iOS 16 Inline Currencies, Temperatures and other units Conversion

Hello and welcome to yet another Apple update. According to the latest reports, Apple’s unit and currency conversion feature in iOS 16 is going to work inline everywhere and you can select, text, including in apps such as messages, notes and emails. 

  • Convert units like currencies and temperatures in the new iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 with just a single touch. This feature is basically available everywhere in the system and that includes the text-based apps as well. 
  • While messaging, the OS will spot a supported unit for conversion in a text message. You will see a contextual menu popping up after you touch the underlined text and as a result, it will provide automatic conversion of the selected value. 
  • This entire system is going to work in all Apple apps that are compatible with text manipulation, like messages, mails and notes. It also includes calendar and reminders.

Built-in unit conversion in iOS 16

As far as the iOS 15 is concerned, you’d convert currencies and units in spotlight, however; iOS 16 supports this feature anywhere you can select text. The company hasn’t talked about this feature yet but the MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci has revealed this news via Twitter and said that the iOS 16’s inline unit conversion works everywhere.

For instance, somebody sends a text to an American friend sitting in the States and tells him that its 30 degrees Celsius in his/her hometown, the temperature in the text will be styled as underline. 

The receiver of the text sitting in America can then tap the link that will bring up a contextual menu showing that 35 degrees Celsius changes into 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This also happens when someone talks about a different time zone in a text message.

Units that support iOS 16’s inline conversion

  • Currency
  • Distance
  • Temperature
  • Time zones
  • Volume
  • Weight

The above-mentioned units are automatically converted by iOS 16’s inline conversion support. 

This particular feature from Apple has been built on top of Apple’s existing technologies such as the Data Detectors feature. It will automatically detect dates, currencies, times and other relevant units. You are likely to see additional options for a number of other units as well. For example, you can also create an event or a reminder while using the time conversion feature.

Release date of other iOS 16 updates

It is eminent to mention that this feature is currently available only in the iOS 16 beta. It has been reported that the company is currently testing iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS 13 Ventura with some of its registered developers. 

Also, public betas are expected to come out next month that will allow the general public to try Apple’s pre-release software on their own device. The commercial release of iOS 16 and other Apple OS updates are likely to hit the market in fall.