One UI 6.1 Update: Samsung Users Encounter Problems

The recent release of One UI 6.1 for Samsung devices has stirred up some unexpected challenges. Users have begun reporting extended loading times and difficulties unlocking their devices with fingerprints.


Problems Reported after One UI 6.1 Update

Update Rollout:

Just a week ago, Samsung rolled out its latest iteration of One UI, version 6.1. This update introduced AI functionalities to newer devices such as the S23 and Tab S9 series. However, as reported by sammobile, a growing number of users are encountering various issues and bugs following the update.

Overheating Concerns:

Several users have voiced concerns about their phones overheating significantly after updating to version 6.1. Even during idle periods with no demanding tasks, devices are reportedly becoming excessively warm, even in moderate temperature environments with location services off and Wi-Fi enabled.

Fingerprint Unlocking Challenges:

Unlocking devices using fingerprint recognition has become a challenge for some users. The fingerprint symbol doesn’t reliably appear on the display for some, leaving the phone locked even when the finger is placed on the sensor. This inconvenience, while not critical, poses a significant annoyance considering the frequency of device unlocking throughout the day.

Delayed Charging for Galaxy S23:

Reports are emerging of slower charging speeds for the Samsung Galaxy S23 post-update. Despite supporting up to 25 watts of charging power, tests have revealed a decrease to 15 watts in charging current. While slower charging speeds as the battery fills up are not unusual, this unintended effect of the update is noteworthy.

Lack of Beta Testing:

Unlike previous updates, Samsung did not conduct public beta testing for One UI 6.1. With the accumulation of error reports, users hope the company will address these issues promptly by releasing a patch soon.