Industry leaks confirm M2 Chip is 20% faster than M1

Various credible sources and some of the industry leaks have revealed that the Apple’s new M2 chip is up to 20% faster than the M1 chip as far as multi-core performance is concerned. The M2 chip, that runs at almost 3.49 GHz compared to M1’s 3.2 GHz, has accumulated a single-core score of 1919, which is 12% quicker than the 1707 single-core earned by M1 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

Also, the M2 scored a multi-core score of 8928, which is about 20% faster than the 7419 score of the M1 chip. The company has also claimed that the M2 chip is 18% faster than the M1 chip, which makes the industry leaks right in line with claims made by Apple. 

As far as the metal benchmark is concerned, the M2 chip has scored 30627, which is an extremely notable improvement over the 21001 scored by the M1 chip. It is important to mention that the M2 chip offers up to a 10-core GPU against the 8-core maximum GPU of M1. 

The new 2022 MacBook Air is using the M2 chip and it is also being used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. There is no official word regarding the launch date of the Apple MacBook Air, however; the new MacBook Pro is going to be available for pre-order from 17 June, 2022.