a smaller gap between the keys.


  • It is Artistic, gorgeous and pleasing to the eye.
  • You will get HP Active stylus as well.
  • The fingerprint reader is really nice.
  • You will get an International warranty.


  • You can get a stronger GPU at same price on some other laptops.
  • The Island-style keyboard might not impress many customers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Price: $767.77

Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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It is simply impossible not to include the devices made by Microsoft in any kind of list. Over the course of last couple of years, Microsoft has been making huge strides in experimenting with its range of devices. Recently, they have released some of the drawing tablets as well.

Believe us or not, so far, two drawing laptops have been released by Microsoft and we have included two of them in our list of best drawing laptops to buy. That’s how good they are. We will start with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 that is known as the next-generation laptop and it is coming with outstanding build quality and extremely impressive performance.

You will get the same GPU as the previous laptop that we discussed on our list. It means you also get the Intel Ultra HD Graphics 620+ but the best thing about this laptop is that you don’t have to pay a lot. With the same features, this drawing laptop from HP is available at an affordable price as well. Also, the Intel Core i5 processor is also powered by the latest version.

Well, some people might argue that the previous model had i7 processor and we get an i5 in this one. To answer this question, you’d need someone who knows about electronic gadgets and technology more than you. And to your surprise, he/she will tell you that i5s are the most stable processors out there in the race.

The fact that it has a removable keyboard, which is very convenient for your fingers, separates the laptop from many other options. We have checked the 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM version, but you can tailor your version. That’s what we consider fine. It also has a 12.3 “PixelSense screen with a 2736 to 1824 pixel resolution and the highest color quality we ever saw.


  • The design is attractive and classic.
  • It is only 1.7lbs of weight.
  • Very slim and sleek.
  • Great value for money.
  • The display is great.
  • Pressure sensitivity up to 4096 levels.
  • It also comes with a stable battery.


  • You will not get the pen on the purchase.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Price: $815

Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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At the time of writing this article, we were confused about Microsoft’s products because all of them are so well-placed in their relevant category. Finding the best drawing laptops were also not easy because of the great competition with other brands.

However, we finally decided to put two laptops of Microsoft in our list and one of them has been discussed already. The next Microsoft product is the Surface Book 2 and it perhaps two steps ahead of the one we discussed.

It has all the features that were available in the previous model and some of the key features in this laptop are way ahead of the other options.

It comes with a large 13.5-inches screen along with an i7 processor that runs through files really quickly. It also has a 4K resolution that is powered by Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. You will also get a 256 GB of SSD and RAM of 8GB. You can also upgrade the SSD to 1 TB.

It is only natural to think that these features are going to cost a lot of extra cash. But the real question is that whether it gives you the value for your extra bucks? Well, we would say yes because you can work simultaneously on two to three different projects at a time and it won’t slow down.

It will also give you boosted graphics performance and will enable you to play some games as well on your laptop. If you don’t want all of these qualities, we’d suggest you get the previously discussed Microsoft machine.


  • It is suitable for the highest expectations.
  • It has Windows 10 Pro.
  • It has a special graphics card.
  • Ultra HD resolution.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The touchpad is not admirable and some people might not even use it.

Dell XPS 13 9370

Price: $767.55

Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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Before we get into the details and features of this machine, let us tell you that Dell is one of the most prominent laptop making company and they also have their representative in the field we’re all talking about currently.

The new Dell XPS 13 is representing the drawing laptops pretty well because it has some of the key features like a big 13.3-inch screen, Intel Core i7 processor and a massive resolution of 3840 x 2160. It also has the Intel Graphics Card 620 and 256 GB of SSD.

Since we all love to play games whether they’re on a laptop or a dedicated gaming PC. In its current price tag, we feel that a dedicated graphics card would have made things pretty ideal. Nonetheless, we can leave our gaming for a while and start concentrating on the drawing quality of the machine.

According to experts and critics around the globe, it is still one of the most highly-recommended drawing laptops. The induction of the Infinity Edge technology has taken the game to a whole new level because this technology allows you to draw and sketch from one edge of the screen to the other. It also comes with a built-in finger system that works highly efficiently.

The overall performance of this laptop is satisfactory but somehow, we feel that in order to be rated as the best drawing laptop on the list, it needed a bit more features and a price tag that can attract a lot of people.


  • It has 4K resolution which is not very common.
  • It gives you an excellent view from every angle.
  • The design is pretty attractive, slim and sleek.
  • 6lbs of normal weight and not so heavy device.


  • Some versions with the same GPU and CPUs are less costly.
  • The pressure sensitivity level of 2048 is pretty low.

Lenovo Yoga 920

Price: $675

Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 5 Best Drawing Laptops in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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We have a Lenovo as our last pick of the list. The full model name is Lenovo Yoga 920 and as you’d expect with this company, this laptop like its other siblings is quite sophisticated and comes with a classic design.

The engineering inside of it is pretty amazing and powerful and it certainly comes across as one of the most suitable options for creative people. You can simply adapt it to various things you’re doing while you’re busy working on a particular project.

It is also known for its productivity and flexibility. Lenovo gadgets are generally expensive and that is the case with this laptop as well. However, with the kind of features it brings, we feel that the price tag is justified to an extent.

The selling point of the device is perhaps the Full 4K 3840×2160 resolution. Other key features include the Intel Core i7 processor with standard Intel Ultra HD 620 graphics and a 512 GB of SSD storage along with 16 GB of RAM.

Its webcam and microphones are extremely good but the battery power at 9.5 hours is pretty average compared to some of the other models on the list. It is also quite pleasing to see the webcam coming back to its original position that is above the screen.

We saw some experimentation with the previous model of Lenovo when the webcam was situated beyond the display screen. It is a great partner for all of your creative projects and the money is justified because it gives you a lot of overwhelmingly good features in regards to drawing and sketching.


  • 4K resolution is a big plus.
  • 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • It has the largest solid-state drive capacity at a very affordable price.
  • You will also get an Active Pen 2.
  • The touchpad is also pretty awesome.


  • You can take some time before you adjust yourself completely with the keyboard layout.
  • At 3lbs, it might feel heavier than others.
  • There are no HDMI or Ethernet ports available.