Strava’s Beacon Tracking also available on Apple Watch Without iPhone

Beacon Tracking System gets Major Updated



An improved version of Strava is now available for iOS devices. An upgraded Beacon location tracking system has now been added to this app which allows the cellular Apple Watch users to avail tracking from wearable itself. Users can activate this feature from all the Apple Watch models, whereas tracking can be achieved only from cellular Apple Watches. This improved Beacon sharing features of Strava enables the cellular Apple Watch users to leave their iPhones at home while going for walk, ride or even skiing.



Strava is brought to Apple users by Strava, Inc. Beacon is one of the best safety feature that comes with Strava. This safety feature enables its users to share their location with up to three contacts. These users can check the location without even logging in to the app or an account.

Before this update, Beacon’s tracking activation was possible only through an iPhone. Users also had to keep their iPhone with them all the time in order to get tracked when going for a ride, run or other outdoor activities. Now after this update is released, users can now activate Beacon from an Apple Watch whereas a cellular Apple Watch can be used for full fledge tracking function without an iPhone.

If you want to enjoy Beacon tracking function of Strava, then you have to pay monthly subscription for at least Summit Safety Pack subscription. Please visit Strave App Store page for complete details on this app.