Apple’s iOS 13 Compatibility, Release Date & New Features Details

Latest iOS 13 Compatibility Details, Release Dates and Features List

Apple's iOS 13

Developers Beta and Public Beta version of iOS 13 are available to download for testing purpose. Apple is all set to introduce a whole bunch of new features for its iPhone and iPad users including new Find My app, QuickPath keyboard and more. So, we are here to share details regarding iOS 13 compatibility, release dates and new features.

Device Compatibility:

ios 13 compatibility

iOS requires following device models or newer. No devices older than the ones listed below will be able to run iOS 13 or later.

  • iPhone 6S or newer
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Air 2 or newer
  • iPad Mini 4

iOS 13 Beta and Final version release dates:

Final public version of iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad is expected to be launched with new iPhone in Mid-September this year(2019). A final developer beta Golden Master verison might role out during the first week of September.

iOS 13 Beta 1 for developers was released on 3rd June 2019. iOS 13 Beta 2 for developers rolled out on 17 June 2019. After these two developer beta versions, a public beta testing version of iOS was launched on 24th of June 2019. This public beta version also introduced a lot of new interesting features. iOS 13 Developers Beta 3 has just been launched on 3rd of July 2019.

iOS 13 New Features:

Below is the complete list of iOS 13 features.

Dark Mode:

You will get a system wide Dark Mode which will change everything from bright white and light grey to black and dark grey. All the supported apps will also adopt this change once it is applied from Control Panel.

ios 13 iphone 6

QuickPath Keyboard:

It adds the functionality to swipe around the keyboard of your device to type the words. It is also known as swipe-to-type which has already been introduced by other developers, but its new to Apple mobile devices. You can use QuickPath and QuickType with iOS 13 interchangeably.

ios 13 features

New Find My app:

This new Find app will combine Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in one. This new app will make finding your gadgets and friends a lot more easier. New connectivity support will also be added in combination with user friendly interface to aid finding process.

ios 13 release date

Makes iOS 13 supported devices Faster and last Longer:

Here is how it is making the devices faster:

  • App Launch is 2x faster
  • Face ID unlock 30% faster
  • On average, 60% smaller app downloads
  • Faster updates
  • Improved Battery charging and lowdrainage


Improved Reminders:

Reminder gets a lot of improvements in terms of content organisation and better shortcuts. The top line of keyboard provides shortcuts that makes adding tasks and reminders easy.

ios 13 download

Improved Camera and Portrait Mode:

Apple has improved its Camera, Photo Gallery and Photo Editing. iOS 13 will enable you to take better photos with ease, have fun viewing them in gallery and make it possible for you to edit them according to your needs.

apple ios 13 download


New Improved and natural voice Siri:

List of improvements:

  • Siri sounds natural
  • Advanced text-to-speech technology
  • Talk a lot more if you wear AirPods
  • Read incoming messages with AirPods
  • Identifies different voices of your family members
  • Give relevant information according to the commanding person

ios 13.5.1 download

Memoji & Messages profile sharing:

Memoji is much more fun than before. You can add hairstyle, makeup, piercings, eye-shades, AirPods and much more to them. There are almost a trillion of possibilities for you to try and have fun. Your created memoji can be shared with others through messages, emails and other third party apps. Apple also gives you more control over how and who can see your profile.

ios 13.5.1 download for android

OS for iPad is now iPadOS:

iPad is about to get its own OS i.e iPadOS. It’s a big change as it will introduce a lot of new features that make using iPad more fun.

Highlighted features of iPadOS are:

  • Ability to add widgets
  • Slide Over to make multi-tasking easier
  • Split View that makes it possible to pair an app with more than one app
  • App Expose for convenient overview mode
  • Floating Apple keyboard
  • QuickPath Typing adds swiping gesture support
  • Copy, paste and undo gesture
  • USB Drive or SD Card support
  • Performance improvements
  • And more

ios 13.5.1 firmware download

Other Improvements:

  • More control over signing in to third party apps using Sign in with Apple
  • Improved Maps for iOS devices
  • Improved Mail for writing properly formatted mails
  • Connecting to Bluetooth and Wifi Networks from Control Center
  • Support for Xbox One and PS4 Controllers
  • Auto Silence Unknown Calls
  • New features for HomePod
  • Support for Apple Tag Products

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