GoPro Volta is perhaps the coolest HERO accessory these days

GoPro Volta is perhaps the coolest HERO accessory these days

GoPro is a really big name in the camera industry and a lot of aspiring and young content creators have started their journeys with one of their cameras. As of now, the latest news say that the GoPro Volta has been released by the company.

It is basically a little gizmo and we are certain to say that it is one of the finest HERO action cam accessories we’ve witnessed so far. It majorly gives you the feeling of a tripod and it actually acts as a tripod as well. However, there are some things that you won’t find on traditional tripods. First of all, it comes with a new battery pack and a camera control that can be used remotely.

If we talk about its little intricate details then we come to hear that that this GoPro Volta is basically defined as a ‘premium battery grip’ and it is supported by both HERO 10 Black and the HERO 9 Black. One of its major talking points is the integrated 4900 mAh battery that allows to triple the battery life of your HERO.

The battery is more than capable of lasting over 4 hours at approximately 30 frames per second. It can stay a little longer at lower resolutions. You can also charge any USB-C compatible device with the Volta and it also includes the flagship models of GoPro line-up.

Furthermore, we believe that one of its major selling points is the addition of built-in camera controls. These buttons allow you to use the important bits of your GoPro that includes on/off, start/stop capture and switch modes. All of this is now possible single handedly and this is a huge achievement for the company itself. People like to have a firm grip on the camera and they want to control the buttons at the same time. The thing we liked the most about the Volta is that it can be used as a wireless remote that offers complete control of the camera from up to 98 feet away.

It has proved to be really helpful for group shots and selfies etc. In order to gain remote control access, you can also use the GoPro Quik app on your phone. It is important to mention that the GoPro Volta is weather-resistant and gives you the freedom of using it extreme conditions such as rain or snow. There is no official waterproof rating and the price of this device is also varying in different regions. You can get it for $129 in both USA and UK.