Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Reviews & Guides
Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

It is safe to say that the folding devices are gaining popularity once again and the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019 has already brought great competition to the market. The Galaxy Fold is being followed by Motorola’s Moto Razr that will go head-to-head against Samsung’s second folding phone that is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

We already know a little bit about Motorola Razr’s specifications and features, and we also encountered it on several occasions.

However, we have also heard rumors of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip getting launched on the 11th of February at Galaxy unpacked. We’re going to share the leaked details of the Z Flip and we’re also sure about our information to be true to a great extent.

Which folding phone should be chosen?


Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Reviews & Guides
Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

Motorola Razr: 172 x 72 x 6.9mm (open); 94 x 72 x 14mm (closed), 205g

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 167.9 x 73.6 x 6.9-7.2mm (open); 87.4 x 73.6 x 15.4-17.3mm (closed), 183g

Both the Foldable phones are coming in almost the same design with a foldable horizontal screen. With articulate hinges, Motorola has also got some inspiration from its 2004 Razr model that’s why you’d see some retro design elements as well in the latest Motorola Razr.

This includes the classic Razr chin which gives the phone a certain shape, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is much more symmetrical, with the two pieces basically of the same dimension. The Motorola Razr has a frame made of stainless steel, while the lows at the back have a textured finish and a second display at the rim, which also has a glass finish.

Samsung’s phone Z Flip is set to come out in a Gorilla Glass 6 on the rear of both sections so that makes the Motorola Razr quite different from it.

The hinge will also bring some major differences. The Razr’s supporting central section of the phone can drop down whilst the pOLED (plastic OLED) screen doesn’t fold. It rather expands into the hinge to form a relatively softer arc, allowing it to let the frame impeccably fit together.

Samsung’s phone is overall quite short and thin in design but, the display is larger and we haven’t noticed the hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip. If the hinge is similar to Galaxy Fold then it means that Samsung’s phone folds with a tighter crease.


Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Reviews & Guides
Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

Motorola Razr: 6.2-inch, 2142 x 876, 21:9, pOLED, 373ppi; 2.7-inch 600 x 800, 4:3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 6.7-inch, 2636 x 1080, 22:9, AMOLED, 425ppi; 1.06-inch 300 x 116, 8:3

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about these two devices going up against each other. We also heard that Samsung is going to use an ultra-thin glass for protection of the phone whilst the Motorola Razr is using a plastic surface for the same purpose. So, we can say that the Z Flip is a little better when it comes to protection.

Samsung’s Z Flip is also a little bigger in size that is obviously an advantage and despite the closed dimensions of these phones; Razr doesn’t have a chin on the phone that means it will support a display that is just 0.5-inch bigger. If you speak technically, then Samsung’s display is going to impress you more than the Motorola Razr.

It is because Samsung has been striving hard for a better resolution and they have ensured full HD+ display. Motorola is sitting at 373ppi whilst Samsung is way ahead at 425ppi.  We can talk a lot about the specifications but the displays need to be mentioned as well.

Samsung has always been a huge fan of great displays and the Z Flip is coming with a punch-hole camera. The Motorola Razr has a notch.

There are two displays in both the devices and according to our experience; the Motorola Razr has a far better-closed display than Samsung Z Flip. Samsung’s closed-display can only be used for little notifications like text messages, alarm bells and calls. The Motorola Razr has a far better viewing experience when the display is closed.

Hardware specification

Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Reviews & Guides
Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

Motorola Razr: Snapdragon 710, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, 2150mAh

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Snapdragon 855, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, 3300mAh

Let’s talk about the favorite part of some of our viewers. The Samsung Z Flip is said to be coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with an 8 GB of RAM. This is a benchmark for any latest phone in 2022 and this is where we believe Samsung has taken the lead over the Motorola Razr. However, these are just leaks and rumors as of now.

The 8GB RAM is complemented with a storage capacity of 256 GB, but with a confirmed 3300mAh battery, Samsung is expected to last a little longer than the 2150mAh Razr battery. Both Samsung and Motorola are compatible with 15W fast charging but we were unlucky not to properly check the battery life of the Motorola Razr.

The Motorola Razr is going to come out at almost the same price as the Samsung Z Flip but the specifications of the Moto Razr are not up to the mark compared to competitor from Samsung. The Razr is coming with Snapdragon 710 along with a RAM of 6GB. These are good numbers to have but they’re certainly less attractive compared to the Galaxy Z Flip.

Before reaching any conclusion, we still need to do a lot more performance testing to know the exact difference between the two foldable devices.

The cameras

Motorola Razr: 16MP, f/1.7, 1.22µm; 5MP, f/2.0, 1.12µm

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 12MP, f/1.8 + 12MP, f/2.2; 10MP, f/2.4

The Motorola Razr is offering a 16-megapixel main camera but it is just a single camera on the device. You can use it for both purposes by flipping the phone. It can also be used for selfies through the use of the second display.

The internal camera on the Motorola Razr consists of 5 megapixels and is positioned at the top of the screen. According to the news, Samsung is in the mood of adding a few more cameras to the Galaxy Z Flip.

So, are we going to see a combination of 12-megapixel cameras on the rear of the phone? It is also rumored that the wide-angle would be provided by the second camera on offer. However, we aren’t sure if these are last year’s cameras or a new sensor has reportedly joined the Galaxy S20. It should be an older sensor according to us.

Of course, Samsung will offer additional options for its camera but we like Motorola with a simpler approach and the simplicity that comes from the individual back camera is perfect.

However, Samsung is victorious on the front camera since we prefer the front punch-hole camera to the Razr notch. Also, we believe that the punch-hole camera will do a lot better compared to the notch of the Razr.

Price and availability

Motorola Razr: Pre-order, $1499.99 on Verizon, EE UK exclusive

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Unreleased, $1400 rumored

Here comes an interesting yet disappointing part. Things are a little dark when we talk about the pricing of the Moto Razr. It is available in the US with Verizon having it on pre-order for almost $1500. If you’re in the UK, you can get it on a two-year contract by buying $94 per month. So yeah, things are getting a little unaffordable.

It will be available in the US from 4 February, and in UK from 19 February while it is currently on pre-order. Since the Galaxy Flip hasn’t been announced yet, we can’t really predict its starting price. However, we believe that it must be starting somewhere around $1400.

There was also the suggestion that you could get it from 14 February, so if that date is accurate, both devices fall into a similar time.


Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Reviews & Guides
Motorola Razr vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Reviews & Guides

It’s quite exciting to see that two of the most prominent companies are launching their two foldable phones at almost the same time.

The design, the look and the appearance of the phone have garnered a lot of praise and attraction from the fans. It is extremely desirable, to be honest.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a major loophole according to experts and that is the external display and its look. The design is not so attractive and the external display is too small to be used beneficially for anything. The Razr wins this race according to us. But the hardware load-out is more enticing if it turns out to be correct in most aspects of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s specifications, Samsung has the edge.

If the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is kept under or around $1400 i.e. lower than the Moto Razr, then we believe that Samsung would be providing a good value for your money.

The Motorola Razr has really got to sell on its design and with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip so close to the market, it may be a little harder to sell the Motorola Razr which is really unfortunate.