Best Beats Headphones to Buy in 2022 – Top 8 Wired and Wireless, both

Beats headphones have gained success gradually over the past couple of years. The company is now owned by Apple and they were always entitled to bring new changes and innovations. Therefore, we’ve seen a massive difference in its overall design, features and price as well. Products that are associated with Apple are always going to be a bit expensive.

However, the Beats headphones that are now produced by Apple are coming in different sizes with different specifications.

There is a huge variety of Beats headphones and choosing the best suitable option can become a bit difficult at times. Therefore, we’ve decided to bring you the list of the top best Beats headphones to buy in 2022. This list will cover almost every aspect of a good headphone and you’d be able to choose from a range of products.

Headphones are something that is used pretty carefully by every serious user. When they’re expensive, you will have to take a little extra care of them. Therefore, we recommend you to go through this guide carefully and decide which piece will suit your requirements. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the list of the top best Beats headphones to buy in 2022.

Top 8 Best Beats Headphones to buy in 2022

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Price: $279 USDBeats Studio3 Wireless

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The first Beats product that we’re going to discuss is the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone that comes with an over-ear design and basically encapsulates your ear inside the cup. You wouldn’t experience any external noise with over-ear headphone.

This product also contains active noise cancellation (ANC). This is not some normal ANC function like many others on the market provide. It has the ability to change and adjust its frequency to match the surrounding conditions.

The overall build quality is quite strong, however; this lightweight product is designed with soft materials inside and it wouldn’t feel like a burden on your head. These headphones are coming with an integrated rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours. Some of the key functions of these headphones include changing songs, changing volume and receiving calls.

You cannot categorize these Beats headphones in the list of most iconic Beats available on the market, however; these are definitely among the most iconic pairs of headphones. The bassy sound and a redefined mechanism can produce an extremely good and loud sound. The ANC will also help you focus on the sound and music.

Beats Solo Pro

Price: $149 USDBeats Solo Pro

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The next pair of headphones that we’re going to discuss is the Beats Solo Pro. They are carrying the cleverness and noise cancellation feature of the Studio 3 and are coming in a relatively smaller package.

These are basically, on-ear pair of headphones and we can safely say that they’re among the best pair of wireless headphones Beats has produced so far. First of all, if we talk about its design, it packs a nice high-end aluminum arm that bends easily in and out of the headband. The ear-cups are coming with memory foam-stuffed padding.

The surface contact is also higher than its predecessor because the overall design has been redefined along with new materials added. You’d notice that the ear cups are mounted on the arms in such a way that enables them to angle and move easily.

You cannot use a wired connection with the Solo Pro and you’d definitely need a lightning cable to charge them up. These are definitely one of the best pairs of on-ears and they provide a lot of comfort level as well. The sound quality is impeccable and lasts for a long time on a single full charge.

Beats Flex

Price: $42.16 USDBeats Flex Wireless Earbuds

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Another great budget option for all lovers of wireless earbuds is Beats Flex. They’re inspired by Beats X to an extent and are coming with a neckband design. The design is very comfortable in terms of wearing and the overall size of the device is not huge at all.

There is a variety of colors available in this model and they are superbly compatible with iOS devices. The older W1 Apple chip will allow this device to last for more than 10 hours. According to its overall price, these are pretty significant and impressive features. If you’re looking for a pair of beats that won’t break your bank, the Beats Flex is for you.

Beats EP

Whenever we make a list of products, we always try to add a couple of affordable options as well. At the same time, we try not to compromise on the quality of the device. Therefore, we’ve decided to add the Beats EP to our list of the top best Beats Headphones to buy in 2022.

The Beats EP are on-ear pair of headphones and they need a normal cable to connect. There is no wireless Bluetooth here and the manufacturers of this device claim that the Beats EP is reproducing the sound.

The overall design is extremely lightweight and its stainless steel frame is coupled with a carrying pouch. You can control your music and receive important calls with the help of its RemoteTalk unit that supports iOS devices.

The overall design is quite stylish and you can expect an improved sound with heavy bass. This is an extremely ideal product for all the people that are looking to buy an affordable pair of Beats. We’d highly recommend it to all the music lovers that are ready to compromise a few less important features for great sound quality.

Beats Solo 3 wireless

Price: $124.99 USDBeats Solo3 Wireless

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Colorful headphones are liked by a huge range of people across the globe. For this reason, the Solo 3 Wireless headphones were introduced alongside the launching of the Apple iPhone 7. They are coming in four different colors with red outshining the other three. These Beats are offering the Apple W1 wireless chip and the battery life is really good as well.

The Bluetooth range is quite strong and it offers great connectivity options for iPhone users. You can skip tracks and change volume through its touch-sensitive controls that are placed on the left ear cup.

The company is claiming a battery life of close to 40 hours which is a little exaggerated in our opinion. However, we do find it a long-lasting device and a 3.5mm cable can always be used for a wired connection to your phone.

After charging this pair of headphones for five minutes, you are expected to get around 3 hours of playback time. The overall sound quality is great and they’re considered one of the best Beats headphones. The Solo 3 Wireless is a powerful and portable option for all Beats lovers.


Price: $69.99 USDBeats UrBeats 3 Earphones

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Another extremely convenient piece of Beats that are basically in-ear headphones goes by the name urBeats. The classic design with a variety of colors is among one of its supreme attractions. There is a 3.5mm headphone connector and you can basically plug them into your phone easily.

You’d also get a cable mic for taking calls and it will give you in-line controls as well. With a lot of bass and classic beats, urBeats are going to give you a fantastic listening experience. Compared to the other expensive products mentioned above, this only costs you £59.95 on Amazon in the UK.

Powerbeats 4

Price: $110.99 USD

Powerbeats 4

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We thought it wouldn’t be wrong to add something that is suitable for both simple and sports purposes. Actually, sports headphones are designed to fit easily in your ears and at the same time, give you decent sound quality.

The sports models are also made to keep you waterproof and motivated as well. The Powerbeats 4 is one of the very few pairs of headphones that are fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements.

It also comes with an updated design and people seem to compare it with the latest Powerbeats Pro. One of the main concerns in a sports headphone is the fear of them dropping too often from your ears.

However, the Powerbeats 4 is coming with an ear hook style fit design that keeps the earbuds placed comfortably in your ears even while you’re running or exercising. There are three pairs of ear-tips to make sure it fits in your ears comfortably.

These are also waterproof, sweatproof and weatherproof as well. It also comes with an adjustable neck cable. The built-in battery is expected to give you around 15 hours and the H1 chip will connect to your iPhone easily. It is one of the ideal products for all the fitness freaks and athletes that can’t work out without playing their favorite music. Also, it has a fine Bluetooth range and is pretty useful for a long marathon.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Price: $169.95 USD

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

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If you’re not in favor of having wires, then the Beats Powerbeats Pro is a fantastic option to have. By using this pair of headphones, you will have a resounding sound quality along with the freedom of running and working out.

They are best known for workout and fitness purposes. The Apple AirPods are also built on the same technology as this.

However, they’re waterproof and sweatproof as well. They’re also one of the most lightweight headphones and the battery life of close to 10 hours is also quite commendable. The noise cancellation feature is not entirely present, however; the overall sound quality is not bad either.


The conclusion is pretty simple. There are approximately eight options available in the market as far Beats are concerned. We’ve reviewed all of them for you and from now on, it’s entirely up to you to make a decision. Look at your budget and requirements, one of these products should be suitable enough for you.

Options like Powerbeats Pro and Beats Studio 3 Wireless are some of our top picks from this list. If you’re looking for an affordable option then choose urBeats or Beats EP that are liked by a lot of budget-oriented audiences.

Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.