Best Wi-Fi 6 routers to buy in 2022- Top 6

Best Wi-Fi 6 routers

Thinking about the best wireless technology available these days? Well, a lot of us would agree that WiFi-6 beats everyone in this category. Routers that are equipped with WiFi-6 can allow you home networks to get a splendid upgrade in terms of area covered by your WiFi and in the transfer speeds as well. 

The upload and download speeds are going to remain the same as your original package. However, the upgrade will give you an added advantage of eliminating the dead WiFi zones in your home and it also allows you to connect more devices at a much better pace. 

In our today’s piece, we’re going to shed light on some of the best WiFi-6 routers on the market and watch out for the recent update as well that goes by the name of WiFi-6E. You’d get extra networking capacity for your devices in WiFi-6E. 

It is not necessary that all the WiFi routers reviewed in this article will suit everyone. Using internet is entirely personal thing and every house is different in this regard. In fact, every single user is different. 

Therefore, we have tried to add just the top-tier devices to this list in order to make it easier for our customers to choose. Without any more delays, let’s get to the business end of this piece.

Top 6 Best WiFi-6 routers to buy in 2022

Netgear ORBI WI-FI 6

If we talk particularly about home networking upgrades, then the Netgear Orbi has been quite impressive in this regard. The latest Netgear Orbi WiF-6 is a latest addition to this already impressive series. 

It can provide lots of extra speed throughout your place and it is a bit heavier in size as well. The overall setup is a piece of cake for any regular internet user and you can also manage the device through the Netgear Orbi app. 

There is a choice between a two-pack and a three-pack as the three-pack will give you some extra satellite(s) that will improve the reach of your wireless network. 

There are eight powerful antennas jam-packed inside each of its units and according to the company, you can almost cover up to 372 square meters with splendid high-speed WiFi with the two-pack service. 

If the area of your is huge then investing in more satellite units will make sense. You are set to get a speed of up to 6 GBPs in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. To keep the satellites connected with the main router, there is an extra 5 GHz band that is used as a backhaul.

You’d not believe that it has a capacity of adding close to 100 devices and there is a lot of space for everyone.


  • More than 100 devices
  • 6 GBPs speed
  • Great overall performance


  • The Netgear Orbi app is ordinary


We are very excited to add the Asus DSL-AX82U to this list because it is packed with networking features and it will also appeal the gamers. There is an RGB lighting system and some specialized gaming modes as well. 

It is also good enough for non-gaming needs and we can safely say that is an overall package. The maximum speed offered by the Asus DSL-AX82U is around 5.4 GBPs and it is offered across two bands. This device is perfect for small regular gatherings or small cafes and restaurants. 

Business owners with 20-30 employees can also avail the services of this device. The price is definitely less than the ones already discussed in this article and for obvious reasons, the maximum speed and a connection of close to 30 devices only proves that point. 

Some pre-designed algorithms by Asus have been deployed and it makes sure that each connection is served with reliable WiFi and low-latency connections. It does not matter if you are watching movies or playing your favorite game on your smartphone, the speed and connection with stay the same. 


  • 5.4 GBPs speed
  • 30 devices
  • Specialized gaming modes
  • Dual-band


  • Extra arranging is needed


TP Link is another fantastic option as far as the best WiFi routers are concerned. We’d like to introduce the TP-Link Deco X90 in this list and we’re certain that this particular product is one of the best to have come out of TP Link’s armory. 

Buy this router to boost wireless internet speeds all around the home and eliminate the dead throughout your property zones. 

Just like the one above, it also comes in a two-pack or a three-pack and you can always add more satellite units that will give you flexibility to use this device in a huge crowded place as well. 

With a speed of almost 6.6 GPBs, this particular beast of a device can add as many as 200 devices. There is very less to look for in the hardware of this device but who cares about that? When you are uploading and downloading at a brisk pace. It is important to mention that this is one of the most expensive WiFi-6 routers on the market currently.


  • 200 devices
  • Powerful 6.6 GBPs 
  • Tri-Band


  • A bit expensive

LINKSYS Hydra Pro 6

Let us make one thing very clear. There is absolutely no need of paying lots of bucks for a decent WiFi-6 router in 2022. There are many devices out there in the market that are very affordable and are truly suitable for large homes and apartments. 

The Linksys Hydra Pro 6 is one of those devices that gives you a top-tier performance and comes at a very decent price as well. This company has been casting its magic in the networking hardware business for many years therefore; you can expect a lot of reliability and efficiency. 

The maximum speed is close to 6.4 GBPs and it can cover a total of 251 square meters. This is a very interesting choice for almost everyone because the performance is top-notch and it will definitely be a better upgrade compared to the one, you’re using right now. The whole setup is very straightforward and easy to operate. The router will run itself and you don’t need to take anything into your hands.


  • Very fast
  • Affordable
  • 6.4 GBPs speed


  • There is no third band

Netgear ORBI WI-FI 6E

If you are looking for a truly astounding networking kit then you must take a look at this wonderful Netgear Orbi WiFi-6E (RBKE963). It also supports the latest WiFi-63 standard. 

It basically has the capacity to cover huge places without any fuss. The internal components and the overall technology are quite powerful and has the ability to cover almost 200 devices. It has a whopping speed of 10.8 GBPs. 

The only thing that might stop people from purchasing this device is its high price range. It is very expensive than the ones discussed above. Some people have also been caught saying that a second-hand motor vehicle will also come around the same price as this WiFi router. 

This is the best device in our humble opinion as of 12 April, 2022. If you can’t buy this, just make this a standard that other brands need to follow.  If money is not the problem, then we’d definitely recommend you to take the ultimate WiFi-6 networking experience with this machine.


  • Quad-band
  • 10.8 GPBs 
  • 200 devices
  • Easy setup


  • Ridiculously expensively

Netgear Nightwalk RAX200

Alright then, we thought that we should end this prestigious list with a mind-blowing device. We don’t think that there are many devices that can match the class of Netgear Nighthawk RAX200. 

Both performance and price-range of this device is refreshing and if you want to have the ultimate WiFi-6 networking experience, do consider the Nighthawk RAX200. There is no clear announcement regarding the number of devices it can connect or support at a single time.

However, we assume that the number is going to be quite high. In simple words, you can connect lots of smartphones, a few decent tablets and a number of laptops without any hustle and bustle. The overall design is quite interesting and pleasant. This magnificent machine will give you a speed of around 10.8 GBPs. 

You will have to wire up directly if you want to use a console or other such devices. This WiFi router gives you four Ethernet ports and the overall setup is quite easy and straightforward. You shall have no issues installing it completely. There is a mobile app that helps you connect various devices.


  • 10.8 GBPs speed
  • Pleasant design
  • Connects lots of devices
  • Four Ethernet ports


  • Very expensive


WiFi-6 routers are not necessary for a family of four or five people. They are basically made for offices, companies and large businesses. Therefore, the top 6 best WiFi-6 routers in 2022 have been discussed in this article. 

A lot of you might not agree with some of these devices and their reputation in networking, however; one thing is for sure that these devices are not designed for small families and they can conduct major operations in a huge place.

Some of them are ready to handle almost 200 devices at a single time. Take a close look at all of them and decide your pick by keeping the overall budget in mind. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. 

We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. Stay blessed, take care and see you soon with another analytical piece. Goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.