Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

We live in a society where electronic devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. From laptops to smartphones and from tablets to iPods, we’re surrounded by a plethora of electronic devices that are essentially part of our 24/7 routine.

Besides all these devices, there are Remotes for Roku as well that are equally important in our lives. We watch films, serials and our favorite shows on our TV sets, Boxes, and a streaming stick. We use different kinds of remotes to operate these devices and some of them are also infrared powered whilst wireless and point anywhere remotes are also pretty common.

If you’re looking to use a Roku device for streaming over a computer then having a remote control will bring you many advantages. You will be able to tackle your programming without having to leave your place.

Using a Roku device also means that your remote can certainly stop working without any reason. If something like this happens, try removing the standard IR and if it doesn’t work, pair your batteries once again with the device and also try changing them as well.

To make it easier, if the remote control doesn’t work even after trying these tricks, simply go to play store and download the Roku app. Tap on the remote and start using your remote control through your mobile via an application.

It simply means that you can have a Roku remote on your phone as well anytime anywhere. You’re just one step away from downloading the free Roku app and start operating your Roku devices through your phone.

Well, some people might find it funny to use their mobiles as the remote controls of their Roku devices. Nonetheless, it was just a humble suggestion and if you plan on buying a new Roku remote then there are a couple of devices that you need to check out. You might as well opt for a Universal remote and operate your devices with it.

Here’s the list of some of the best Roku universal remotes and you can choose one of them. However, before buying any device, you must investigate thoroughly and make your own choice afterwards.

Best Universal Remotes for Roku

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Universal Remote Control

Price: $54.99

Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

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Logitech is a well-known company and we all know that. So, the first impression of the device is kind of good since it comes from a well-reputed organization. This Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared Universal Remote is a device that transfers signals through its empowered infrared.

It is a combination of 8 remote controls and it is one of the best universal remotes available on the market right now. Moreover, you will also get a full-color touchscreen and the people at Logitech calls it the ‘color command screen’.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the touch-screen. You can simply connect your remote to your computer or laptop and go to the touch-screen where you can set your favorite channels and give them avatars or icons.

It means you can simply tap on the icon and start watching your favorite channel. You’d find different commands for different devices on this universal Roku remote.

The basic facility in this universal remote is its user-friendly behavior. It can work really well on a minimal setup and some of our reviewers and customers of the device were also pretty impressed with the performance and features of this remote.

We got an amazing response because of its ability to switch from watching one channel to the other in a jiffy. It means all the appropriate components are turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ properly.

This amazing Roku remote from Logitech is an infrared powered universal remote and it comes with an absolutely intuitive design and shape. To make it easy to use, the buttons are also managed according to their functions. It also has a backlight at its top to rescue you during low light conditions and the design makes it pretty much easy to use.

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment for Roku

Price: $24.99

Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

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The Sideclick Universal Remote is our second device on the list. It can be regarded as one of the most useful universal remotes because of its simplicity and classic design.

There are eight programmable buttons in this remote and each of the buttons contains its own icon. You can use these buttons for power on and off, while you can also set keys for channel changing, volume up and down and some of the other functions that can be achieved through an infrared remote.

This is less costly and easier to use a universal device. You can easily combine your TV, Roku or any other computer that you want to use. Just point it to your TV and tap the button you want to assign a specific function to pair this remote. The LED light is ON to show that the pairing is completed.

E.g. You have a couple of devices at your home and you need three separate remote controls for them. This is where the Sideclick comes to your rescue. You can simply get one universal remote that is going to control all of your three devices. In addition, this Sideclick is also pretty much easy to program. There is no such thing as a perfect device in this world but we can assure you that this device is pretty much nearly perfect.

This Universal Remote Sideclick is an add-on for your media player. It clicks easily into your streaming system to monitor your TV and streaming device for all functions. This is an unbelievable feature for a device that is not so commonly popular. Amazing, eh?

GE Universal Remote Control (33709)

Price: $7.40

Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

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This is the third Universal Remote on our list and it goes by the name of GE 4 Device Universal Remote (33709). As claimed by its manufacturers, this amazing device can work on four different devices such as TV, Cable and Satellite receivers. It is also compatible with Blu-ray, DVD Players, Roku players and some of the other streaming devices.

However, it doesn’t support the Roku Streaming STICK and other streaming devices that are functional on radio frequencies. This universal remote is compatible with all major audio and video equipment brands.

It features an easy setup through the internet on your PC or laptop. It has a master volume control and auto-scanning technology, which allows you to monitor the volume of the devices that are being controlled by the device.

This is one of the very few Roku Universal Remotes that are providing full value for its money. Reviewers also believe that this is perhaps the best choice for all those looking to get a budget Roku Universal Remote. It has great responsiveness and it won’t disturb your mood because it is pretty simple to use.

The manufacturers of this device are running a well-reputed company and there is no reason to not trust the GE 4 Device Universal Remote. The mind and engineering behind this device is pretty impeccable and trustworthy.

In the end, we will say that trusting the GE 4 Device Universal Remote is inevitable and by the look of its performance, it is also pretty much recommended as well.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote

Price: $105.99

Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2021 - Reviews & Guides
Best Universal Remotes for Roku to Buy in 2022 – Reviews & Guides

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Alright, this is the last device on our list but let us tell you that this is not the least capable device at all. In fact, personally we will recommend this universal remote to all of you because it has the capability of controlling over eight devices at a time. It is compatible with Apple TV, cable TV boxes; Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, Phillips Hue, PS3, Xbox TV and interestingly they’re also supported by MACs and PCs.

This is pretty incredible stuff because all of the aforementioned devices are pretty complicated and it is not easy for a single device to control and tackle such hugely recognized brands. Well, that’s what the best remote controls do and this is certainly one of them.

Everything becomes so easy with this device because if you have knocked it out with your wrists or your kid has brushed out his toy car over it then there is absolutely no need to panic, this amazing device also has the Harmony Smartphone app that can be easily used on your Smartphone once you have downloaded the app.

You can access your devices through your phone easily. For Android users, it is compatible with version 4.0 and it also works fine on iOS 6.0 and latest models.

With its compatibility with so many devices, it is almost natural for you to replace your extra 3-4 remotes with this one true Universal remote. There is a rubber backing of the remote that prevents it from falling it off your hands on to the table or floor. It is not really huge in size and won’t take a lot of space.


We have mentioned a couple of Universal Remotes in our today’s list of best Universal remotes for Roku devices. In our opinion, the Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote is the most recommended device among the other four devices that we have mentioned.

The biggest luxury is its compatibility with more than eight devices at a given time. It also has a touch-screen that makes it look beautiful.  You can always create icons for your favorite channels after you have installed it on your PC after giving it a little set-up.

In this way, you will be a step away from watching your favorite TV channels and online streaming platforms can be accessed easily. Also, you can switch from audio channels to video channels and vice versa.