Nokia 7.2 Review – Price Values – Reviews & Guides

Latest Nokia 7.2 – Value for Money

Nokia 7.2 Review - Price Values - Reviews & Guides
Nokia 7.2 Review – Price Values – Reviews & Guides

Nokia is just back in the market after a long period of sidelining. Since the reboot of Nokia, it has indeed excelled in the niche of mid-range phones with decent specs and fair prices. Under the care of HMD Global Nokia is sitting somewhere between Motorola and OnePlus as a phone brand.

The smartphone market of mid-rangers is getting very crowdy day by day as a lot of brands are running the business with these kinds of smartphones.

Nokia just released a mid-ranger at an affordable price, named as Nokia 7.2. It is the successor to the Nokia 7.1 that was launched last year.

No doubt the high-end smartphones like the iPhone or Galaxy series are mouth-watering but not everyone can afford them and take care of those expensive phones. So, if you are looking for a clean and fast software experience, with a better-than-average camera and an affordable price then the Nokia 7.2 is a must-have smartphone. You must have a look at its features.

In this article, you will find a deep analysis and review of the new Nokia 7.2.

Nokia 7.2 Review

Design & Display

Nokia 7.2 Review - Price Values - Reviews & Guides
Nokia 7.2 Review – Price Values – Reviews & Guides

Nokia has made a very decent looking device that is light and comfortable to handle. It doesn’t give you the luxury feel of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S10 but still, it is very much up to the mark.

It comes with a matte back which is a very good looking addition. But, the triple-lens rear camera creates a bump around the back.

The little white notification light on the power button is a nice touch as well, especially when it’s lying face down on a desk and you want to know if there’s anything that needs checking.

The power and volume buttons are on the right and there is a Google Assistant button on the left.

The fingerprint sensor is on the back, rather than embedded under the screen.

You also get a headphone jack with the Nokia 7.2.

Color Choices:

  • green
  • charcoal
  • white


  • Screen Size: 6.3-inch
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2280 pixels

The 6.3-inch and 1080 x 2280 pixel LCD screen is good for going, its also clear and bright. The bezels are thicker than you would get on more expensive handsets, and the teardrop notch cuts into the screen a little awkwardly. But it’s hard to differentiate between its screen and a higher-end smartphone. Also, the screen specs are up to the mark for its affordable price.

The screen and the overall design of the phone impresses a lot.

Specifications & Features

Nokia 7.2 Review - Price Values - Reviews & Guides
Nokia 7.2 Review – Price Values – Reviews & Guides
  • Processor: Snapdragon 660
  • RAM: 4 GB or 6 GB
  • Internal Storage: 64 GB or 128 GB
  • External Storage Option: Available
  • Camera: Triple Lens camera 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP
  • Software: Android 9 Pie

According to different teardowns and tech experts, everything in the Nokia 7.2 is responsive and speedy, even when switching between several apps or getting some demanding games up on the phone. That’s due to the clean, near-stock version of Android 9 Pie. Nokia phones are part of the Android One program, which guarantees speedy Android updates for two years, and security updates to keep your phone protected for another year afterwatd.

As for the battery, it is at least a quarter of a battery charge left by the end of the day, and sometimes more, though that is only with intermittent use of the phone.

But you don’t get is wireless charging, there’s no full IP68 waterproofing and dust proofing either.

As for the Camera, it has the following cool features:

  • Nokia 7.2 triple-lens camera impresses and can capture some really good shots.
  • The Nokia 7.2 can recognize what you’re taking a picture of, and adjust its camera settings accordingly.
  • Automatic HDR can keep detail in both light and dark areas.
  • The wide-angle mode lets you fit much more in the frame.
  • Decent night time shots are possible, but noise can start to creep in.

That triple-lens 48MP+8MP+5MP camera can get some very good shots when the light is good. But it also satisfies in low light. Noise is a big problem for the camera when there is low light. One great feature is that the camera app recognizes what you’re trying to take a photo of, and adjusts the capture settings accordingly. Also, the portrait mode and blurred background effects are well-delivered

Overall, the camera will satisfy you at this affordable price.


Nokia 7.2 starts at $ 349.99 which is a price far lower than what it offers. There are many smartphones available in the market which have higher-end specs than the Nokia 7.2 but they require a heavy pocket full of bucks. You will not be certainly disappointed if you buy Nokia 7.2.

Buying a smartphone depends on your personal priorities and needs, but if you are looking for a decent and affordable smartphone then this is the best choice for you.

If you want to go for a smartphone that costs less than $ 400 then the Nokia 7.2 is your choice to make.