Samsung Galaxy S11 Announcement – Reviews & Guides

Samsung Galaxy S11 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S11 Announcement - Reviews & Guides
Samsung Galaxy S11 Announcement – Reviews & Guides

The particular hype for the Samsung Galaxy S11 has already been created among smartphone users. Samsung is going to announce the Samsung Galaxy S11 at a dedicated event in San Francisco on February 18, 2020, based on the information provided by the online fansite SamMobile.

This will make the Samsung Galaxy S11 the 6th flagship Galaxy smartphone to have been announced in February and the 3rd to have been launched in San Francisco. However, SamMobile notes that this date could not be verified as 100%, as it was unable to verify the authenticity of its source of the information.

But even in the case, the specific date is inaccurate, it’s safe in order to assume that the release will take place in the third week of February as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 also launched in February as well.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Launch Event Dates History

S – April 2009
S2 – February 2011
S3 – May 2012
S4 – March 2013
S5 – February 2014
S6 – April 2015
S7 – February 2016
S8 – March 2017
S9 – February 2018
S10 – February 2019

Samsung Galaxy S11 Announcement - Reviews & Guides
Samsung Galaxy S11 Announcement – Reviews & Guides

What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S11

The biggest rumor going around and the most exceptional features being expected from the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone is that it may come with a sliding screen. Plus, there’s a chance it will be coming with a buttonless design and will debut alongside a new accessory that’ll turn incoming notifications into holograms. And it could be the first-ever buttonless smartphone in history.

It might even ship along with a spectrometer, which will certainly let users measure almost everything from how dehydrated they may be to the number of calories in a Pizza at Pizzahut.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is also rumored to feature a huge 108MP rear-facing camera along with a five-times optical zoom.

It could also be available with 1TB of storage to boot.

Therefore the rumors are about as far-fetched as can be, yet that will finally change once the first proper leaks start emerging from Samsung’s manufacturing facilities based in China.

With the device scheduled to launch in February, we are not too far away from watching what becomes a reality in the new S series smartphone, as it should get into the production stage in the near future.

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