Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a hidden ECG Diagnostics page

Is Garmin Venu 2 Plus hiding an ECG feature?

Garmin is undoubtedly one of the best companies when it comes to smartwatches and sports watches. Also, who doesn’t want to have additional features in these already-impressive watches? It has come to notice that the new Garmin Venu 2 Plus is now offering an ECG mode as well. There is an ECG diagnostics page that was spotted back by a random user.

If we talk about its functions than we have been notified that there is no dedicated app and a user was able to check his ECG reading by placing his thumb and index finger on the bezel of the watch for two seconds and was able to get a ‘reliable-looking’ data.

However, there is a slight loophole as the data was hidden in the diagnostic section of its application and one couldn’t send or export the data out to crosscheck for its precision. Now, there is absolutely no doubt that Garmin might look to improve its credentials further by following giants like Samsung, Apple and Coros.

The company also conducted an electrocardiogram clinical validation study last year and the basic reason behind conducting that study program was to confirm that the Garmin ECG (electrocardiogram) software algorithm can perceive and categorize atrial fibrillation and normal sinus rhythm on single lead ECG data derived from a Garmin wrist-worn, customer device. This is not the end, the study has also confirmed that the software of the watch is carrying an ability to create a lead I ECG that is clinically deemed equal to a reference device.

There is also a possibility of Garmin bringing the ECG functionality sooner after the app was discovered on the Venu 2 Plus. A smartwatch-like device is also on the cards and this would be an open competition with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. As you all know, both Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch come with ECG sensors to detect signs related with heart condition atrial fibrillation.

Garmin Venu® 2 Plus ECG

As of now, the Coros Vertix 2 is the only sports watch available in the market that comes with an ECG sensor. However, most people do not use it for health monitoring and it is rather used for workout and gym related insights. If you’re a Garmin fan, this announcement will certainly make you excited.