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samsung galaxy note 10/10+

We have not seen many cell-phones with an “all-screen” display and that too without a bezel. This Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10 Plus are definitely amongst the most attractive and enticing pieces ever made. And also, you’re going to need a case for your thousand dollar handset. Even if you choose to go for the smaller version instead of the giant 6.7-inch version, you’re still going to need something for its protection. These flagship devices have a wide variety of colors to choose depending on your style and personality. Right now, we’re going to bring you the favorite ones of our selected cases for this list.

Favorite Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note & Galaxy Note 10+

ESR Metal Kickstand

Colors: Clear, black

ESR Metal Kickstand note 10 plus

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The phone that you are going to purchase is humungous in size and it can easily pop out of your hands while you’re watching movies or anything on the internet. So you’re going to need support for it to prop onto. That is exactly why we love this ESR Metal Kickstand for your Galaxy Note10. Your phone is going to shine brightly while still holding up nicely without any fear. It has a metal stand that is strong enough to hold the mass of the giant phone. This kickstand is indeed a great feature.

Otterbox Symmetry Clear

Colors: Clear

Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note10&Note10 Plus

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This Otterbox Symmetry Series is perhaps not great in its outlook and design. However, the same cannot be said about its quality of protection. Its design is very simple and transparent which gives you permission to show off your Note 10’s designs with your favorite colors. The only drawback of this case is perhaps the soft spot on the right side of the power button. However, to everyone’s surprise, the power button is not there anymore. It can possibly match the texture and feel of its competitors by making a slight change in the design. Otherwise, it is still a great case.

ESR Mimic

Colors: Clear

Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note10&Note10 Plus price

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If one thing is consistent in all the cases we check, we lose the quality look and feel of the glass behind the Galaxy note as soon as we put it into place. This is not the Mimic case from ESR. The back of the box is of tempered glass and perhaps looks exactly the same as your Galaxy note 10 back. There’s a good ridge around the back which should reduce scratches, while the smooth feeling doesn’t make your Note 10 look cheap at all.

UAG Plyo

UAG Plyo note 10 plus

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You can always rely on Urban Armor Gear to provide durable and affordable cases and the Plyo case is certainly an answer to that question. It is grey and white along its four corners and when you look right at the back, a grid of lines adds a clean color to your phone and produces a seamless texture as well. This case of Plyo is perhaps coming with a little softer buttons and they can be torn apart with time. But we can assure you that by that time, you would be ready to buy a new phone.

Otterbox Commuter

Otterbox Commuter

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This case has two pieces and both of them will defend your phone from drops. It starts with a rubber case that connects with your phone like a human hug and it is fitted perfectly into a hard polycarbonate outer shell. Sometimes it can also remind you of the Note Pink Pixel 3 as it also comes with a colorful “ballet way pink” besides getting released in classic black as well. This case certainly doesn’t add a lot of weight to the phone despite being so strong.

UAG Plasma

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It is a strong handset case with a design made to particularly protect the phone. It is also bigger in size than that of Plyo series and it has UAG’s trademark in the strong condition in its design. It’s a total package with both looks and protection. It gives you extra space for the naturally beautiful colors of Note10 to shine and also the body is thick and strong enough to protect itself. The large buttons also add extra spice to the features as it becomes easy to find volume and power control buttons.

ESR Essential Zero

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Are you looking for protection and style both together? Then ERS Essential Slim is a perfect choice for your handset. It has a very neat and slim case with a soft and flexible texture. Also, it has its homework done with the protection layer as well. It must be the sensation of slimness when you touch the material if a loophole can be noticed. Nonetheless, it’s definitely better than a phone without a case.

Incipio Transform

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It has nothing spectacular to offer to be very honest as it is very thin and lightweight in nature. Also, it will suit your Note 10 perfectly and the easily pressed buttons make it a good choice to have for your handset. Also, you won’t find any trouble with your 5G signals while having such a case around the body of your handset. It is certainly a great option to have because it will help lessen the weight of your phone case and it’s a great thing for a regular phone user.

UAG Monarch

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Even though the case of UAG is slightly larger than Plasma, it has similarly sophisticated design indications. There are false metal and leather instead of semi-transparent material. The textured grip on each end makes holding onto your note 10 simple. The textured grip of rubber on both sides makes carrying Note 10 simple. Once again, the buttons are huge and our favorite button design is probably on 10 cases so far. You can choose between others but we would suggest a mixture of red and black. Makes it look super hot.

Gear4 Picadilly

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The case of Piccadilly in Gear4 is generally clear with black or bluish bumpers on its sides. The case is rigid with little flex to it so that significant drops can be treated. It is a perfectly and smoothly looking case for you which is made up of D30 similarly like the Crystal Palace. It’s a strong, thin and clear case with attracting a lot of customers towards Picadilly.

Gear4 Crystal Palace

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If you’re afraid of dropping off your phone then go for this Crystal Palace because it is made with a special substance of D30. Also, it can be claimed by the Gear4 authorities that it is one of the most enticing cases looks-wise. These types of cases are usually used in hockey helmets and not in phones but still with its rainbow kind of flair, it is presenting beautiful colors presented by Samsung.

Speck Presidio V-Grip

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Again, protection comes first in such kind of cases with two black bumpers on either side of its corners giving protection from the drops. It possesses everything that you want to have in a clear case. Secondly, the screen brilliantly shines like a stone with a white back. The box edges provide an easy-to-grip surface with a sturdy button that with each push gives a firm click.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

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This case is clearly nothing like the other cases on the list. It is neither very huge nor very thin. The margins along the screen are a little lower than most, making it easy to view the whole show. The buttons are a little slim and small, as is the case with the Ultra Hybrid S, but overall, it’s a cheap, clear case that will secure your look.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

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Spigen offers quality cases year in year at a lower price than most of its rivals. There is no exception to the Ultra Hybrid S case. It is crystal clear so the light of your Note 10 is brilliant yet safe. On the back of Ultra Hybrid S there is also a small kickstand for streaming videos in landscape. The buttons are a bit small, but it should not be too long for us to smash them.

Tech21 Pure Clear

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The bending point is not too much and it gives the confidence of holding back. The small and minute repairing points are expected to be done outside of the shell and for the clear case; Tech21 sets the drop limit of 10 feet. The hardness of the buttons is widespread but it doesn’t bother you while you adjust your phone’s volume and other controls. A simple, smooth and attractive look are given by this case to keep it transparently beautiful.

Kate Spade Protective Hardshell

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Do you like to go for fancy and designed cases at affordable prices? Well, this Kate Spade is definitely for you. It is not very colorful and fancy but it still provides that look you’re looking for your phone. With the BOGO deals you can take up to almost two cases at reasonable prices and if you have this Verizon Wireless stores near you, it can fluctuate the prices of this product.

Speck Presidio Grip

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As the name suggests, this case has a design that is made like rubber ridges on the sides of its corners. You are going to have no problems in holding this case as it provides a good look and a protective design to hold it as well. It is not so huge and also not so slim. To provide support and hold it back from dropping, it also has a coiled corner around its body to hold it perfectly and make the grip tighter enough for it to withstand its ground.

Skinit Pro

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Undoubtedly, we all have been huge admirers of Skinit’s cases as they’re not only protective but also give a good outlook to your handset. However, in this latest ‘Pro’ model, a rubber liner has been added along with an outer plastic shell. The feeling of the case while you touch is a bit slippery but you can also customize the case design according to your own desires. With a fee of 5 dollars, you can also put your own artwork or pictures on it. You need to visit the Skinit’s website for this purpose.

Skinit Clear

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Skinit cases are usually famous for their colorful and designed products. However, if you still want some creativity or your pictures on the case then you can get them on the case for an extra 5 dollars. Clear cases are also available in this model without much artwork or design. The already made designs on this case can crack up anytime and you are going to wish for a clear and transparent case. However, it still gives a cool look to the case.

Spigen Liquid Air

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What do your requirements suggest when you look for a good phone case? It should be inexpensive, it should be lightweight to hold and also it must look good on your particular cell-phone. This Spigen’s Liquid Air has all these qualities included. The only problem with this case is perhaps the entrance of dust which is made easier by the edges which are too far across each side of the display screen. You will have to carry a tissue paper in your pocket to keep it clean all the time. Tough, eh? But all in all, this is a very good and solid mobile case and we would like to see it coming in other colors as well besides the black.

Spigen Thin Fit

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This Spigen Thin Fit is not just a simple plastic shell with robust looks, it also gives a very clear and smooth feeling with its thin and fairly tight approach to hold the cell-phone. The surface of the case is not slippery at all and it brings a sense of smoothness. The protection of the cell-phone is also one of the key elements of a case and the Spigen Thin Fit looks weird with its buttons, which can be pushed rather quickly along with tiny keys. It also protects the bumps and bruises of the phone.

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