Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown – Internal Durability is Improvements

Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has relaunched a redesigned version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold last month. They claim that they have made several improvements to the hardware of the Galaxy Fold to strengthen it and protect it against debris. There is no denying of the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a fragile device, but its manufacturer has certainly done its best following the issues early this year.

Now the team of iFixit has republished their Galaxy Fold teardown, and it reveals several internal improvements. There are some visual indicators of this, such as the top display layer being tucked beneath the bezels and also a cap over the hinge.

New Improvements In The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Typically the strong hinge within the Galaxy Fold is also shown off in this teardown with new protection. There’s a layer of tap protecting the hinge to keep debris out there.

Samsung galaxy Fold Hinge

The display is one more area of improvement. There’s new adhesive added to the display across the outer edges to keep it in position.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display

Even better, once the display was removed from the Galaxy Fold, iFixit’s teardown shows the additional metal layer beneath the flexible and fragile OLED display panel. Even when separated from the rest of the phone, the display is surprisingly rigid. But still, Samsung recommends a light touch to avoid damaging the display, which is only covered in plastic.

Galaxy Fold OLED

But under the stone, there are several other enhancements to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The first of such can be found on the panels inside of the device. While the Fold is far from waterproof, some silicone seals around portions of the internal panels should help give the device at least a chance at living if it were to come in contact with fluids.

Nevertheless despite all of these enhancements, the Galaxy Fold remains to be a fragile handheld device. We’ve seen from previous torture checks and even just basic use that this smartphone will probably be easy to break. In this teardown, the back of the hinge is still obviously exposed to the elements. Also, the light adhesive may loosen over time. Further, the 2 millimeters of coverage over the OLED -panel that the plastic bezels give is also less than comforting.

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