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We are living in a society where the online working doesn’t really stop. Most of the individuals like to carry their computers and laptops along with them on long flights and sometimes on holidays as well.

How to measure a laptop size

If that is the case with you then, you might as well like to order or buy a suitable laptop bag or a sleeve to save your system from getting damaged.

However, the story doesn’t really end with the buying or purchasing of a laptop bag. You’d have to keep in mind that you select a laptop bag that is accurately small or big according to your laptop size.

Computers and laptops are now an essential part of our daily lives and as the 21st century prospers in almost every aspect of life, the use of laptops has actually been growing over the past couple of years. However, there is one common problem that we face every now and then, it is the size and measuring laptop size.

People generally don’t put a lot of effort in laptop sizing and they don’t even know how to measure laptop screen. Today, in this article we’re going to tell you how to measure a laptop. People also ask this question that how to measure laptop size for case?

They’re also kind of confusing regarding this issue because some of them have been asking about measuring laptops and some of them kept on asking other questions such as how are laptops measured and how to measure laptop screen etc. Some of the people and customers were also confused about the size of their systems and kept on asking about their laptop size.

Laptop sizing can be generally done through simple measurement and some of the users also asked the question that are laptops measured diagonally? So, to answer all of the above mentioned questions, we’re here to provide you with step to step guidance about how to measure a laptop.

Measuring by Tape

You can get your screen measured through a simple measuring tape available in the market. It is one of the most traditional ways of measuring anything. Usually, displays are measured in inches, but various regions will choose metric over imperial. You can convert the calculation after the fact if you need it.

Choose your starting point

If you’re measuring something then it is utmost necessary to spot your beginning and ending points. Basically, if you’re measuring your laptop then start measuring it by selecting a starting point on the screen and stretching the tape towards the ending point.

So the starting point is either the lower left or lower right corner of the screen. The starting point of the measurement should be the visible part of your laptop screen.

Don’t forget to measure the opposite corners

You’re obviously going to start measuring your laptop with the visible part on the screen but the measuring of the enclosure is as important as the opening part.

Originally screens were measured diagonally to increase the scale. This is a very important step in getting your measurements correct so pay attention to each and everything involved in this matter.

Measure the diagonal as well

This step is basically used to measure laptop size diagonally and it is going to help you going forward in the right direction.

Place your measuring tape at the edge and extend your tape to the bottom of the corner to measure the actual diagonal length of your laptop.

Please ignore the laptop screen size when measuring because we want to achieve the actual size of the measurement.

Width measuring is important as well:

The diagonal aspect calculation was covered. Let’s now proceed to the next step; measure the width.

Measuring the width of your laptop is very critical and important and you should be noting down the exact numbers that appear after your calculation. Place the measuring ribbon at the bottom left of the laptop to measure the width and drag it down to the right of the laptop.

Measuring the Height

You need to cover almost every aspect from height to width of the laptop in order to get the perfect calculation.

To measure the height of your laptop, you’d need to close the flap of your laptop first. Take your measurement tape and check your height from the side of the laptop, positioning the ruler at the top and bottom of your screen.

Measuring the height is an important part of this task but the laptop height doesn’t count as much as the previously mentioned other dimensions, because the laptop producer rarely gives the laptop with a height of over 2 inches. So, in order to know how laptops are measured then you will have to keep these things in mind.

Depth Needs to be Measured as Well

You need to write down every single calculation in order to get the desired results and measuring the depth of your laptop is as important as other steps in this regard.

Place your measuring tape on top right of your laptop and drag it to the underside of your laptop to measure the depth of your computer.

Converting Inches into Centimeters

This might not sound as a very important step but if you want to get the calculations spot on then converting the inches into centimeters is also very important.

The easiest and simplest way of doing this is to multiply the inches by 2.54 and you will get your measurements ready in centimeters. So if your laptop is around 15.5 inches then your centimeters measured will be 39.37.

So, all of the above mentioned steps are easy and doable for every single person who is carrying his laptop all the time.

Laptops are quite handy if you’re working online and you’d also need to have a proper bag to carry your desired computer. So, if you don’t have your laptop measured properly, you should go through all of these steps in order to avoid any problems in the future.