Samsung Galaxy Fold Detailed – What To Expect After Relaunch

Samsung Galaxy Fold, Worth it or not? 

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold might be a next level step for the industry but somehow it still gives the feel like it’s a first generation foldable device.

Everyone knows that the initial launch of this device was jolted with controversy and the makers made a mess of it. The critics were at their worst against the initially launched phone. The reviews were so bad that people started to think if the Galaxy Fold would be completely scrapped. 

Credit must be given to Samsung as to they went back right to the basics of their model and they tried to make sure their next release gets the desired attention and praise. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold close screen

So finally, after the problems were addressed, Samsung comes back with a reconstructed and perhaps more widely enriched Galaxy Fold. However, it still looks like an experiment with the form factor. Some are calling a genuine risk considering the idea of foldable smartphones whilst some are calling it the next big step in this industry. 

Design and Hardware 

Samsung Galaxy Fold color

At first you might fall for Samsung’s Fold idea but if you look into deep consequences comparing it to Huawei’s Foldable smartphone, you will have to change your mind. 

It’s not like there’s nothing good about this bad looking foldable smartphone. Fingers might be pointed out on its design. Like, if you start with the weird design of front display you would certainly get the feeling of uncomfortableness. It’s does not look like a user friendly gadget. It’s like the makers are forcing it on you to open it and use the huge display. 

Displays are something that’s always been a matter of great concern for Samsung and they almost had it covered. For some, the display of the Galaxy Fold is immensely beautiful from almost every side of it. You would feel the face-on but you might not notice it. If you compare it to the earlier models like Mate X, then Samsung Galaxy Fold has got a very thick and fluffy kind of a texture. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold side

The internal display which is made of plastic instead of glass, it brings a lot of unintentional problems like dirt getting into it quickly and also leaves the marks of fingerprints on it. Which completely disturbs the overlook display. 

There’s a new ‘T’ plug system above the hinge and it should provide prevention against problems like dirt getting into it and also grit getting into the display mechanism. However, longevity still remains a major concern. But on the brighter side, if a hard thumb impression of footprint is made, you would notice that the magnetic clasp which is being used is not as useless as we thought of it. 

As far as the camera performances are concerned, it should be surely given on how many cameras are actually performing in this device. That is what enhances the feeling of the first generation fold. And all this happens at a time when the rival companies look to find elegant ways in trying to utilize a single set of cameras. 

Hence no mistakes should be made as it’s not a polished product at all. Despite the outrage of protestations by Samsung and despite the other available entertainments in the phone, we still worry about longevity. 

Performance and Software

Samsung Galaxy Fold large screen

This is the very device that spearheaded the actual support for folding displays within Android 10. So because of that, as you can imagine, everything runs pretty darn well. Apps have been properly optimized to take advantage of the larger panel inside, while simultaneously handing-over to that comical front porthole display.

This device might be considered as the pioneer and trend starter to support the use of Android 10 in folding displays. 

Because of all that, one can notice that the follow ups were pretty darn. The Apps were optimized properly to take complete benefit of the massive panel inside. Also, they handed over to that comical front porthole display. 

For approaching buyers, hundreds of apps have already been made to support the new form-factor. It will surely make transferring over to the fold a bit easier. So exciting times are coming ahead as the developers might target the larger form factor displays and heighten the entire experience within some time. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold multi window

On a brighter side, with 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon 855 chipset, there shouldn’t be any hiccups of stoppages. The speed fans would like this. There are no concerns over the internals but what’s interesting is to see how the makers of the device ensure app support with software updates and developer incentives. 

The Initial verdict on Samsung Galaxy Fold 

Samsung Galaxy Fold Multimedia

The excitement was built around as to see how the new form factor get to grips with what that inner screen real estate offered. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was an excitement for so many reasons, inner screen was one of them. Besides this, if you can have a tablet-sized displays in your baggy jeans pocket without needing a huge pocket pant for it, is quite enticing. 

For most people, Mate X is a better option because it can be turned into a mini-tablet in a few seconds. For Galaxy Fold, it just navies you to open it up as the experience inside is a much better sight. It doesn’t work for Mate X as it has the ability of maximizing the large display by way of the unfold.  

Huawei has got into problems with Android which is not unknown to anyone but only for the sake of availability, we won’t suggest buying a Samsung Galaxy Fold. The services are much different in quality and Huawei stands out in it. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold back

Everything aside, people would still find it difficult to throw over $2000 on the Samsung Galaxy Fold once it becomes available to everyone. 

Fixing just a single display issue won’t help the marketing cause of the phone because the questions of longevity are still unanswered. A bright suggestion would be to wait for the market to get matured about the brand before wasting your hard-earned money. 

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