Best Soundbar to Buy in 2022 – Top 5

There are many reasons to buy the best soundbars in 2022. They will give you incredible clarity to the audio of your TV. The best soundbars are also pretty easy to set up. Also, smart TVs these days are so slim and design-oriented; they basically struggle to instill high-quality speakers inside them.

In order to solve this problem right away, using some of the best soundbars available in 2022 is perfect. In fact, there is a massive variety available in the market as far as the best soundbars are concerned. There are some budget options as well as instant stereo upgrades that allow you to enjoy an incredible sound quality.

One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of soundbars is that they consume very little space and are connected directly to your TVs through an HDMI cable. It means you’d control the soundbars with your TV’s volume buttons.

As mentioned earlier, there is a vast variety of soundbars with different qualities available on the market and it all depends on your choice and requirements. We are here with the list of the top 5 best soundbars to buy in 2022. Let’s hope that you find your best possible choice through this guide and buy the product that you truly like.

Top 5 Best Soundbars to buy in 2022

Samsung HW-Q950A

Price: $1,297.99 USD

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar

Samsung is a company that is trusted worldwide for its amazing longevity and there are many reasons to believe that this manufacturer will do justice to soundbars as well. As far as the best soundbars to buy in 2022 are concerned, the Samsung HW-Q950A is considered the best soundbar for astounding Dolby Atmos cinema audio.

It has got two HDMI connections with in and out functions separately. You’d also get WiFi and Bluetooth options for connectivity. The speaker configuration is 11.1.4-channel and there are 22 drivers with a quoted power output of 616W.

If we talk about the major talking points of this Samsung soundbar then it has got excellent audio quality with a good range of features and incredible 3D effect. It has got four boxes and all of them produce the best quality with the help of its eARC support.

Also, there is a minute difference when it comes to the audio quality of movies and music. This soundbar is not as cheap as many would like because it costs you around $1300 on Amazon. With 600W of power from 22 different speakers, you’re bound to experience the splendid best audio quality.


• 3D effect
• 22 different speakers
• 600W power output
• WiFi
• Bluetooth


• Expensive
• Four boxes are too many for some people


Price: $149.95 USD

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

Most of the people only associate bikes with Yamaha and they don’t know about the competence of this company when it comes to soundbars of different types. We’ve discussed a pretty expensive soundbar to start our list of the top 5 best soundbars to buy in 2022.

Now, it’s time to discuss the best budget soundbar. The Yamaha SR-C20A is one amazing soundbar with lots of different benefits and it comes at an affordable price as well. First of all, it has got a single HDMI out connection with two optical line-in connections. It also packs Bluetooth 5.0, however; there is no eARC support.

You’d only get ARC support with a 2.1-channel speaker configuration. The total power output is 100W and it produces a really well-balanced sound with an incredible and compact design.

The width is also quite impressive and it has built-in subwoofers as well. Furthermore, you’d also get surprising bass with the help of its passive radiators. The dialogue clarity is enhanced with its clear voice and you can also use Bluetooth streaming for your music and podcasts. The setup is pretty simple with HDMI, optical or aux connections.

The Yamaha SR-C20A is a wall-mountable soundbar with built-in keyholes. Apart from its Amazon Choice Award, you’d also get this product on Amazon for less than $150. Overall, we’d definitely recommend this amazing soundbar to all the customers out there looking for a budget option.


• Bluetooth
• WiFi
• Wall-mountable
• 100W
• Excellent sound quality
• Affordable at less than $150


• Remote is very average


Price: $799 USD

Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is one of the best premium smart soundbars on the market for TV, movies, music and gaming. This particular device from Sonos has been entertaining a lot of people with its realistic sound quality. It features Dolby Atmos and allows you to enjoy control with your TV remote, voice and the Sonos app as well.

It also gives you a 3D sound with Dolby Atmos and you can experience movies and play your favorite games using this feature. There is an improved Trueplay tuning technology and it also optimizes the sound for its unique acoustics of the room. The Sonos app enables you to use services like Apple AirPlay 2 when the TV is switched off.

The Sonos Arc is also a wall-mountable device that blends in beautifully with the help of its elongated shape, soft profile and seamless facade. This brilliant machine will also give you voice control and Amazon Alexa is integrated right in to play you some music, check your alarms and notify you about important calls and news.

There is no HDMI ARC port with a single optical line-in connection as well. This particular soundbar from Sonos also gives you Ethernet, WiFi and eARC support. With 11 speakers and excellent Atmos height and width, we believe this glorious soundbar deserves to be on the list of the top 5 best soundbars to buy in 2022. The streaming features are quite good too by the way.


• Excellent Atmos height & width
• Ethernet
• WiFi
• eARC support
• Affordable at less than $800


• Struggles with HDMI pass-through

Sony HT-G700

Price: $498 USD

Sony HT-G700

Another amazing choice and one of the best soundbars to consider in 2022 is the Sony HT-G700. As we all know, Sony has proved its prowess in almost every field. Besides TVs, they have also produced soundbars like Sony HT-G700 for you to buy this year. This 3.1CH Dolby Atmos soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth technology and a vertical surround engine.

This soundbar also gives you an immersive audio enhancer (AE) that upscale audio close to 7.1.2 for each sound. You’d also get a powerful bass sound with wireless subwoofer and sound modes can also be customized.

The HT-G700 allows you to get multiple easy connections and you’d also enjoy high-quality movies with 4K HDR pass through. The Bluetooth will allow you to connect to your TV wirelessly. This is also one of the most affordable soundbars on the market and you’d get it for less than $500 on Amazon at the moment.

It has one HDMI in and one HDMI out with one optical line-in and eARC support. This amazing piece also gives you to get Dolby Atmos/DTS:X support and its quoted power output is around 400W. Overall, we’d definitely recommend you to consider this soundbar in 2022 because it has got almost all the required features for a great and modern soundbar.


• Bluetooth
• 4K HDR pass-through
• Affordable
• 400W power output


• Less dynamic

Roku Smart Soundbar

Price: $161.62 USD

Roku Smart Soundbar

We always try to include the best budget devices to our lists. Following the tradition, we’ve decided to end this guide with the Roku Smart soundbar that offers 4K/HD/HDR streaming with media player and exceptional audio quality with Roku voice remote and 150 plus free live TV channels on the Roku channel. This device will allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience with the expanded frequency range and dynamic bass from 4 full-range soundbar speakers.

Besides fine-tuning your sound, it also gives you the luxury of elevating your music from pulsing rock to symphonies surrounding you. A magnificent and studio-quality sound is produced by this Roku Smart soundbar and you can also easily boost the volume of voices with speech clarity.


• 4K/HD/HDR streaming
• Studio-quality sound
• 150 plus Roku channels
• 4 full-range soundbar speakers
• Affordable at less than $170


• Controlling the sound quality is a bit difficult

Conclusion: Our top 3 picks:

As usual, picking the top 5 best soundbars to buy in 2022 was more difficult than we assumed. There are multiple brands to choose from and we were clearly confused regarding some of the brands that were unfortunately left out from this list. However, the ones picked in this list are also of the highest quality and some of the best available to buy right now.

As far as our top 3 picks from this list are concerned, we’ve kept the Samsung HW-Q950A at the first spot because of its two HDMI connections and 616W power output.

The second spot goes to the Sony HT-G700 that comes with a high-quality 4K HDR pass-through and wireless subwoofer along with customizable sound modes. For excellent Atmos height and width along with Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, we’ve placed the Sonos ARC at the third and last spot.

We shall end our today’s guide here hoping that you’d find your favorite soundbar after carefully going through this article. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries as we try to answer them precisely. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.