Best External SSD for Xbox Series X/S to Buy in 2022

One thing is for sure. If you own a Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles then you’re enjoying a visual experience like no other. However, the internal storage capacity is going to drive you nuts time and again. 

Why don’t you solve this problem once and for all? Since an Xbox user will mostly come across huge and massive files, it is a great option to have an external SSD. The Xbox Series X gives you 1 TB SSD storage and the Series S has a 512 GB drive. 

However, this will turn into a much lesser useable storage after each console takes a part of it to run itself. You’d get just over 800 GBs of storage in the Series X whilst the Series S features just 364 GB. 

For this reason, we’ve brought a list of some excellent external SSDs that help you keep your gaming experience going without any delays and to make sure you don’t lose any of your important game collection in a deprived moment. These external SSDs are more than capable of keeping your gaming experience intact and save you from storage problems.

Top 5 Best External SSDs for Xbox Series X/S 2022

Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Price: $219.99 USD

You can get the official expandable storage for the Xbox Series X and S through the Seagate Storage expansion card. It basically means that you can plug it into the devices’ expansion slots and then play games directly from it. 

Therefore, we strongly feel that this 1 TB drive is perfect for many gamers and is suitable as per their requirements. The price-tag is very reasonable and it is specifically designed to work more usefully with the Series S, because of its smaller storage capacity.  

The price-tag might look a little heavy for some people but if you’ve got the bucks then go for it. This is an extremely suitable device for people that don’t care about playing games directly from the drive.

WD_Black 1 TB P50 NVMe SSD

Price: $175 USD

If you are really looking for something special then you can consider the WD_BLACK P50 that is designed for gamers in particular with extremely fast 1 TB storage system. 

The price-tag is definitely on the higher side for obvious reasons and if you can afford to store your games the luxury would you not do it? I feel, most of us will. The transfer speeds are also higher than any other external SSD on the market as it clocks a whopping 2000MB/s to reduce load screen times and get you into the action quickly.

It is a high-performance SSD with SuperSpeed USB (20 GB/s) interface for your PC or console. It is purposefully built for the gamers and is based on pure WD Black quality and reliability.

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD

Price: $109.99 USD

As far as budget options are concerned, the SanDisk Extreme Portable has made quite a strong case. It is a bit cheaper than the Samsung T7 Touch and it also packs a USP. The build quality is quite strong and your games and data are going to be safe inside of it. 

The digital storage capacity on offer is 1 TB and it comes with high-speed transfers of up to 1050/MB/s that allows you to move hi-resolution pictures and videos faster. It is IP-55 rated water and dust-resistant and is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.6+.

Gtech G-Drive Mobile SSD

Price: $109.99 USD

This one is extremely rugged and strong. The Gtech G-Drive Mobile SSD has made huge strides in the market because of its durability and ruggedness. If you are vulnerable against carrying valuable stuff from one place to another then this might just be the right choice for you. Forget about damaging it with a little accident or a hiccup. 

It gives you a digital storage capacity of 500 GB and the transfer rates are up to 560 MB/s. It also has an IP67 rating for water and dust. Moreover, the company also gives you a 5-year warranty for total peace of mind.

Samsung T7 Touch

Price: $89.99 USD

This Samsung SSD that goes by the name of T7 Touch is basically suitable for every gamer, not just Xbox gamers. This is an easy and straightforward recommendation and the price range is not too high either. 

It also has a fingerprint scanner that makes it a bit different than the others. It means that your data and games will stay safe and secure behind your biometric thumb impression.

It gives you 500 GB of digital storage capacity and it is a high-speed external storage with fingerprint encryption in compact size. The design is pretty robust and it can stand against occasional hiccups and drops. 

Conclusion: Best External SSD for Xbox Series X/S 2022

Now, we all know that external SSDs are becoming increasingly popular in some certain areas around the globe. The gaming industry is booming and people are buying Xbox X and Xbox S series consoles for their kids and for personal use as well. A lot of new games have been launched and kids these days, they simply do not want to stick to just one game and play it throughout the whole day. 

The demand was always going to be high therefore; external SSDs come into the picture. External SSDs will prolong your gaming collection by allowing you more space to save your favorite games and play them without any interruptions. 

We don’t have any favorites in this list but we do recommend the WD_Black 1 TB P50 NVMe SSD personally due to many reasons. Others are good too and you can pick them as per your budget and requirement. 

Alright then, we should take your leave now. Write it down in the comments below if you’ve any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. See you soon in our next analytical piece. We truly hope that this article will help you place the right order. Thank us later. Goodbye and good luck until next time.