Best Wireless Workout Headphones to Buy in 2022

Have we ever talked about the wireless workout headphones? I think we haven’t. To let you all, know about the importance of workout headphones, we thought it would be nice to actually review some of the top-notch brands available in this category. As of June 2022, there are tons of brands available in the market that are offering wireless services and more and more brands are putting their hands in this business. 

Before you go out to buy the best wireless workout headphone, we feel that some of the factors such as noise cancellation, water resistance, battery life and Bluetooth connection need to be checked. 

Also, ease of use, support for assistants like Alexa and Siri, build quality and overall performance needs to be checked as well. You also need to make sure that the earbuds are comfortable in your ears and do not fall off while working out. 

As far as the best wireless workout headphones are concerned, we believe that the below-mentioned list is having some magnificent devices and you can definitely choose your favorite option from the list down below.

Top 5 Best Wireless Workout Headphones to buy in 2022 

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Price: $99.99 USD

The Jabra Elite 4 is one of the fantastic options as far as wireless workout headphones are concerned. You’d get a stylish and compact pair of wireless earbuds that are very light in weight and brings out a simple and lightweight charging case to match. 

The overall design is quite compact and sleek and it comes with one of the lightest charging cases that we have tested so far. The Elite 4 Active also packs a strong battery life and it is also more durable than its competitors. 

The customers will also get an active noise cancelation along with a transparency mode and a customizable equalizer. The users of this machine will also enjoy the services of Spotify Tap on Android.

It is available in three colors and there are no wingtips as well, that makes them look very slim and sleek. It might feel a little uncomfortable in your ears after a running session of an hour or two. 

The overall case is close to 38 grams and it is one of the lightest we have seen so far. A battery life of close to 28 hours is also splendid and you can return a working time of one hour after charging your device for 10 minutes. Overall, there is no reason why we wouldn’t recommend this magnificent wireless workout pair of headphones.


  • Affordable
  • Compact 
  • Sleek design
  • Active noise cancelation


  • Less intuitive controls

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Price: $199.95 USD

The Powerbeats Pro are liked by many for exercising purpose and it comes in four different color options. It is a compact in-ear design and does not play nicely with glasses and face masks.

They will stick to your ears throughout your workout session without any hustle and bustle. For better and deep integrated with an Apple-made device, the company has decided to use Apple’s H1 chip inside it. These earbuds are basically rated for nine hours of use and it is one of the highest we have seen so far. 

The overall weight is a bit higher than its competitors because the case charges through a lightning cable and there is no USB-C for that purpose. The physical keys are quite helpful and the onboard volume rockers are definitely worth appreciating.

It is important to mention that the audio experience is somewhat basic and there is no active noise cancelation or transparency mode. It may not be the most ideal pair of headphones for workout sessions but you can’t deny the importance of it either. 

You get a voice assistant as well in this product and we feel that we can certainly include this in the list of the top 4 best wireless workout headphones to buy in 2022.


  • Apple H1 chip
  • Decent battery life
  • Helpful keys


  • Basic sound quality

Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

Price: $129.99 USD

The Anker Soundcore 3 Liberty Pro is our next product in line. You’d get some comfortable ANC earbuds with long battery life and customizable controls. These are the only earbuds so far that come with wireless charging and long battery life. 

There is active noise cancelation as well as a transparency mode and a customizable equalizer. You can set up the controls according to your choice and there are lots of options and ways to do it. 

It is a wonderful ergonomically fit device that comes in four different colors. The silicone eartips and air-filled wings are only enhancing the beauty of this product. The company has also promised to give you an air-pressure relief and these earbuds do not come with the ear tips or wingtips. 

The sound is a little tinnier compared to other devices discussed in this list despite having an AI noise reduction feature. Overall, there is no way not to recommend this device because it has a lot of praiseworthy features.


  • Comfortable 
  • ANC earbuds
  • Decent battery life
  • Active noise cancelation
  • Transparency mode


  • A bit heavier 
  • Takes extra space in your bag

Sony WF-C500

Price: $68.00 USD

As you all know, Sony is one of the major companies when it comes to all kinds of electronic products. As far as the best wireless workout headphones are concerned, this company has produced the Sony WF-C500 that comes at a reasonable price and packs a light design with decent audio quality.

It supports the Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format and the earbuds have also claimed a better and longer battery life. 

You’d also get a customizable EQ support with rapid Google pairing as well. The capacity of the charging case is lower than the models competing and the overall design is quite huge and bulbous compared to others. 

The earbuds weight around 5.4 grams and the whole charging case stands at 35 grams. It is definitely the lightest case to have come our way so far. You can choose between a variety of four colors and the it also provides support for rapid Google pairing. There is no active noise cancelation available in this device, however; the eartips of this device are already good enough to stop the blocking noise.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable 
  • Supports Sony’s Reality Audio format
  • EQ support


  • No transparency mode & ANC

Beats Fit Pro

Price: $179.95 USD

Alright, let’s jump onto our next product of this prestigious list which is the Beats Fit Pro. This particular pair of best workout wireless headphones pack almost all qualities of the Powerbeats Pro. However, you’d get a little discreet design with a lighter charging case and an addition of ANC. 

The earbuds are quite stable fit in your ears and give you a very comfortable feel. There is no need to worry about pairing it with iOS devices because it happens quickly and easily. 

The overall design is quite compact and it packs a lightweight charging case with ANC and transparency modes. This service was not available in the Powerbeats Pro. 

These earbuds promise you to stay out of the way when things get a little hard for you as a trainer of runner. Sweating and wet ears are not going to distract you one bit and you will not witness any huge change in its audio quality.

We can safely say that these earbuds are not just made specifically for workouts, you can use it everywhere. Also, the Beats Fit Pro come with an active noise cancelation and it also supports Apple’s Spatial Audio format that brings out an immersive sound.

According to Apple, the listening time per earbud is close to six hours with an additional 18 hours from the USB-C charging case. After a 40-minute run, the battery still stood at more than 80% during one of its tests. 

These are fantastic numbers and we’d definitely recommend the Beats Fit Pro to all the customers out there looking for the best wireless workout headphone. 


  • Discreet design
  • Lighter charging case
  • ANC included
  • Comfortable
  • pairs with iOS devices easily


  • Customizable EQ not available

Conclusion: Best Wireless Workout Headphones

Some parts are hard to cover and understand. This list was actually one of them. We were not aware of the best wireless workout headphones until we saw and noticed the growing trend among runners and fitness freaks.

For this reason, we thought it would be nice to list down the top 5 best machines in this regard and share it with our valuable audience. Out of these five devices, we have also decided to pin-point the top three products for you. 

At the first spot, we have kept the Elite 4 Active because of its sleek design and active noise cancelation. The second spot goes to the Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro because of its ANC earbuds and decent battery life. The third and last spot goes to the Sony WF-C500 because of its lightweight design and support for Sony’s Reality Audio format.

That’s it for today. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall answer them as soon as possible. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.