Mastodon Released an Official iOS App – Decentralised/Open Source Social Network

Mastodon, a decentralized social network has now launched an official app for iPhone users. This official app for iOS has been released by the organisation behind it, Mastodon. It is supplementing the existing web-version and other third party apps for Android, iOS and other platforms. This free app is loaded with similar feature set to core of Mastodon service, but it does not yet include broad local and its federated timelines.

Mastodon Social Network

This app is described by Mastodon as step toward getting more users on board this non-traditional social network. It looks much similar to Twitter while built around an independently run comunity (including ActivityPub protocol) and not a single central network. User accounts can be created on a specific community. Following and chatting with people in other communities is also allowed. It can be taken as an unusual design if compared to modern day social platforms, while an official entry point for iOS users will help ease people into it from all over the world. CEO of the company Eugen Rochko confirmed plans of bringing a similar Android app as well. Timeline for upcoming Android app has not been shared yet.

iOS app for Mastodon is packed with features including polls and sensitive content filters, and its differences with other major services like Twitter are highlighted on the app page by mentioning its “ad-free, chronological timeline.”

CEO Eugen Rochko also tells that timelines were a “suboptimal” way of finding new content, excluding them also help reduce the chances of conflict with Apple, which require some social network limits to what users can find using their apps. If you want different features then you are free to use any existing iOS app or its web version.

News Source: The Verge

Mastodon’s Official Social Network Intro Video: