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Today, we are here with the best kindle E-readers guide available on the market currently. There is no doubt about the fact that Amazon has disturbed the markets which included E-readers. The Kindle thus far helped in transforming how we get the books in the electronic form. It is also the best seller for the year 2017.

So you’ve decided you want an Ereader from Amazon Kindle: which one is the best Amazon Kindle Ereader on the market?

Amazon is selling out four different kinds of kindles in 2022 that are varying from each other in functions and prices. We are here to spot the key differences between them.

How to choose the best Kindle E-Reader?

It is not a hard job to choose the best kindle because all of them are made for the same function and they don’t differ too much.

All of them would let you buy and read Ebooks from Amazon and your device will be synchronized with your Ereading. You won’t get any disappointments with any of the kindles you buy.

However, to avoid any consequences it is better that we mention the main differences between these devices. You must look into the features and also into your pocket when you go out to buy one of these. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying it for yourself or someone else is going to take it from you as a gift. The functions like water-proofing and storage availability are different in every model.

It is also important to keep in mind screen size and overall size as these will make a difference to your reading experience, and how simple it is to carry your Kindle around. To cherish up your mood, these kindles come with a variety of accessories such as cases.

Best Amazon e-Readers for 2022:

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

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On top of our list is the 6-inch Kindle which is the standard model but it doesn’t mean that the majority of the users are going to like it. It has almost all the features that a good kindle can offer but waterproofing is absent in this model. It is extremely slim and easy to carry.

It is only providing 4GB of storage but that is more than enough to keep thousands of ebooks in your kindle. If you want more storage, you will have to pay a lot more than its price. So the Amazon Kindle is indeed our best choice in this list.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Best Amazon Kindle E-Readers 2020

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Why would someone like to upgrade to Kindle Paperwhite when the price is almost doubled as the basic kindle? Because you are having some extra features that are actually useful, not just gimmicks while keeping the same lightweight 6-inch screen size and getting an even smaller kindle.

It has a lot of features that are attractive such as a better front light, waterproofing and a nice blue-shade makes it one of the best buys among kindles.

This is the reason you might prefer the Paperwhite over the basic Amazon kindle. The display is flush with the device’s front and running at a much higher resolution too. It also has a much higher resolution in its display and the outlook is flush with the front of the device.


Amazon Kindle Oasis E-reader

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You already know the reason behind paying much for the Paperwhite, but why would you pay even more for this Amazon Kindle Oasis version? Again, the answer is the same that it has many other features like storage of 8GB and up to 32 GB with a front-flush design.

This is also the largest Kindle screen at 7 inches, which means a more immersive reading experience even if it is a little bit more to carry. In this most premium model of the series, you will also get a dedicated page-turning button and a backlight that can be adjusted automatically.


Amazon Kindle Kids Edition Ereader

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As the name suggests, this one is made for your cute little children to get their school books and stories right in front of them. It also has some special friendly features for kids along with all the other major features of a basic kindle model.

Such features include a variety of colorful designs, built-in parental controls, and one-year Fire for Kids Unlimited Service subscription which usually starts at £ 1.99 a month and by the way, it includes all Harry Potters. It is an ideal introduction to children’s ebooks.

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