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We have been talking a lot about printers of late and some of the reviewers have suggested us to shed light some light on the printers that also offer USB ports. Well, to be honest, this is a pretty good addition because a printer with a USB scanner is going to make life very easy for you.

You’d be able to print your files directly from your USB drive and if the printer is offering a scanner then you’d also be able to scan them as well.

It is pretty obvious that a person wanting to have a USB port on his printer will have no access to a computer or a laptop to print his documents.

It is also pretty important to understand that printers come with USB 2.0 ports and there are two kinds of it. A device port can only connect to the host ports of a laptop or a computer and then there is the printer host that comes with the ability to connect the thumb drives to the printer.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best printers with USB Port to buy and are currently available in the market in different price ranges.

Top 5 Best Printers with USB Port to Buy in 2022

Canon Color ImageCLASS MF644Cdw All in One Printer

Best Printers with USB Port

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We know that the names of the printers can be quite confusing at times such as this first device on our list that goes by the name of Canon Color ImageCLASS MF644Cdw. It is a pretty powerful color laser printer that is offering a lot of notable and handy features.

You’d be able to scan, copy and fax your documents with ease on this printer at an amazing speed of 22 ppm for letter-size paper and that too in high quality. There are many remarkable features in this device such as the 250 sheet cassette along with 75 sheets on the output tray as well.

It also gives you the choice of duplex printing and printing direct. As far as your options are concerned, it packs a 50 sheet ADF with single-pass duplex scanning and a maximum zooming speed of 27 ipm for double-sided color scanning.

Copying your files will also take as long as your printer takes for printing the documents. The process is accompanied by a variety of features and functions that comes in really handy. As we have discussed, it also comes with the FAX options and it has a modem that comes with the maximum super G3 33.6kbps and there are other reliable softwares as well that can take your business communication to the next level. You’d also have the freedom to use whichever connection you like to e.g. a WiFi direct, an Ethernet or WiFi from your computer. The USB port comes with the luxury of two USB 2.0 host ports.

The machine is pretty heavy in its size and it won’t be easy to carry it around. Also, the high running per-page cost is another big worry for most of the potential customers. It doesn’t have an NFC either in it which is very common in today’s modern devices. Overall, it is a pretty recommended option for all those that are looking to have a strong color laser printer with USB Port in 2022 for their small setup.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Price: $219.89

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wireless All-in-One Printer

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Another device that has caught the attention of most of the corporate offices is the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740. It is a pretty good inkjet color printer that comes with the ability of printing wide-formats as well. It will also give you the services of scanning, copying and fax. The printing speed is 22 ppm for black and white and 18 ppm for color printing. The result of the printer is pretty good as well. It has all the features to be here on our list of best printers with USB Port to buy in 2022.

The auto-duplex option of this printer is going to give you double-sided print in a matter of seconds. The most notable feature of this device is the wide-format that is used for Tabloid or A3 size printing.

This printer will also copy and scan your documents in a wide format. It offers two cassettes of A3 that have 250 papers in each one of them and gives you around 500 sheets of input and the output capability is around 75 sheets.

This amazing 11”x17” flatbed scanner is an amazing addition in this device and it also comes with a 35 sheet ADF and single-pass duplex scanning. This particular model also comes with the copy function that enables up to 600 dpi along with 18 cpm for black and white 13 cpm for color printing.

As far as the connectivity options of this device are concerned, it doesn’t have the services of NFC but offers WiFi direct, WiFi and USB 2.0 ports along with two RJ-11 Modem Ports. The wide-format offers extremely good quality on very reasonable rates of 2.1 cents per monochrome page and 8.1 cents per color page.

The absence of NFC is perhaps the biggest downfall of this device and it is also pretty huge in its size therefore, you must assign a special place for it. If you are looking for a USB printer with great capabilities of A3 size color and tabloid printing then, the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 has to be one of the most suitable options for you.

Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Price: $478.58

wireless printer with usb port

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If you’re looking for mass printing at an effective cost then you must consider checking the Brother MFC-J995DW. It is a highly effective inkjet printer and it comes with a large tank as well. Its ability to print in large numbers at a very low cost is the most attractive feature of this machine.

If you’re printing normal quantity then this printer has the ability to last for more than 12 months with enough ink in its tank. There are also different types of inks available and you need to choose between super high yield and ultra-high yield.

You are going to get around 5000 color pages printed per cartridge whilst you can get 3000 to 6000 pages per cartridge. The page printing cost is going to remain the same and it is a pretty handy feature for all the budget customers. It is in itself a special member on the list of TechDetects best printers with USB Port to buy in 2022.

This device has the ability to make things easy for you as it comes with a hybrid of cartridges that refill your tank and you will have to purchase the cartridges rather than going for the refilling of your containers. However, loaded cartridges will still open into tanks that are fixed in the printer.

This machine can print from a plethora of memory devices such as USB and SD cards and you’d also be able to scan them as well. It is also compatible with Ethernet, WiFi, WiFi Direct and NFC.

This printer is capable of giving you high-quality printing and scanning at an affordable price and it works at the speed of 12 ppm for black and white and at 10 ppm for standard formats. It also has duplex abilities and it will print in high quality however; it is still not as great as something offered by a photo printer.

There is an input container with 150 sheets and the output container holds around 50 sheets and it can potentially print around 1500 sheets per month. The 20 sheet ADF of this printer only prints the single side of a document.

If we talk about its loopholes then we will have to admit that the output and input capacity is pretty low. The ADF also doesn’t come with duplex abilities but overall, this is a pretty recommended choice for home-based offices that requires a lot of printing. The connectivity options are great and it has to be one of the best printers that are offering the USB port as well.

Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Price: $409.99

portable printer with usb port

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Epson is a pretty well-known company in the field of printers and their Expression Photo XP-960 is coming with a 6 ink cartridge system to feed the necessity of mass printing. It is an all in one inkjet printer that also offers the wide format support along with great color image quality as well as far as the printing is concerned. It comes with multiple features and that is exactly why the manufacturers have decided to keep the price a bit on the higher side. Its huge color photo printing ability is excellent and if you want that quality, you will have to pay some extra bucks.

It also offers professional and studio level photo prints and if you’re an aspiring photographer then you must take a look at this. It comes with duplex abilities but there is no ADF and the printing speed is a bit on the slower side at 8.5 ppm for black and white and 8 ppm for color printing. If you are looking for extreme quality then you will have to settle for patience.

We won’t hesitate in admitting that black and white printing is not very great but in other words, it is a great choice for excellent color photo printing and that too in A3 size if you want. You can also print small broachers and pamphlets by opting for its Premium Photo Paper Glossy. It comes with WiFi Direct, WiFi and, USB, Ethernet and SD card compatibility.

You can print one A3 size paper at a time that is placed on the rear tray and you can only place the paper when the command says to you to do so. As far as the connectivity is concerned, this is one of the best options among all printers with a USB port.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Price: $99

small usb printer

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We are ending our list with this Canon SELPHY CP1300 and it is not an all-in-one printer. It is the only printer on this list that is coming with the technology of Dye-Sublimation printing. It is also pretty portable and a color ink printer with the above-mentioned technology. You can call it the most budget friendly option here in the list of best printers with USB Port to buy in 2022.

It comes with almost sufficient features that are required for good printing and it is a very portable device as well. The maximum printing size that it offers is 4-inch x 6-inch and the user is inclined to complete four rounds of printing to complete the process. You can only print one color in one print cycle and that is how it works.

You can use the USB Type-A for camera connectivity or for sending your documents and you’d also get a thumb drive connection and a mini USB connection for your computer. You can also use the WiFi and the 3.2-inch non-touch LCD screen also comes in pretty handy when we talk about handling the documents properly.

It is also the one and only device in this list that is working with a power adapter and a battery pack that can give you almost 54 postcard size prints if it is completely charged. However, you will have to buy the mini USB cable separately as the overall package doesn’t offer that.

It is also pretty frustrating because mini USB cables are hard to find these days as they don’t belong to the latest technology. However, the Canon SELPHY CP1300 is still one of the most recommended devices for all the potential customers that are looking for a decent printer with a USB port.


We have discussed some of the finest printers that are coming with a USB port and it is pretty important to mention that USB port adds a lot of value to your overall machine and it also largely depends on your needs and requirements from a printer.

The products that we have discussed in this article are from different companies with different price ranges however; all of them are coming with USB port and that is what basically the topic was today. We wish you all the luck once again, in whatever you choose.