Buy latest M2 MacBook Pro 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD – Save $150

You won’t believe what we have just noticed. There is this new discount scheme going around that offers the Apple 22 MacBook Pro with complete M2 silicon from the company. You would be able to save a good $150 bucks and for those that respond right now, the price has dropped down to just $1149. 

What makes this machine really good and suitable? Well, the inclusion of the company’s own M2 silicon has completely changed the dynamics of it. 

The design is pretty much the same as earlier models, however; it now comes with the power to push through even the most complex and tough workflows because of the M2.

You’d be getting around 20 hours of real-life battery with an active cooling system that will basically keep the hardware ready for all sorts of situations. 

The evolution from Apple M1 to machines coming with M2 has been significantly faster. Experts of the said industry believe that this chip is going to be the “next-generation of fast and power-efficient Apple silicon.”

Now, if we talk about some of its internal features then it has got up to 1.4x faster than the M1 and up to 6x faster than earlier generation of MacBook Pros that use to run on intel components. 

You’d also get a nice 13-inch Retina display with 500 nits of brightness. It has P3 color and a very True TONE. There are some other surprises as well. 

Such as the improvement of image quality during a video call and utilizing the studio-quality mics built into the MacBook Pro to reduce the background noise. There is a magic keyboard as well with Touch ID and Apple’s Touch Bar. Also, there are different opinions about the existence of the Apple Touch Bar. 

This seems a perfect deal for everyone that’s been roaming around the new market to get a new MacBook Pro. Also, if you like the newest improvements in this model then you must avail this deal straightaway. There are no such things as discount codes or coupons for this offer. You go straight to the place where is supposed to be sold and you get it with $100 off.