WhatsApp Update on iPhone & Android – Improved Privacy and more

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messenger application used throughout the globe. It has been making adjustments and upgrades to its overall interface and there is a new upgrade that will excite you a lot. If you are a regular user of group calling on your Android phone or iPhone, this new feature will definitely help you a lot. 

The official Twitter account of the said company has posted details of its new features where you can mute people, message specific people and you’d also see an alert banner whenever somebody joins a group call. 

We strongly feel that the messaging feature is very useful because all of us have gone through a situation where you just want to share a specific message with a particular person without letting the whole group know about your conversation. 

It is a bit tricky but very useful as well. It is important to mention that you carefully use this feature because you might mock the wrong person in the group accidentally and the blame can fall on your shoulders.

More new features in WhatsApp:

According to a prominent platform that talks about such updates, WhatsApp is planning to improve privacy controls of your profile photo, last seen, status and about settings as well. Previously, a user was able to block these options for almost everybody, nobody or just your contacts list, now there is a new option that gives you ‘my contacts except’ option. 

The last seen option can also be set for some contacts and you can also refrain some of your contacts from this option. There are also improvements announced for users that are switching from Android to iOS because the application is part of Apple’s move to iOS tool, however; it is done in the beta format.