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These indoor drones are surely going to test your flying skills as well as it will allow you to take some extremely incredible shots without stepping outside your home. This is the list of best indoor drones that you can get right now.

These drones are going to demonstrate a lot of qualities besides being really affordable and cheerful. You can bash them around your home in any kind of situation without having to worry about an accident. In case of a small quarrel with your Sofa or a bed, it won’t result in too much resentful whirring or bits getting carried away.

Good news is that you’d feel connected to these drones because they seem to know and understand their audience. They are much easier to fly if you’re doing it for the first time.

There is not a big learning curve involved. Also, the cheap price doesn’t mean that they lack in features. You’d find some really nice high-tech features that are brought down to you at the cheapest price possible.

Another interesting thing is that some of them are also usable outside your house. However, you have to choose the outside shooting day very carefully. If the Sun is out, you can try outdoor shooting with some of them but if the breeze is strong, you might get yourself in trouble because, drones with lightweight can also fly away with the strong wind.

Another useful advice is that you must prepare extra batteries before setting out a flight on these drones. The quality of your footage might get compromised when the battery starts getting low. In this case, we will recommend you to get some extra batteries to keep the footage high-quality as the first set of battery gets ready to be inducted.


Parrot Mambo FPV

Best Indoor Drones

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The Parrot Mambo FPV is coming with a simple and strong design and it is specifically made for kids and parents, both. It helps sneak in some footage as the best indoor drone. This drone also gives you a simple and great set of controls and also gives you an easy flight access to capture some useful shots.

At 720p, the camera is very low-res, but that is not the real point of sale of this drone. This will reflect a face-off between its complete lack of learning curve, which makes it extremely nice for beginners, and its strong play with a VR headset, and other modular accessories, including cannon.

If you want a larger, more beefy Parrot drone, check out the Parrot Anafi FPV that gives you a much more immersive experience of flying in your fight arena, and also has a high octane video preset for the run.

Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

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This Holy Stone RC drone represents an excellent example of a flexible, fly-friendly, best indoor and outdoor starter drone. However, reviewers suggest that it should be tried at home first before setting it out to fly outdoors.

It is recommended to be used at home first because, you will have a WiFi at your home and it will make it easy to directly stream the footage to your phone or tablet with the help of its built-in FPV camera.

The automatic start and landing features are a major blessing wherever you are, with the higher technology of whistling for an errant dog, while headless mode, typically reserved for more costly drones, prevents you from getting into a bustle with rear checks. This is a great option for beginners.

ARRIS Poke Micro FPV Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

best indoor fpv drone

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This is a small and tiny drone included on our list of best indoor drones because of its FPV i.e first-person view abilities. It will also give you a bird’s eye view on starters from the drone’s built-in camera.

You won’t get the direct streaming abilities just like you get in the Holy Stone RC drone. For these reasons, you’d need a separate monitor and some FPV goggles where you can watch the streaming. However, it will provide a lot of value for your money if your priority is to shoot your flights. Overall, a very good starter drone.

There is a very useful return button as well on this drone that gives you the luxury of stopping your drone from going too far away. It can also happen during indoor shoots.

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

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The Millennium Falcon is finally ready to be flown, guys. We understand that it might give you the gimmicky feel but, you can take the helm of the fastest heap of junk in the galaxy. There are four concealed rotors installed in this drone that are useful in preventing the disturbance of iconic and hugely aerodynamic drone. Its design is known to be one of the most popular as well.

Fans of Star Wars will pretty much fall in love with this drone because it has LEDs and heart-stirringly authentic sounds. You can also activate the hyperdrive stunt with a push of a single button. If we talk about the drawbacks then, it is a bit clunky during flights but you can always expect that from a freighter.

Blade Inductrix FPV BNF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Tech

Blade Inductrix FPV BNF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Tech

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This INDUCTRIX FPV BNF is a fantastic RTF alternative to the TinyWhoop as suggested by the critics and experts around the globe. You can also try out this drone if you’re fed up with setting up your own because of less time and experience.

The Inductrix FPV BNF is all-round package because experienced drone users can use it to get some really tricks shots during its flight. Also, it is not so complicated to intimidate the beginners. It zips around the air like nobody’s business during its flight.

Although the built-in prop guards are not the longest living, they are happy to bounce off most surfaces and will not damage it seriously if you fall in someone’s head unintentionally.

EACHINE E010 Remote Control Nano Mini Quadcopter Drone

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This mini quadcopter is a solid choice if you are just in the drone game for the acrobatics and are not too excited about getting a camera on-board. It is promising to see that its duct fan design resembles that of the much more expensive Tiny Whoop.

While some elements show how much cheaper the E010 is, its sturdy nylon building, as well as the fairly long flight time and that too for such a small copter, are more than valuable according to its original price.

For beginners, the two-speed modes and self-leveling is a great option. Also, you must keep in mind that during a slow mode, there is a possibility of being taken away by the wind whenever it is flown outside your home. However, we really can’t hold against it when it is used as an indoor drone.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

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It is incredibly small, in fact it is as small as any drone can be possibly, and can comfortably fit into the palm of your hand, making it a very good starting drone. The ease of flying ability in this drone is also pretty amazing and it’s a great choice for all the people that are thinking about getting a new and easy to use drone.

The Cheerson CX10 is simply amazing. Also, it might not be the device about which the experienced drone flyers would like to hear about a possible purchase.

You’d find three different flight modes in this drone. There’s a beginner, intermediate and advanced mode to choose for the flyer. Basically, it is being made easy and helpful for almost everyone. The features are pretty packed as well. You will have 4 to 8 minutes of flying time and the absolute starters may just want to get some prop guards as you won’t find them in the overall package.