Garmin Enduro – Ultraperformance Multisport GPS Watch – 70-Days Battery Time

Garmin is a trusted brand know to make products for specific use cases. They have released multiple high quality products, some of which are designed for swimming, running, golfers, while others are just all-rounders targeted competing with other big brands. Garmin Enduro is their latest smart watch designed for multisports purpose. It is recommended for endurance athletes including cyclists and ultrarunners.

Garmin Enduro

An interest fact about this watch is its battery time. Garmin Enduro claimed by the company to have up to 70-days of battery life on a single full charge. You only need to be daily out in a sunny day for at least three hours.

They have already released a few solar charging smart watches, this means that they know what their claim mean. Their previously released solar smart watches include Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar and Garmin instinct Solar.

As we have stated it is specially designed for runners and cyclists. For runners it has an Ultrarun mode that has a rest timer to log time at aid station. For cyclists, it offer information in real time on current and upcoming climbs. Information include distance, gradient and elevation gains. Garmin Enduro also provide information about grit and flow metrics that will rate trail difficulty for mountain bikers.

For endurance athletes it has a recovery advisor to recover between training sessions. Based on sleep and other data it also recommends the length of rest an athlete needs.

Garmin Enduro is also a well equiped for general use. It is packed with heart rate sensor, a pulse oximeter for blood oxygen levels, a sleep tracking system and exclusive Body Batter feature by Garmin that measures energy level. It also offers built-in GPS system.

Price and Availability of Garmin Enduro:

Gamin Enduro smartwatch is cost you between USD $799 to $999 depending on the model you choose to buy. It is available to buy on Amazon.

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