HyperX Gaming Grade Wireless, Light Weight and Durable Headset

Get this amazing HyperX wireless headset for just $50

Playing video games is a common hobby and it is developing rapidly nowadays. A lot of people prefer gaming with headsets while others feel that speakers are fine. Basically, headsets are great if you want to snuggle up your ears and deliver the sound straight into your eardrums.

You can get a lot of genuine models on Amazon and the newest HyperX Cloud Stinger Core wireless headset is a major choice to choose from. It comes for less than $50 and there is obviously a saving of more than $30.

HyperX Wireless Headset

This particular model comes with a 7.1 channel virtual surround sound via HyperX’s Ngenuity software and there is an onboard volume slider along with a swivel microphone as well. There is an option to mute this microphone after you push it up. You’d also prevent exterior sounds through its noise-cancelling feature.

The sound quality is pretty solid and compact. Gamers also look for comfortable headsets and we can say it safely that it gives you a serious comfortable experience and the overall design is quite attractive as well. Therefore, we’d say that the Cloud Stinger Core is another good enough headset that comes with a wallet-shock. 40mm drivers are also available in this device and the non-core version comes with stereo sound and lacks virtual surround sound ability.