Samsung Galaxy Watch rotating bezel to vanish completely?

If some prominent reports are to be taken seriously, the iconic Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is going to scrap its rotating bezel. IceUniverse has been spreading this claim via Twitter leaks as they have been at the forefront of all Galaxy Watch 5 related information coming from the South Korean region.

Some random guy on Twitter talked about the iconic rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch 5. To which, the tipster replied and said that the Watch 5 Pro will surely disappoint many users.

The Watch 5 from Galaxy is known for its rotating bezel and it became one of its core identities as well. There was no rotating bezel in the Watch 4 Classic, however; it reappeared in the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

There are strong reports of Galaxy Watch 5 coming in two sizes of the standard smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will also continue the same tradition according to rumours. There are talks of a larger screen and a massive battery as well.

It is eminent to mention that Tizen OS – the operating system that was used on Galaxy Watch up until last year – was also built around the rotating bezel feature and the icons were arranged in a circle. It used to give the bezel a perfectly classic look.

On the other hand, a lot linear designs are used in Wear OS and they might be thinking about increasing the legacy of older Galaxy smartwatches. We strongly feel that this decision will have its repercussions, mainly financially.

The chunky bezel on the current Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a clear example. The date of release for the Galaxy Watch 5 hasn’t been revealed yet, however; pundits of this field are predicting the release around September 2022. These are the times that Samsung usually make huge changes to its smartphone series.