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Artificial intelligence and viruses are largely connected to each other in many certain ways. In order to run a sustainable business model, you’re going to need the services of some of the world leaders in next-gen cybersecurity products such as the Avast SecureLine VPN review. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the aspects that are important when we talk about Avast SecureLine review and how good is Avast VPN? 

avast secureline vpn review


This product is overall pretty effective and it will definitely give you everything you need regarding our security demands and preferences.

Is Avast VPN good?

Products like Avast SecureLine VPN are most commonly used or bought to tackle potential malware and threats to your computer. The SecureLine VPN protection is something that cannot be compared to other products because it has got a whole history of protecting your computers. It is a more than reliable service given to you and this product certainly has the power and protection behind it. 

You would also be interested in knowing the cost of Avast VPN or does Avast VPN work perfectly? These are some of the questions that are most likely to click your mind. It is also pretty important to understand the Avast VPN rating as well. If you’re looking for reviews of Avast VPN then, you must follow this unbiased and informative guide to take you through.

A lot of people are keen to know about the exact pricing of the Avast SecureLine VPN and I am sure that most of them are also looking to find the Avast VPN cost as well. However, before we get into the price structure, it is important to understand that what is Avast VPN basically and is it Avast VPN good?

This package doesn’t come with a multi-device pricing tier and it was out of a potential buyer’s reach when it was first announced. As far as the costs are concerned, the Avast VPN Service is going to cost you around $60 per year and you’d be able to protect almost five computers or devices on any other platform. 

VPN gives you the protection of five devices because that is the standard of the industry and there are multiple options as well because if you have got the cash, you can go for a $96 subscription as well that would be valid for two years and if you are looking for a three-year subscription, then buy the third option that is going to cost you around $145 dollars. 

Now, you know about the Avast VPN cost and it is completely up to you if you avail the services because there are many reviews of Avast VPN available online and they are pretty helpful as well.

You are most likely to spend more than 70 dollars on Avast SecureLine VPN per year if we look into the intricate details correctly. Therefore, for all of those people asking that is Avast VPN good or does it Avast VPN work perfectly, then we’d suggest you that around $70 dollars for more than four devices’ protection is a pretty good deal and that too for one year almost.

Hence, the Avast VPN cost becomes affordable and we can safely suggest it to you. There are other services as well in this category as you must have heard about Hotspot Shield and its prices. Most of the services and companies gave you a 10-dollar monthly subscription and goes to show you how good is Avast VPN and its services. Avast VPN is worth it because the rates are pretty good and the overall mindset about the VPN services of Avast is pretty good and understandable. Therefore, we’d gladly ask you to choose the Avast SecureLine VPN. You must be sure of a couple of things before you buy the amazing Avast SecureLine VPN as it doesn’t give you monthly subscriptions and instead, they offer their services for just a single device on a discounted rate.

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You can take the services of Avast SecureLine VPN for one device at close to $50 dollars for one year and you will be charged almost $60 if you’re looking to buy the subscription for at least two years. There is a plan for a three-year subscription as well but, let’s not get into that because it hardly matters a lot for a majority of the population. However, you can also go for monthly subscriptions as the Avast SecureLine VPN offers you a one-month subscription on any Windows device at approximately $9.

For Apple products and MACs, you will be charged around $9 for a one-month subscription whereas you’d see a huge difference between the pricing of Avast SecureLine VPN as far as a one-year subscription of Windows & MACs is compared.

It will only cost you around $40 for a one-year subscription to a MacBook. Android smartphones and iOS devices will be charged around $4 for one month and if you want protection on likewise devices for one month, you will have to pay at least $20 for a one-year subscription.


  • Speed test results are very good
  • The distribution of server locations is another huge benefit
  • The privacy policies are very crystal clear


  • Privacy practices need improvement
  • The pricing is not flexible at all
  • Server locations are not many