iPadOS 16 Let you use storage as Virtual RAM on M1 iPads

There is good news for all Apple users. They have decided to add virtual memory swap to iPadOS 16, that will enable the applications on the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models to use free and available storage as extra memory for heavy stuff. 

On iPadOS 15, there are a number of applications that can use up to 12 GB of memory on the highest-end M1 iPad Pro that comes with a total of 16 GB RAM. 

After the virtual memory swap on the iPadOS 16, the company will significantly increase the amount of memory an application can use by getting into the available storage on the device.

As far as M1 iPad Pro models are concerned, applications can use up to 16 GB of memory for the most demanding workloads. This will also apply to the fourth-generation iPad Air models with at least 256 GB of storage, as written on the footnote of the Apple’s iPadOS 16 preview pages. However, we believe that it should have been applied to the fifth-generation model with the M1 chip. 

Besides including a stage manager to the M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air, virtual memory swap and the higher memory ceiling also join a list of new features coming with the iPadOS 16. They are also exclusively dedicated to the M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air. The stage manager also relies on this virtual RAM swap as told by digital trends. It basically indicates that the fifth-generation is indeed the correct iPad Air model.

As far as we understand, the stage manager is a completely new way for pro-users to use their iPad and it also allows users to have more than one windows of an app opened at once, overlaid on each other’s top. 

You’d also get full external display support on iPadOS for the first time. The public beta is planned to be released in July as far as the iPadOS 16 is concerned and it is currently available to developers. We also heard that the iPad OS 16 will be available to all supported iPads later in the year.