Buy Echo Show 15 with Echo show 5 (2nd Gen) combined at special price

A combine package of Echo Show 15 with Echo show 5 (2nd Gen) are now available on Amazon for just $249.99 USD. This special price does not require any special discount code and anybody can get their hand on these brand new item.

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Regular price of the combination of Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 5 was $335 USD, while the current price is $249.99 USD. It means, availing this discount will give a $85 OFF which is 25% of the actual price.

Echo Show 15 with Echo show 5 (2nd Gen) Features:

  • Alexa Can show you more
  • Easy Organization with Widgets
  • Alexa help feed the family
  • Helps keep smart home at the finger-tips
  • Easy Entertainment
  • Enjoy memories in full screen view
  • Designed to protect your privacy