Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

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Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides

It is a well-known fact that smartphones are getting prettier, slimmer and also quite wider. People are always in search of a strong and robust model but the design and beauty come with slimness and delicacy. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to choose a strong and robust smartphone that carries the ability to survive through most situations.

The only stronghold that is being provided by the latest Smartphones is water resistance. There is no such thing as ‘rugged’ in these new and latest Smartphones. However, we do have a list of such phones that are going to give you the ‘rugged feeling’ and they’re absolutely affordable as well. Go through our List of Best Unbreakable/Hardcore Smartphones to Buy in 2021 and choose the one that you might want to have in your pocket.

You’d find a lot of options in the market from waterproof to dust-proof and from shock-proof to scratch-proof. Interestingly, you’d also find pressure-proof smartphones that are directed towards people that are no way near the traditional delicate phones. The target audience includes construction workers, those employed in a manufacturing environment and fans of extreme sports, even though robust cell phones are also targeted at people who spend a lot of time outside of their home whether for work or for entertainment.

You will instantly see the value of a phone with some protection built into its core design if you have already bought a case to cover your device. Remember that all of the rugged phones featured here are running on Android, so you should find a good tough case to cover your iPhone if you are an Apple fan.


There are a lot of surveys and online reports that say people damage their phones at some point in their lives. About a third of people had already damaged their cell phones in the past couple of years according to a report. That’s a huge number, isn’t it? Also, the replacements are pretty expensive and are not in everybody’s reach.

These phones are specially made to avoid breaking the body of the device. Also, these ‘rugged’ cell phones are compatible with a few international standards that you need to follow in order to choose the best ‘rugged’ phone for yourself.

Standards of Rough Use, Strong and Water-proof smartphones:


As the name suggests, the IP means ‘Ingress Protection’. Any such phone with this quality of IP68 will deliver through most of the tough situations such as dirt, sand and a challenging routine of the user.


This is an additional security layer supported only by robust phones. This is a US military necessity that ensures that a product should survive thermal shocks, conditions of high or low-temperature shakes, tumbles, and salt spray so that hazards do not emerge.

You ought to be sitting and watching Corning Gorilla Glass. A coating of Corning Gorilla, which avoids scratches and cracks, is a non-breakable glass that is thin, light and damage-resistant, for all sturdy phones and many flagship smartphones.

You should always look for a sixth-generation phone and you shouldn’t be opting for a rugged phone unless it is from the sixth-generation. Also, we have seen the rugged phones also getting slimmer and slimmer with time just like the normal flagship smartphones.

They’re also full of features for their respective customers. From snap-on batteries, GPS modules and even mapped to FM radios, flashes, and thermal imaging cameras, consider all of this. Consider everything. Here’s the list of best rough use smartphones to buy in 2021.


List of Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021

Below is the list of best rough use smartphones to buy in 2021.


Price: $409.95
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

The S52 does its job with a Gorilla Glass 6 screen, an aluminum frame, metal buttons, waterproof connectors, and an FM radio. The design is pretty sleek and cool whilst there is a dual pixel Sony sensor-backed 12 MP camera that performs really well when there’s less light. There are a lot of exciting ‘tough phones’ produced by the Bullitt Group and the latest S52 is one of the most intimidating ones so far.

The smartest S52, that’s just 9.69 mm at any time and is smaller than many traditional smartphones and also blends military durability with IP68-rated water resistance and the potential to be dropped on concrete or steel from 1.5 m, which is MIL-STD-810 G.


Price: $534
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

Can you see your phone in night? This 6.3-inch Android Smartphone has a special ‘ Predator ‘ viewing mode, fitted with a thermal imaging sensor for FLIR Lepton, enabling it to see the dark.

This is one of the very best choices in the rugged phones list as its thermal camera along with the Sony 48MP camera allows this amazing BV9800 Pro to spot and take pictures of the heat source and translates them into a thermal photograph. It also has GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and air pressure monitoring based on satellite systems. The only thing is that the Blackview BV9800 Pro is one of the biggest and heaviest at 322 g. It has the ability to identify and spot leakages in the heat pipes along with smoldering fires and even animals and humans in the dark.


Price: $439.99
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

What if we tell you that there’s a phone that is IP69K compatible and is also quite new to the rugged market. If a Smartphone is IP69K compatible then it means the device will go through the toughest situations like high-pressure cleaning at 80°Celsius water fired at the phone at 80-100 ba.

This is above the standard ratings for IP68 and MIL-STD-810G. This is suitable for construction sites, but nevertheless the uncommon talent contributes some weight as a metal frame, and the Doogee S95 Pro is at 285 g a relatively robust and rugged handset.

There’s an extremely good 3500mAh battery with a magnetic snap-on. The design of the Doogee S95 is pretty modular and a 6W speaker module does the job with a kickstand to prop up the handset. It is also the only and only dual SIM rugged phone available.

Land Rover Explore

Price: $479
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

You tend to get frustrated whenever you can’t use these so-called touchscreen phones with a little wet finger or a pair of gloves on during the winter season.

The Land Rover Explore comes from the same company that offers the Cat rugged phones and its Corning Gorilla Glass 5-protected screen is ready to be operated even with wet fingers and gloves on as well. These are just starting features and you’d find much more in this amazing rugged cell phone.

This phone is specially designed for people who are traveling a lot in their daily lives. The outdoor features are its proximity sensor, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, GPS antenna, and some other features combine with the application for OS maps and ViewRanger app is there to create an enlarged reality guide for identifying mountain peaks and other landmarks.

It is equally and stunningly modular, with accessories, including a mobile phone to the unit, and a double battery module to charge up your power along with a ceramic patch GPS antenna. This cell phone is surely going to make you happy with its amazing features such as protection against freezing cold, water, sand, dust, dirt, vibration, humidity and also it is salt mist-proof that is going to win your heart on many occasions.

Ulefone Armor 7

Price: $499.99
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

There is another rugged cell phone on the market that is also IP69K dust/water resistor and the Ulefone Armor 7 is also known for its robust nature because it was tested to survive a drop-to-concrete surface from a height of almost 1.2m. It is also MIL-STD-810G compliant.

Just like the Doogee S95 Pro, this amazing handset has an 8GB of RAM that is hardly found on rugged smartphones. It also has a breathtaking rear camera of 48MP. Ulefone Armor 7 is water-resistant and dust resistant and provides a durable liquid adhesive for full sealing Ulefone armor.⠀

It comes with an aspect ratio of 19:5:9 and it is a very good handset for those who like to travel and watch movies during their trip as well. The 5500mAh battery is going to keep you online most of the time and it also supports a 15W fast charge making it an ideal travel partner for you.

Nokia 800 Tough

Price: $242.99
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Rough Use Smartphones to Buy in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

People who are always traveling or working in an environment where construction works are taking place or the architects working on their sites or even the hikers would also like to have a rugged phone for their outdoor travels. However, everybody in this category also desires of having a proper Smartphone during their outdoor commitments.

When we talk about rugged phones then the name of Nokia is an automatic choice in that list. If we talk about the Nokia 800 Tough, it is an ideal choice for all rugged phone lovers.

It gives you the ability to survive through extreme conditions such as -20ºC. It can be dropped from a height of 1.8m and it will last for 30 minutes under 1.5m water as well.

The Nokia 800 Tough features an anti-slip coating, rubberized edges and a torch, a camera, FM radio, and a laundry speaker, along with a loop designed to be attached to a backpack or wrist, as well as wide accessible keys to navigate menus and answer calls with gloves on your hands.

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