Comparing Garmin’s Trio of Golf Wearables – Approach S42, S12 & G12

Comparing Garming's new trio of Approach S42, S12 & G12 - Reviews

Hello and welcome to yet another insightful review. Of late, we have been talking about tablets, smartwatches and laptops in particular. Today’s guide is a little different from our previous ones. We will be talking about the newly released trio of golf wearables by Garmin. As we all know, Garmin is a company known for …

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Best Waterproofs for Golfing to Buy in 2022 | TechDetects

We all love playing games. Whether they’re indoor games or outdoor games, one simply can’t compromise on playing his/her favorite game once in a week or two. Also, if you’re an outdoor games lover, you’d need the weather to stay in your favor as well. However, if it rains then don’t worry, we have you …

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