Convert iPad into a Laptop With Brydge’s Trackpad Keyboard (Tricks&Tips)

Convert iPad into a Laptop

An issue that the iPad power users come up with is that there is no track-pad on Apple’s Smart Keyboard. It is due to the reason that Apple insists that the iPad isn’t a PC and shouldn’t be used as a computer, despite the basic support of the mouse baked into iPad OS 13. So, from here onward, Brydge has offered a solution to this problem.

Two different models of the Brydge Pro+ keyboard are available. One is 11-inch model and the other one is 12.9-inch models. This keyboard looks like the regular “Pro” model, while it adds “an over sized track-pad optimized to make the most of the Assistive Touch features of iPad OS.” Just below the space-bar, it has a rectangular track pad and the design is also what you would most probably expect.

Until we try it, we won’t know how friendly or smooth will it be in terms of usability, but Brydge points out shortcuts to open Home Screen, the Dock and App Exposé, all of which require keyboard shortcuts otherwise.

Convert iPad into a Laptop 2021

The Brydge Pro+ and the Brydge Pro keyboards are almost the same. These have a battery life of three months, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and adjustable back-lit keys. The users should not expect it to convert an iPad into a fully functional Macbook while at the same time this addition looks nice.

Do you have a separate keyboard for your iPad? Brydge is going to cover you there as well. The hardware manufacturer will also offer a standalone glass track pad that guarantees three months of battery life and is “designed to make the most of the new Assistive Touch functionality inside iPad OS” like the Pro+ keyboard.

You can choose to be informed about the pre-orders of the Brydge Keyboard and the track-pad. Brydge Pro+ which is an 11-inch model is going to cost $119.99 and the 12.9 inch model will cost $229.99.

Brydge has not revealed the iPadOS trackpad’s pricing or availability, but you can sign up for updates. Brydge says the first 500 pre-orders will be delivered by the end of February and all orders will be shipped by the end of March.