Galaxy Fold Durability Test – Dust & Inner Display Scratches Are the Issues

Inner Display’s Sensitivity to Scratches & Dust are some Apparent problems in the Galaxy Fold: Durability Test reveals

Samsung Galaxy W20 5G Foldable

It is perhaps one of the most fragile Galaxy phones that we have witnessed so far. The device was delayed for several months because of its display issues. Much to the delight of everybody, JerryRidEverything spent some time with the Galaxy Fold in a durability test which brings mixed responses.

The main motive behind going into the durability test was to see if the earlier problems were resolved which dented the progress of the phone. As a result it is witnessed that they haven’t been addressed yet.

The display is coated with plastic and it is very safe to say that damaging it or it getting damaged won’t be a problem. It is done because of the foldable nature of the phone. Compared to a glass display, which scratches at a level 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, the plastic only gets up to 2-3 level. It means, your fingernails can also cause damage.

The durability test reveals that dust is going to be a huge problem in this kind of a display. Early reviewers of this gadget claimed that small particles of dust getting underneath the display caused many problems. Samsung however, claims that the problem has been fixed in the updated design. If someone wants to bring their phone to beach or live in naturally dusty areas, then they would have a strong problem with this phone.

This durability test is further backed up by Samsung’s ‘care guide’ video released for the Galaxy Fold just, yesterday.

In one of the video portions, you’d see a nick at the edge of the display can kill it effectively. By breaking the line of pixels on the OLED panel it breaks touch compassion at the top of the display as well.

If there’s any bright spot, then the strong hinge in between the foldable design would a good addition. If you try to bend the device even in the wrong direction, it can hold up to extreme force.

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