Virus in iPhone Safari? – Here is what’s being noticed

A lot of people have this opinion that Apple iPhones cannot catch any type of virus. However, we believe that this is part of a tricky marketing campaign from Apple and the claim is completely untrue. 

Therefore, a lot of iPhone users browse the internet without any protection or so. Some people also claim that the main browser of iPhone Safari is not going to attract any virus in your phone. There is always a slim chance of catching the internet and it can happen, without any doubt.

There is no doubt about the fact that iPhones are generally more secured than other smartphones and it is difficult for them to catch a virus. While the chances of catching a virus on an iPhone are less, there is still a possibility and it largely depends on the way one uses his/her phone. 

It is important to mention that safe internet browsing practices are also applied to browsers like Safari because you might encounter some unsecure and malicious websites that are going to put your iPhone under a risk of catching the virus. There are some ads as well that look unbelievable and are only tempting the users to click on them and as a result, the virus gets into the phone. This is also for the users of iPhones using the Safari browser.

Safari in particularly is not responsible for attracting viruses, however; there are websites and platforms that are responsible for this act as you visit them on the browser or other iOS browsers like Google Chrome etc.

How do you know that your iPhone has caught the virus?

Some people do not understand whether their iPhone has caught the virus or not. We are going to talk about some issues that are common when an iPhone catches a virus. If you encounter any of them, we’d advise you to restore your iPhone back to factory settings to remove the virus. 

If the issues are not erased, you must contact the Apple company or take your iPhone to an Apple store. If excessive data is being used, it is a massive sign that something is wrong with your iPhone. If you are not indulged into video streaming or anything of that sort, then it is a clear indication that the virus has started wreaking havoc.

If you have apps on your phone that were never downloaded then it is another sign that the virus has reached inside your iPhone. This thing can easily happen on suspicious websites that may have tried to download pointless software on your phone. There are some safety nets applied in the iOS and this scenario is very unlikely to happen. 

However, if you are using your phone roughly and accessing unsecure websites then there is a lot of risk involved. Another good reason to believe that your iPhone has caught the virus is that the iPhone starts using more battery power than usual and becomes very slow in its day-to-day tasks. In this case, you should not look beyond restoring your factory settings.