Microsoft Employees Payroll Leaks – How Much Do They Earn

How Much Do Microsoft Employee Earn

Today, we have an interesting piece of information to share with our reader/visitors. It is related to the way big tech giants are structuring their employees salary. Things which are negotiated between employees and these big companies behind the closed doors has now been made public.

Microsoft Company

Almost 400 employees of Microsoft have shared their salaries in order to determine whether they are being paid fairly or not. Microsoft’s total workforce is somewhere around 144,000 employees, so 400 is just a small portion out of it. A shared Google Spreadsheet was used to collect information about the salaries of these employees.

The top header of this document reads: “Share your anonymous info so we can all get paid more together”.

Data in the shared Google Spreadsheet include years of total experience, years at Microsoft, merit based raise percentage, base pay, cash bonuses and stocks. Some of the submitting employees also noted indicative of bonus signing, milestone achievement and stock dispensations. Gender was not noted in this documented which is sometimes an important point in case of pay transparency.

Microsoft Salary graph 400 employee

Sharing of internal salary during this period of the year is a routine of Microsoft employees. This is the time when many of their employees receive notifications of raises or promotions.

As the Microsoft employee progress in their career at this company, their compensations start coming more in the form of stock. It is reported by employees that almost 40% of the compensations they received was in the form of stock bonuses or cash. They claim that cash bonuses remain stable related to the percentage of the salary during their career at Microsoft. Stock compensations sometimes rise up to 20% of their annual income as they rise to higher levels. These details are based on the crowdsources data.

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Sharing of Salary details is a legal step which is taken in order to get in line with greater transparency around compensation and discrimination. Sharing of salary details is of no use an individual level, it only pays when you contribute to a bigger project with a vision of achieving pay equality.

Microsoft Salay Cash Stock base pay


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