Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides

It is absolutely impossible to neglect the importance of a good mouse while you’re enjoying your gaming session. A good mouse plays a vital role in shaping your overall gaming experience because they are in constant use during a game.

Therefore, we’d suggest you spend your money wisely and get yourself a comfortable mouse that also brings quality performance to the table. It is also pretty important to understand that there is a major difference between gaming mice and normal mice for computing.

As a result, we will only review mice that are manufactured by Corsair. It is because this company has specialized in this field and they have been producing some excellent pieces for the last couple of decades. Their mice not only serve the daily routine workers but it also takes care of professional and casual gamers.

There are three main factors that determine the use of Corsair mice. They are highly durable as well as they’re offering high customization and compatibility. On top of that, they’re also coming with a few programmable buttons.

In this regard, we have decided to review the top 10 Corsair mice that are suitable for professional and amateur gamers as well. They’re not ranked according to their order so that you can select whatever you want according to your own ranking.

It is quite possible that something that is placed at no.5 in this article will have a lasting impact on the reader and they might put it at the top. Without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the list of top 10 best Corsair mice for gaming.

Top 10 Best Corsair Mice

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Gaming Mouse

Price: $69.99
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

The first mouse on our list is this beautiful Dark Core RGB from Corsair. This mouse is also regarded as one of the finest representatives of Wireless mice. It is an extremely low latency mouse that gets fit right in the hand because of its comfortable shape.

If you’re not a claw grip gamer, It also has a sub-1ms speed with Slipstream technology and the mouse will produce amazing performance compared to any other wired mouse. If the charging is full, you can also turn towards wired mode while you’re playing the game.

If we talk about its battery life then this RGB Pro is going to produce 16 and 36 hrs respectively with lighting on and off for the Slipstream mode. The battery life can also last up to 18 and 50 hours in Bluetooth mode with lighting on and off.

It has strong built-in software with a customizable nine-zone dynamic RGB backlighting. It also comes with four separate RGB LEDs along with a light bar. This amazing piece also comes with 18,000 DPI custom PixArt sensors for accurate results.


  • The accuracy is perfect
  • It comes with two interchangeable side grips to keep your hand comfortable
  • It is a perfect design for gamers with palm grips
  • It also has rechargeable Li-Po battery


  • The price is very high
  • It only suits palm-grip gamers

CORSAIR Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse

Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

The second mouse on our list is this amazing piece that goes by the name of Corsair Sabre RGB. It is a lightweight Corsair mouse with a simple design and the components of this device have been screened for weight reduction without lowering down its performance.

The shape is pretty advanced and ergonomic along with a minimalist simpler design that provides comfortability and fluid reach.

The buttons of this mouse do not eat up a lot of space and as the name suggests, this mouse comes with four different zones of iCUE customizable RGB backlighting. This is an extremely affordable device and the features are extremely impressive compared to its reasonable price.

It has 10,000 DPI ADNS-S3988 optical sensors that enable you to get perfect and precise movements of your clicks that are translated on the display. It comes with two side buttons and there is an additional two right in front of the left mouse click button.


  • Provides value for money
  • It comes with excellent sensors
  • Very much affordable
  • It has 8 programmable buttons
  • Different grip styles work on its design


  • The design is not very popular and pleasant

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse

Price: $84.99
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

This device is specifically designed for MMO gameplay. This is a premium level MMO gaming mouse by Corsair and it goes by the name of Scimitar Pro.

You will enjoy an amazing amount of success in your games because this mouse gives you the authority of using the 12 programmable side buttons and you can only imagine the freedom you will have with your macros and key binds.

You won’t find any trouble with the grip of this mouse because the button keycaps are designed in such a way to keep your grip strong and steady. It also has an adjustable key slider that moves 8mm left/right and it will allow you to get the best positioning for the side panel of the button.

The mouse has an optical sensor of 16,000 DPI PMW3367 that can be set to authentic and precise tracings with 1 DPI steps. Also, it gives you the luxury of customizing the four RGB zones with the help of the Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE). The device is a little bulkier in weight because it has got an Aluminum frame.


  • Designed for MMO games
  • It has a good sensor
  • Total 17 programmable buttons with 12 mechanical ones on the side
  • You can also create your profile


  • Design is pretty heavy because of plenty of buttons
  • Not suitable for professional gamers with Palm grips

Glaive RGB Pro Gaming Mouse

Price: $69
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

Another of the top corsair mouse and one of the few mice combining high performance with comfort is Corsair’s Glaive Pro. The three interchangeable side handles are the most unique characteristic.

While the swappable side grips allow you to change the weight, the mouse still looks tight. It is fitted with an 18,000 DPI optical sensors that are highly sensitive and can also be set up in 1 DPI stages.

There is no doubt that it has got excellent sensor performance and it also comes with pretty low click latency, There are three different zones with RGB lighting just like other models on this list.


  • The click latency is pretty low
  • The design is comfortable and easy to use
  • You can customize the side with three interchangeable panels on the side


  • The game is inflexible according to some customers
  • The sensors can overshoot
  • Small hands that use fingertip grip and very big hands that use palm grip would find it unacceptable

Corsair M65 Elite Gaming Mouse

Price: $65.23
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

This device is regarded as one of the finest mice by Corsair and it is specifically designed for high-level FPS gameplay. It is also known as one of the most advanced mice on the market currently.

You’d get three detachable weights that are normally used for the adjusting of the center of gravity and also the overall mass of the mouse to match your hand grip. It becomes a durable mouse because of its Aluminum frame.

The RGB lighting can be adapted to almost unlimited light via the corsair logo and the scrolling wheel. It also has a surface adjustment which enables the mouse to be bound to the mouse pad for an optimal reaction.

It has a native optically adjustable 18 000 DPI sensors in 1 DPI steps. A total of eight programmable buttons are placed on the left side of the mouse. A sniper button is also available, which automatically decreases sensitivity when pressed and it is important to mention that it is necessary when taking shots.


  • You can vary the weight of the mouse with the help of three optional weights that are removable and they can be reattached as well
  • The sniper button will reduce sensitivity
  • Best for claw grip gamers
  • The design is lightweight


  • It is not a heavy mouse and it can be a problem for some gamers

CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

Price: $26.87
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

The type of mouse that we’re going to discuss now is the Harpoon RGB. It is known for its powerful performance and reasonable price. It is one of the best mice produced by Corsair and it is a well-known fact.

It comes with RGB lighting and precise optical sensors. The battery life is also pretty long and the price is just under $50. The price is extremely reasonable according to us and it will surely attract a lot of customers.

The Harpoon has a comfortable, ergonomic design and curved grip that is ideal for right-hand gamers. It features optical sensors of 10,000 DPI PMW3325, which is sensitive and precise regardless of the contact mode.

You’d also get six programmable buttons to match your gameplay. It also comes with single and dynamic RGB backlighting unlike its other siblings from the same company. With lights off, the battery can work up to almost 60 hours in Bluetooth mode.

This mouse is compatible with different connecting modes that are ub-1ms Slipstream Corsair wireless technology, Bluetooth or USB wired connection. It becomes an ideal travel partner because of its low-latency Bluetooth connection mode. It can be paired with a plethora of devices in this way.


  • This mouse if free of bargain code
  • You can switch to wired mode as the battery charges up
  • It is lightweight to keep you fresh and fatigue-less
  • It comes with rechargeable Li-Po battery


  • The ergonomic design locks out the left-handed people
  • Best for claw grip users

CORSAIR IRONCLAW Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

Price: $159.99
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

Most of the mice in this list are small and they provide a lightweight feel to your hand grip. However, this device is different in many ways because it gives you an Iron grip and it is perfect for all the gamers with huge hands.

It comes with an amazingly strong build quality and is suitable for people with large-handed gamers. You can also put your fingers to rest through its rubber grips. Overall, it is an extremely different and precious mouse.

The amazing device comes with a native 18,000 DPI custom Pixart PMW3391 optical sensors that are set in 1 DPI steps for precise monitoring.

The single RGB backlighting zone is also present and the battery life can last up to 30 to 50 hrs in Bluetooth mode with both on and off lights. In Slipstream wireless connection mode, you can expect a battery life of around 16 to 24 hrs.


  • Elegant design and perfect for large-handed people
  • The resolution settings are highly customizable
  • It comes with rechargeable Li-Po battery


  • There is no wireless charging

Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

Price: $79.99
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

This is another incredible piece of engineering from Corsair. The NightSword is a very configurable gaming mouse from Corsair that is specifically made for claw-grip gamers. However, the ergonomic design is favorable for right-handers and not left-handers.

You’d get a good grip feeling because of its rubber-covered finish and it also has six smart weights that are removable and attachable as well. These weights will help in increasing and decreasing of the mouse’s weight and center of gravity.

Under the mouse is an ultra-precise tracking and accurate 18,000 DPI Custom Pixart PMW3391 optical sensors. The Corsair NightSword also contains 8 highly configurable buttons for easy playback. It also has 4 RGB backlighting areas which can be modified externally.


  • The optical sensor is excellent
  • It has a good center of a gravity detection system
  • The weights are small and adjustable
  • Ten programmable buttons


  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • It is not going to please fingertip and claw grip gamers

Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse

Price: $98.99
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

This is an extremely lightweight mouse on our list and it just weighs around 90g. The Katar is an ideal choice for gamers that are fond of low sensitivity and you can manage it according to your playing style. The design is pretty simple and minimalist and it is not giving you a fancy look like other gaming mice.

In addition, the 8,000 DPI ADNS-3090 optical sensors are there to give you high-end accuracy and precision during your FPS and MOBA gameplay.

There is absolutely no acceleration for precise tracking and the mouse also comes with four different buttons and each one of them is completely programmable. It doesn’t have a side button that is sometimes very necessary for regular gamers.

Nevertheless, the lack of side buttons means that it can sit right or left on the arm of any player. The only mouse in our list missing RGB lighting is Corsair Katar. Rather, it just has red lighting in one location.


  • The design is light and compact
  • Suitable for both right and left-handers
  • The most affordable mouse in this list
  • It comes with no lag interface


  • There are no side buttons
  • You won’t find the traditionally dynamic RGB lighting in this device

Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

Price: $36.10
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse - Reviews & Guides
Top 10 Best Corsair Gaming Mouse – Reviews & Guides

This is the last mouse in our list of top 10 best Corsair gaming mice and the M55 RGB is known for its power-packed performance and it also comes at a very reasonable price. It is suitable for both right and left-handers because it comes with a simple and compact design.

The build quality is also pretty impressive and it also has rubber grips on both sides of its body to make it comfortable for usage. You’d also get amazing 12,400 DPI optical sensors under the mouse that are easily adjustable in 100 DPI steps.

You’d get eight programmable buttons along with two buttons on either side of the device. It also comes with low click latency (12ms) and 2 RGB lighting zones. It weighs around 86 grams and it is USB wired.


  • The design is compact with a strong build quality
  • It is lightweight
  • It fits all sorts of grips perfectly


  • The sensor can overshoot sometimes


It is a well-known fact that Corsair has produced some of the best gaming mice and they have been making huge strides in this particular industry. We tried our best to present the top 10 best Corsair mice for gaming and we hope that things have been made pretty much clear.

After reading this piece of article in detail, you should be able to choose a suitable option for yourself. Every single device in this list has its own abilities and suits people with different gaming styles. It is now completely up to you to decide which type of mouse you’re looking for. Good luck with your choice.

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