Samsung Galaxy A20 Review – Specs, Design, Camera & more

If there is one such company that truly competes with the iPhones of Apple in terms of specs and performance is perhaps Samsung, hands down.

We have been reviewing and telling you about lots of mobile phones of late and today we’re going to talk about one of Samsung’s budget mobile phones that has been doing huge strides in the market recently.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review:

This is an in-depth practically gone through Samsung Galaxy A20 review and we shall talk about the major Galaxy A20 specs and other features that are worth noting. Before we get into the detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy S20, it is important for you to understand that budget-range smartphones of Samsung in particular are very competitive and exciting to use.

The first thing about any budget smartphone that comes to everybody’s mind is that they won’t be able to give you specs and features that are found in some of the high-end devices. However, despite that being true, there are some devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A20 that are also pretty good at giving you services like any other expensive smartphone.

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy A20 specs and details then you must understand that there are going to be some tradeoffs in performance, display and perhaps the overall design as well. At the same time, this Samsung Galaxy A20 review will also enlighten you about the benefits of this phone such as its powerful battery and vibrant camera quality.

But Samsung’s latest budget phone also takes good photos and packs a long-lasting battery, making this device an intriguing option for budget-minded shoppers.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is comprised of some innovative specs and features that mean a lot to the smartphone users of 2020-21. Stay with us for a couple of more minutes as we roll up our sleeves to give you the insightful Samsung Galaxy A20 details.

Samsung Galaxy A20: Specs & Availability

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The first and the most obvious thing about any product is its price and availability. The company has launched the Samsung Galaxy A20 and it is currently available in the market at less than $250.

Some stores are even selling it for less than $240 USD and you’d be surprised to know about the Galaxy A20 specs as it contains some of the powerful features that you’d love to get on such a limited budget. The Samsung Galaxy A20 gives you 3 GB RAM and you can get a microSD card and take your storage to a maximum limit of 512 GB. Isn’t that ridiculously good?

If we take a detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy A20 specs then you’d get a really cool 6.4-inch AMOLED display that gives you a native resolution of 1560×720. You have got dual rear cameras 13-MP (f/1.9); 5-MP wide-angle (f/2.2) and 8 MP (f/2.0) front camera as well. It is operated by the CPU Samsung Exynos 7904 and contains 3 GB RAM.

You’d be surprised to see its powerful 4,000 mAh battery that is extremely long-lasting. As discussed earlier, you will have a microSD card and you can boost its storage to almost 512 GB. The approximate size of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is 6.24 x 2.94 x .03 inches and it weighs around 5.86 ounces.

Galaxy A20: Design

If we get into other intricate details of the Samsung Galaxy A20 specs then we will have to discuss the design and its physical appearance as well. Let’s just put it this way, Samsung has done extremely well to make these latest A-series smartphones look like their expensive flagship phones.

They’re coming with a really cool and vibrant 6.4-inch display and the camera quality is also quite admirable in both indoor and outdoor shootings. The bezels are really slim and the plastic case of this phone doesn’t really give you a cheap feeling.

However, it is going to cause some problems because your fingerprints are more likely to damage the back of your phone. The plastic design and casing will also attract potential damages during accidental hiccups or drops. Therefore, we will recommend you strongly to have a case before you choose to buy the Samsung Galaxy A20.

Galaxy A20: Display

If you look at the overall design and build quality of the Samsung Galaxy A20, you’d understand that this isn’t a very expensive phone and it is coming at almost the same size as the A50. Both of these devices come with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display but, the Samsung Galaxy A20 lags behind when it comes to the FHD+ panel.

We are not glad to say that missing details in the image quality and its overall display is surely not the same as the Galaxy A50. It gives you a display resolution of 1560×720 and that is not entirely enough or suitable for any type of streaming online.

We can say it safely that the color production and graphics are good enough and even better than most of the budget smartphones at this price range. That is why; we wholeheartedly accept what this smartphone has to offer. This phone has successfully secured a Delta-E accuracy score of 0.35 during our tests and it also covers 100% sRGB color space.

It is important to mention that Delta-E scores of close to Zero are considered really good but, we would say this again that the type of features this smartphone is offering are pretty good at this price range and we would strongly recommend this 3 GB RAM smartphone to all the customers out there looking to update their Android Smartphone and are low on budget.

We have to tell you that this is not a bezel-free phone after all and all the people that have been using bezel-free smartphones are going to take a little bit of time getting used to this. It is important to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy A20 comes with an infinity-V display as well that uses a V-shaped cutout to accommodate the front camera of the phone.

Galaxy A20: Camera

The most anticipated thing about any smartphone in 2020-21 is perhaps the quality of its cameras. In this Samsung Galaxy A20 review, we will make sure that we tell you almost every detail about the Galaxy A20 specs. We will talk about the cameras in particular in this section and we will start by introducing the dual-camera module located at the back of the Galaxy A20.

It gives you a nice 13 MP lens with an f/1.9 aperture along with a 5 MP wide-angle shooter that operates at an aperture rate of f/2.2. You can expect images taken from these cameras to produce great detail and an element of vibrancy with natural light complimenting the device’s ability.

You can expect a bit of blur texture when you zoom in but that is pretty obvious with budget smartphones. Let us make one thing very clear, you’re bound to get good results when you take pictures in natural sunlight outdoors.

The results of the Galaxy A20 camera will automatically go down when there is less light such as indoors. Therefore, you must keep in mind that you can achieve high results from its camera when you’re taking pictures outside.

There is one particular feature that really stands out when we talk about the Samsung Galaxy A20 details and camera features. You can enjoy the live focus option in this device and if you’re a tech or a phone freak then you’d understand that live focus is only available in a couple of expensive handsets from this company.

Therefore, anybody looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy A20 should feel proud about this feature alone. The camera on this incredibly good budget smartphone automatically focuses on the subject in the image and gives its best to produce high-quality results for you. We have been seeing the results of many flagship smartphones and comparing them to the images taken by Samsung Galaxy A20. Believe us, we couldn’t any major differences.

Galaxy A20: Performance

Samsung Exynos 7904 chipset

If we talk about the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy A20 then you’d understand that it is operated by a pretty mid-range Exynos 7904 chipset that powers the device’s overall system. This less powerful chip is one of the main reasons for its low price because the more powerful Exynos 9610 that is located in the A50 is bound to cost you extra bucks.

Therefore, a bit of a compromise in the performance means you will have to settle for 7904 chipset. If we compare the overall performance of Samsung Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A50 then, you’d notice that the numbers are not extremely different from each other in Geekbench 4 that measures the overall performance credentials of the device.

We’re talking about performance and we can’t forget to talk about its speed. The trick is quite simple, you need not multitask on this device and make sure that you don’t put your fingers in a lot of things at the same time.

We would request you to work on just a single application at one time in order to avoid any lag in speed. If you keep on using a lot of multiple apps such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram then you’re bound to face a lot of problems regarding its speed and performance.

If we simply put this into words then we would say that the overall performance and speed of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is not very ideal for an impatient user. Use it carefully and delicately, you’re set to enjoy a real good service.

There are some other minor drawbacks of this device such as you can’t enjoy playing any of the high-end games on this smartphone such as the Players Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) and the Asphalt car racing series.

We did try a couple of these games on this smartphone but if we’re being honest with you, we couldn’t really enjoy the service that Samsung Galaxy A20 provides when it comes to gaming. There were some continuous lagging and frame rates were also quite choppy.

In addition, the backside of the Samsung Galaxy A20 got extremely hot and we felt that if it was about to explode. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to avoid playing demanding games on this smartphone. There are a few other problems that we faced while using this smartphone such as the less sensitive fingerprint and slow face-reader option.

Galaxy A20: Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy A20 Battery

Enough of the negativity isn’t it? Well, it was quite a negative but honest opinion and review about the Samsung A20 specs and now let’s shed light on some of its most overwhelming features such as the powerful 4,000 mAh battery that holds up really well. It is bound to give you more than 13 hours even after continuous web surfing. Now, this is only for your kind information, most of the new and latest flagship mobiles that we have seen last at least 10 hours and that is why we recommend the Samsung Galaxy A20 to all the customers looking for a cheap and strong smartphone.

This amazing piece of engineering is operated by a 15-watt charging system and that means you will have to wait for at least good three hours to take the charging to 100%. Once it is fully charged, you can start enjoying its powerful long-lasting battery.

Galaxy A20: Software

Samsung Galaxy A20 Software

The Android software that is being used in this particular model from Samsung is the Android 9 pie that is already installed on the device. You’d notice huge app icons and text on the bottom of the screen as a result of Samsung’s One UI interface.

The display of 6.4-inch is quite bigger and fits in perfectly with this feature. So these were some of the intricate details about Samsung Galaxy A20 specs and we are hopeful that you’d have enjoyed reading this simple, yet insightful and honest review of the device.



  • Amazing battery life (4,000 mAh battery)
  • Affordable
  • Good camera quality at a low price
  • Live focus


  • Performance is not ideal
  • Lags a lot
  • Not suitable for gaming or multitasking

We have already made it clear that budget devices are going to come with its implications and one should be ready for it. We tried our level best to present an unbiased Samsung Galaxy A20 review and here we are with our final few thoughts.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before buying the Samsung Galaxy A20. First of all, you won’t be enjoying a lot performance and speed from this device. It is going to give you lag headaches and a very simple display plus colors. However, there are some things that we can take out as positives from this very capable budget smartphone. It has got better than average cameras and the results are also quite acceptable.

Also, it has an amazing battery life of more than 12 hours and it is surely one of the main selling points of the Galaxy A20. Also, it is important to mention that Samsung will give access to this device once you buy it through a wireless carrier.

Overall, if you compromise on a bit of performance and loves to get cool pictures alongside enjoying a long-lasting battery life then you must consider the Samsung Galaxy A20. We shall be back with more insightful reviews about the upcoming devices in 2021. Till then, good luck with whatever you choose.