watchOS 6 allows Apple Watch users to Delete Built-In Apps Directly from Apple Watch (+ How To)

Apple watchOS 6 brings the ability to Delete Built-In Apps directly from Apple Watch

Today we are here to share another good news with all the Apple Watch fans and users waiting for the latest watchOS 6. We are glad to inform you that after getting watchOS 6 running on your Apple Watch, you will be able to delete stock apps directly from your smart wearables.

All the Built-In apps can be deleted directly from your Apple Watch running watchOS 6, except a few core apps. These core apps on your Apple’s smartwatch include Messages and Heart Rate. Other than these core apps, this report from TechCrunch indicates that you will be able to delete Alarm, Breathe, Cycle Tracking, Camera Remote, ECG, Remote, Noise and many others.

Already, Third party apps can be deleted directly from your Apple Watch, but with watchOS 6 you will be able to delete built-in apps directly from your wearable device.

How to Delete Built-In Apps from Apple Watch:

Procedure for deleting the built-in apps from Apple Watch will be similar as you already know for third party apps. Simply, press and hold an App Icon on your Apple Watch to enter the Wiggle Mode. Then tap on the X button which appears above individual app icons during this Wiggle Mode to delete them one by one.

Apple is continuously working on improving their Apple Watch by making it iPhone Independent. Over-the-Air update and ability to delete built-in apps directly from Apple Watch suggest that Apple is going right on track. Whereas the smartwatch global market is already being dominated by Apple, while the Samsung smartwatches stand at the fifth position.

Reports suggest that watchOS 6 will be ready for the public release in September, 2019. We can easily foresee that Apple Watch we know these days will be much more iPhone independent and powerful, once it gets updated to latest watchOS 6.