iOS 13 Vulnerability- How to Fix Pin Lock – Reviews Guide

Apple iOS 13 Security Flaw Allow Stranger to get access to Address Book

Apple iOS 13 has not been properly released for iPhone and iPad devices, but its first security loop hole has now been discovered. A stranger can read out the contact details without having the PIN for unlocking an iPhone. A patch should be expected by Apple after the most awaited iOS 13 gets released for general public. Latest Apple devices are also out for you to choose iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max: Which One You Should Buy.

iOS 13 Vulnerability- How to Fix Pin Lock - Reviews Guide
iOS 13 Vulnerability- How to Fix Pin Lock – Reviews Guide

Normally, iPhone users assume that the data which is stored on their device is fully secure. It is protected by the PIN Code mechanism such as Touch ID or Face ID set up by the user. Creator Jose Rodriguez has now managed to by pass the lock of the device, The Register reports. An incoming call was answered with a text message for this purpose. After this step, voiceover took the person into the recipients text box. Other contacts and their related information was available there about the saved contacts. At this point, details of the contact can be viewed using the info button.

How to prevent this vulnerability

You need to take this simple step  before Apple can fix it. To prevent this exploit from effecting your device, just disable the response with a text message. You can find it in the Face ID and Password area of your iDevice. This will disable the option of responding to a call with the text message, this means the door opening to the intruder is now closed. So, you are safe now with your PIN Lock system active on your device.

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