Best Laptop Backpacks to Buy in 2022

Comfortable laptop backpacks are very much in demand these days. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in the late 2019, people have been forced to work from home and manage their work routine through flexible work hours. For this reason, people travel and carry their machines along in order to work from anywhere. 

This is exactly why people are now looking for stylish and comfortable laptop backpacks that keeps their laptop safe and can be carried easily. 

Over the past few decades, a lot of companies have launched their laptop backpacks are we have heard about most of them. There are tons of options available in 2022 and we will try to discuss some of the best laptop backpacks to buy right now. 

The products discussed in this list have gone through several tests and have emerged victorious in almost all conditions. Therefore, jump on your couch right now and go through this review carefully. 

You might find your most desirable laptop backpack on this list with suitable budget as well. Without any further delay, let’s just get into the list of top 6 best laptop backpacks to buy in 2022. 

Top 6 Best Laptop Backpacks to buy in 2022

Incase Icon Pack

Price: $199.95 USD

Alright, the first product that we have on our list is the Incase Icon Pack. It is a really cool, stylish, organized and sleek laptop backpack with some excellent advantages. 

The overall stuff used in this bag is close to 17 liters and it is well-protected against day-to-day abuse. It holds the ability to accommodate a laptop, tablet, lunchbox, books and even a pair of after-work clothes as well. 

The organization is exceptional because it comes with three main compartments and it also gives an easy access to your items. Overall, this bag is quite suitable for students and working people that need to travel daily.

While there are many benefits of this product, it is also important to mention that some folks are not into organized bags at all. 

They like to keep their stuff in one pocket in order to save extra space in other compartments, however; we’d definitely recommend this backpack to people that go about their business in a more stylish and sophisticated way.

The North Face Borealis

Price: $83.17 USD

The next product that we have on our list is the stylish North Face Borealis pack. It offers a lot of storage and people particularly like it for its easy-to-use pockets. There is a baggy interior and separate computer access as well. 

The features are all pretty organizational and overall, it is quite versatile. It can be used for school, work and other traveling reasons. 

Another huge advantage that this backpack offers is that it’s quite durable and water-resistant too. It will perform extremely well in almost all types of weather. The front colors are a bit fancy and people might ignore taking it to a working place. 

On the other hand, mountaineers and people that are getting ready for a hiking trip might love it to bits. At less than $100, we feel that this backpack might just become our favorite in this list.

Tzowla Travel

Price: $31.95 USD

If you are specifically low on budget, you can seriously consider the Tzowla Travel. It has surprised many with its amazing performance and very affordable price tag. This laptop backpack is perhaps the cheapest backpack on this list and overall, as well. 

However, it is quite loaded with features such as charging station, amazing pockets, big zippers and a very organized space for your stuff. It is also quite comfortable on your shoulders because it sits high and it distributes the overall load really well. 

All machines that are 15-inch or less are going to be carried easily by this backpack. There is no battery pack in this bag and that really disappointed many. 

Although, we still believe that the price-tag is extremely reasonable compared to the features it is offering. The overall looks of the backpack are quite pleasing, however; we won’t claim that they will remain the same after a year or so.

Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Commuter

People that are really worried about their machines and its safety should take a look at the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal. This backpack has got many qualities such as dedicated spots to have your sunglasses and helmet in. 

There is a protective rain shell as well and it distributes the whole weight quite nicely. You can load it heavily without having to worry one bit because it offers great breathability and the back panel and straps also keep your comfortable. 

If you want to protect your stuff from hard-set downs, you can take the protective sleeve which is removable and padded on all sides. There is enough room for your books, lunchbox and other personal stuff. 

If you remove the laptop sleeve, it almost becomes a double backpack and offer extra storage space. It does not come under the category of most stylish bags, however; it is definitely among the best protected ones. You can use it on different events and occasions without any hustle and bustle.

Jansport Right Pack

Price: $64.99 USD

There is no doubt that the Jansport Right Pack is common among school children, college boys and girls and also among academics and sportsperson to an extent. There is a lot of space inside because of its capacious interior and classic design. 

You’d get almost 30 liters of space that will keep your 15-inch laptop, a water bottle and some clothes as well. The price-tag is also significantly lower than some of the other backpacks with same qualities. 

The laptop sleeve is a bit slimmer and covers almost half of its storage space. It is not a water-proof bag and its bottom attracts dirt a bit quickly. Overall, it is a very nice and recommendable product in this price range.


Price: $232.05 USD

The EVERKI Onyx Premium Business Executive 15.6-inch laptop backpack is perhaps one of our favorites in this list. It is a bit heavy but comes with durable ballistic nylon and lots of pockets and compartments. 

There are dedicated spaces for organization and you would also get a handle pass-through for stacking atop luggage. Furthermore, there is a dedicated compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop and 13-inch tablet that allows for easy access to devices to fit through TSA and other security units.

As far as its protection quality is concerned, you’d get a hard-shell quick-access sunglasses case that will protect your expensive eyewear. There are patented corner guards that gives you extra protection for your laptop.

This backpack is completely discreet, gives you easy-access and ideal pockets to store your credit cards, documents or passports. You can access the items without taking the backpack off. Also, you’d get a padded back panel and ergonomic shoulder straps that allows great support and makes it comfortable to carry.

Conclusion: Our top 3 picks

Laptop backpacks are very necessary and specially in this day and age, it is a necessity of every second person in a family. Because, someone among all of us is either working or studying. Therefore, almost all of us need a laptop backpack in 2022. 

If you are looking to buy a new laptop backpack, this list will certainly help you decide better. We’d advice that you go through this list carefully and decide yourself. As far as our top 3 options are concerned, we’d place the Incase Icon Pack at the first place because of its beautiful design and lots of storage options. 

The second spot goes to the Tzowla Travel because of its extremely reasonable price range and above average features. The third and last spot goes to the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Commuter as it gives you lots of safety and protection backed by tons of storage. That’s all from our side for today. 

We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. Goodbye until we meet again