Honor Magic Watch 2 – Features, Performance & Price [Review]

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm colors

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After the release of the Honor Watch Magic, the Honor Magic Watch 2 has been released with inexplicable semantic changes. It is also the latest model by Honor in the category of wearables along with the Honor Bang series.

This device is specially designed for youngsters and tips have been taken from the Huawei Watch GT 2 in its design. It is basically a watch for fitness freaks with much more exercise-racking features.

Huawei is currently passing through a tough phase and the future of Huawei phones along with its sub-brand ‘Honor’ is in jeopardy. So the manufacturers of this device are pushing even harder to make their place in the category of wearables.

Honor Magic Watch 2

Wearable devices from Honor never had the luxury of using Google’s software. They were relying on their own-brand equivalents that means they still have the carte blanche to create devices that provide features as well as value for money.

After Huawei got banned in the US, this device from Honor is the first smartwatch since its exemption. We can see the company going into a completely different direction and they might indulge themselves into other tech categories as well.

Honor Magic Watch 2 Release Date and Price

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm

The 46mm version is the largest in this category and the Honor Magic Watch 2 is being sold around £159.99 in the UK and a rough estimate also says $210, AU$305. That’s a fairly affordable price for a smartwatch, as it can cost up to twice of that for some similar choices.

Apple Watch 5 is available in the market at a high price of $399 / £399 / AU$649 and it was launched three months prior to Honor’s watch.

The Apple Watch 5 is certainly bringing a lot more features but a normal athlete can go for Honor’s watch just to use it simply for running and nothing else.

Honor Magic Watch 2 Wrist Size

With fewer features, the 42mm model will definitely cost a little less than the 46mm model. All models are priced lower than the original Honor smartwatch, so it looks like you’re getting a good deal here, whatever size you choose.

The 46mm model was released last year in December, however, we still don’t know much about the release of the 42mm model and it is expected to be released in early 2022.


Honor Magic Watch 2 Design

Its 46mm model is already launched and the Honor Magic Watch 2 comes along with the main body covered with removable straps. The bigger size of the 46mm model has its advantages as well. It comes with a bigger screen along with a higher resolution. Also, battery life is considered to be twice as long as the original model.

Other features include a Bluetooth connection to your phone, built-in speakers and a microphone to use the loudspeaker for calling and listening motivational stuff during your workouts.

The smaller 42mm version will save you a bit of cash but you’re going to be deprived of these features mentioned above. The choices for watch strap are black (which is much like silicon on the wrist), brunette leather or rose gold Milanese Loop depending on what style you are choosing. The 46 mm version is in either black or light brown, while the 42 mm black or gold version is available.

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm band

For Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm, 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm is the exact size of the body, while 42 mm measures 41.8 x 41.8 x 9.3 mm. The more pronounced weight difference is 29g  for 42 mm, with a slightly lighter variant than the 41g 46mm body.

The weight disparity is probably caused by the larger battery and the included speaker and microphone, in addition to the physical size of the 46 mm version. Nonetheless, the model was still quite lightweight on the wrist.

In general, the Honor Magic Watch 2 is a fairly stylish and slim product because the case of the watch is definitely not over the phone. It gives it a less ‘ classical ‘ but more streamlined feel, and we are fans of this move in general. There are fewer bezels, so the display takes on more of the watch face.

The rear part is a smooth, more secure plastic on the skin than metals which can feel very cold when someone first straps on a watch. The load pins and the monitor of the heart rate are on the rear part of your watch.

Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm Water activity

In two of the crown set up on this smartwatch, there’s a lifestyle features program when it is pressed and the other one has a workout menu summoned. They don’t add a lot of size to your watch because they don’t stick out too far. It will look amazing on your wrist and the design is supremely comfortable as well. However, it will look huge on tiny wrists. Don’t have these huge wrists, still you don’t have to worry because the strap has plenty of holes for precise adjustment.

In fact, it can hold up in almost every kind of wrist. From a bodybuilder to a small kids’ wrist, everyone can wear it comfortably. There are holes made on the same strap as the buckle but, we believe that they are made for breath-ability purposes and not for actual strapping.

This explanation can sound very familiar when you saw the Huawei Watch GT 2. All apps are almost identical, with small differences such as a red stripe on one of the Honor device’s crowns.

There’s a major loophole in this device as well and that is the dust and dirt getting inside its straps and buckles too often. The dust can also find its place around the body of the device and in the lugs and crevices as well.

You’d need to clean the device on a daily basis otherwise it is going to get unhygienic in many ways. Regular cleaning needs to be done if you’re working out daily in a gym, or sweating a lot on a daily basis.


Honor Magic Watch 2 46mm Activity

AMOLED displays that hit a respectable 800 NITs in clarity are the Honor Magic Watch 2 screens 1.2 inches and 1.39 inches in length for 42 mm and 46 mm models respectively.

For a number of watches that only show numbers and text, the number of cases for them is very limited with a good looking screen. Colors are presented in a good way and it is good when the watch faces you can choose are particularly vibrant.

In the beginning, the Honor had their users allowed to set their own photos as the wallpaper through the Huawei Health app. This feature is no more there at the moment for Magic Watch 2, however, we believe that it will be added through a future update.

You will also get an always-on display in this device so that you can check the time through it. However, it’s a little dim but we still believe that in most of the conditions you’d be able to tell what is written on the screen.