Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

Alright, if we’re talking about collecting or choosing metal detectors then we must understand that there are a lot of options available on the market right now. These detectors vary in their specialties and features. So, it is quite evident that choosing the right kind of metal detector can be a little bit confusing at times.

Through online platforms such as web content, YouTube and other blogs, you’d find a range of information regarding the best metal detectors and you might end up consuming so much information that you will definitely start feeling exhausted.

Also, it is important to understand that every single customer wants something different from the other. Everyone wants to pick the metal detector that should be suitable for their kind of work.

There are a few popular companies such as Garrett and Fisher and you’d also find a plethora of customers going towards these two companies. It doesn’t matter if you have decided the best choice detector for you, a little information from here and there can certainly put in a lot of confusion once again.

Now let’s explain a few crucial points before we get to our top picks.

First of all, people who love a certain brand can be deeply loyal. They may not be aware of the new products or technologies if they are using the same detector for years.  Also, suggestions provided by people with considerable experience will also not provoke a change of mindset.

Let us make it very clear that no metal detector in this world can be called as the best for all purposes. You’d find a lot of people with opinions on the internet but the matter of fact is that none of those reviews are entirely true.

Finding the right choice will depend on a couple of things like where you want to go, your level of experience and your budget. It also depends on what kind of detector you’re looking for.

If we start with the budget then you can get a competent and professionally working metal detector for almost $10,000. However, don’t be disappointed if you can’t pay that much because there are a lot of other options as well that you’d find for less than $1000 or even lower than that as well.

List of Top seven Metal Detectors To Buy

Here’s the list of some of the best metal detectors with different features and classes.

XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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Let us begin with the XP DEUS. This particular device is made for all those people who have a lot of experience in metal detecting. It is important to mention that metal detecting is a hobby and you only excel in this field if you keep on working.

This device carries a variety of features that are used by advanced detectorists. Also, this is an expensive metal detector but if you have the cash in hand, you can simply choose this without any hesitation.

This is ideal for a wide variety of applications such as relic, coin and beach hunting as well. However, the control unit is not submersible. It is 4KHz, 8KHz, 12KHz and 18KHz multi-frequency detector, along with an additional plus/minus shift.

This has a range of settings and functions as you would expect from a high end multi-frequency detector. These features include, sensitivity, noise, reactivity, iron, discrimination, and noise reaction include sensitivity. A notch option is also available to define detection ranges. DEUS is one of the largest distribution outlets of its kind.


The XP DEUS is a smart machine built for seasoned hunting professionals, as we described. It actually has multiple detectors in one, because you can use it without the need of separate detectors for gold prospecting, relic hunting and coin hunting. This is a cost-effective alternative considering the pretty high price.

It also provides great responsiveness, lightweight nature and powerful preset programs. There is so much that the DEUS is excellent and it is difficult to bring all of them into this little piece of article. When you are searching for a flexible high-quality detector that works for a number of purposes, it is one of the best in the world.

Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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As we have already mentioned, there is no need of getting disappointed if you are new to this field and you have seen the price of XP DEUS. For customers like you, there is also a huge range of metal detectors available that are affordable as well. For new customers, the Fisher F22 is our topmost priority.

The Fisher F22 is a weatherproof VLF device. This has a high speed of recovery, is comparatively low (2.3 pounds) and has 10 sensitivities. The overall underground detection of the F22 is respectable as well as 9 inches. However, it depends on the type of soil you’re working on.

Fisher offered a number of F22 preset modes. Those include gemstones, objects, pieces and forms of customization. These pre-sets can be extremely helpful when you start. The F22 makes it easy to start hunting without sacrificing too many features, especially for a beginner in this field.

It still has an iron audio feature that allows you to set iron goals for greater clarity and sensitivity despite relative simplicity. In simpler words, this is more than a toy detector, but you do not need to spend weeks studying how to use it.


This is weather resistant, but it is not waterproof. It’s okay to dip the spins, just not position the control box in water. The operating frequency of 7.69 kHz is perfect for coins and relics, but it is not ideal for gold. For that to happen, you’d need a specialized gold prospecting detector.

The lack of a manual control of the ground is a greater concern. While this is not a problem when you are a novice, you would like to have more control of the ground balance at some stage and that too especially in high mineralization environments.

The lack of a manual soil balance on the other hand makes it easier to use the detector. It’s still a perfect choice for beginners. The F22 is squarely in the entry level category with a sale price of only $289 but offers remarkably high performance.

And if you are searching for an entry level machine without breaking the bank, the F22 should be an automatic choice for you. Fisher also provides a decent 5-year warranty.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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Compared to the F22, this outstanding entry-level metal detector known as the Garrett ACE 400 is a little bit expensive. However, it comes with some features that you won’t find on other cheap metal detectors.

The ACE 400 has complete digital target recognition, like the F22. The scale range is 0-99 with a registration of foil and iron at the edge. For this reason, we are favoring the ACE 400 over the lower priced ACE 350, since the lower cost model has only a basic visual recognition feature.

There are a number of other features in the ACE 400. Garrett’s excellent Iron Audio, not found on cheaper metal detectors, is included. It enables you to hear scattered iron targets that help filter out fantastic signals if you have never used this feature previously.

The Garrett ACE 400 is especially sensitive and ideal to achieve objectives. It’s also useful to discriminate against garbage, so you’re going to spend less time on unnecessary objects.


There are a few inconveniences or loopholes as well. You have to depend upon the pre-set settings for manual or automatic ground balance. This can affect your proceedings in damp and mineral rich soil.

However, we cannot complain too much about this feature, because not many metal sensors have an adjustable ground balance in this price range. Also, the ACE 400 is not compatible with underwater detecting. However, the built-in coil is waterproof and you don’t have to worry about that.

Nevertheless, the ACE 400 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a metal detector which is a step up on the F22 and provides great value. This device will surely attract a lot of customers that are looking for new metal detecting tools.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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We also have the Fisher F75 on our list. After seeing XP DEUS, a lot of people would have thought about buying it but the DEUS is certainly not in everyone’s range. This F75 from fisher is not a bad option as it comes with a range of handy functions and also, it serves as a great alternative of the XP DEUS. The Fisher F75 is also much less expensive than the DEUS.

If we thoroughly review the F75 then it comes across as one of the strongest detectors in terms of build and design. It weighs around 3.5lbs but it is not the most light detector on the market neither it is too heavy to be moved around. It gives you a balanced performance and you won’t face any trouble in swinging it for long work hours.

This detector is particularly significant, even in iron-infested areas; it will help find relics and coins. That’s because of the two-filter modes, which allow iron signals to be ignored. The F75 provides great versatility and scope, whether you are hunting in the woodlands, in the parks or nearly anywhere.

With 13 kHz frequency rate, the F75 from Fisher is a VLF detector. The frequency rate is significantly higher than the entrance levels on this list, but still suitable as artifacts for coin hunting.


You’d hardly find any discrepancies in this Fisher F75 model. The waterproof control is not entirely impressive and you can expect that from a typical VLF detector. However, if you’re looking to consistently hunt and detect metal underwater, this device is not made for you at all.

To sum up, the Fisher F75 is an excellent detector of metals. It does not have the advanced XP DEUS functionality because it is a single and without wireless frequency detector. However, it provides excellent flexibility, depth and tolerance for collecting relics and coins – including in iron trash environments.

Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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The Teknetics T2 Classic is known for its comfort and user-friendly design. If you’re looking for something that costs you a lot less money than the Fisher F75, then this T2 Classic is a great choice for you. This device comes with a magnificent 13 KHz frequency rate along with a large display as well. It will also guarantee providing huge value for your money.

This T2 Classic metal detector is going to impress you with its large LCD screen when you see it for the first time. The screen isn’t backlit and it is much less usable in dim light for that reason. It also comes with a simple menu system along with a 2-digit target ID.

The biggest quality of this detector is that it can detect and hunt down coins that are buried almost 15 inches deep.

When it comes to other notable features then we have got the manual ground balance along with all-metal and discriminate operating modes. You’d also find the sensitivity setting.

You’re also going to notice that double filter discrimination modes work a lot better in area where trash is hidden. The automatic ground balance is not present in the features list and it simply means that beginners should stay away from this device.


Ultimately, there are waterproof coils that can be used safely in shallow water or water with little bit of depth. Nearly every modern detector has waterproof coils. The control box, however, is not waterproof and means that the machine does not operate underwater.

If we summarize it then the Teknetics T2 Classic is an excellent solution for relic hunting but it can also handle simple gold hunting with its various applications. The T2 Classic is certainly an option to consider if you want a relic hunting detector that can search deeper than most alternatives. It is an extremely advisable and recommended option.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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Garrett AT Pro is perhaps the favorite metal detector of many. It is best used when you are detecting coins and it also provides you a lot of value for your money. The price of $600+ is not cheap at all by any means but, the AT Pro makes sure that you get the desired results and don’t think that your money was wasted. From relics to underwater jewelry, this metal detector is an extremely outstanding choice for detecting every kind of metal. We have already discussed its specialty in the coin hunting department.

It’s an extremely flexible detector, and that is perhaps the best thing about AT Pro.  The AT Pro can control the search for iron-ridden soil coils, check for missing trinkets in dry mud, or even underwater hunting. It’s amazing in almost every aspect.

The AT Pro’s “professional” audio mode is an interesting feature. The pro-setting offers an audible destination ID to determine the target shape, depth and size when using a standard mode. An Iron Audio ID is also available.


The AT Pro is at the edge of something that we think is appropriate for coin hunting at a 15 kHz frequency. The slightly higher frequency than that of Fisher F75 and Teknetics T2 reduces depth but enables AT Pro to detect coins and objects smaller than these.

We have already mentioned that the AT Pro from Garrett is extremely suitable for underwater hunting. It also works brilliantly in salt water. You can use its waterproof design up to 10 feet. If detecting underwater is your passion, the Garrett AT Pro is especially made for you.

It is also important to mention that the headphones provided with the device are not waterproof. In that case, if you want to use headphones underwater as well then, you will have to buy waterproof headphones separately.

The back light on the LCD screen is also absent and you can meet trouble while using it in dark conditions and in low light. However, with all these loopholes and little discrepancies, the AT Pro is still an all-round metal detector that can be used for any detecting purpose.

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX Deepseeker

Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2021- Reviews & Guides
Top 7 Metal Detectors to Buy in 2022- Reviews & Guides

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The ATX Deepseeker is another commendable metal detector in our list and this is the last one as well. This device is especially made for those looking for a pulse induction detector that can also manage the saltwater conditions.

It is a little bit on the expensive side it is also deeply waterproof as it name suggests. It can go up to 10 feet deep and still work tremendously. This device is extremely versatile and includes a plethora of features that are not available in less expensive models.

The model also offers “strong sensitivity” so that small nuggets or objects can be retrieved that others can miss. One of the best qualities of the ATX is that it also ensures sufficient identification for all targets. You don’t have to change modes to boost detection efficiency at the cost of another kind.

The ATX Deepseeker is the ideal pulse induction detector to search gold and relics in saltwater. The motion and non-motion feature, advanced handheld balance features, Iron Test and an indicator of LED signal power are all its key features that are going to blow you away.


We should also put some light on the drawbacks of this device in our summary. The biggest loophole is the high price and it is pretty obvious that everybody cannot afford it.

Besides being really expensive, this model is also not suitable enough for the novices and entry-level detectors. The size and build is also pretty heavy but you’d expect that from an advanced PI machine.

The manual ground balance offers a wide range of settings so that you can balance anything, from saltwater to heavy mineralization without adjusting modes. The Deepseeker even with these inconveniences is a great choice for searching saltwater and gold. It is highly sensitive, awesome and suitable for a number of fields.

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